A Multi Disciplinary Approach To Vaastu Energy


Meaning of Alphabets



A denotes: Creativity, initiative, will power, ambition, successful domination, constructive attitude, positive mind and egoism.

B denotes: Shy, timid, imaginative, cooperative, moody, emotional and introspective.

C denotes: Healthy, optimistic, positive, beautiful, energetic, successful, intellectual, wise, anxious, tense and afraid.

D denotes: Self-sufficient, thoughtful, materialistic, tolerant, steady and slow but hardworking.

E denotes: Balanced, energetic, learned, talented in writing, intellectual, eloquent, creative, artistic, enthusiastic, famous.

F denotes: Loving, affectionate, devoted to family, patient, responsible, protective, quite, simple and harmonious.

G denotes: Introspective, analytical, clever, observant, attentive, intuitive, impulsive, flexible, reasoning and uncontrollable.

H denotes: Impressive, firm, balanced, calm, self-sufficient and materialistic.

I denotes: Altruistic, sympathetic, affectionate, loving, sensitive, impatient, intense, alert, self-reliant, egoistic, rebellious and learned.

J denotes: Articulate, friendly, novel, new in ideas, bright in outlook, artistic, prosperous, magnetic, good looking and original.

K denotes: Magnetic personality, patient, helpful, enthusiastic and culture oriented.

L denotes: Materialistic, aspiring, reasoning, analytical, logical, convincing, active, versatile, successful, public, insightful and understanding.

M denotes: Noble, undefeatable, moody, strong of character and strong in mind.

N denotes: Intellectual, slow, wasting talent, emotional and lucky.

O denotes: Introspective, disciplined, depressed, affectionate, home-loving, exaggerated, secretive and conservative.

P denotes: Strong, perceptive, clear-sighted, egoistic, successful, concentrated, separate, strong willed, balanced.

Q denotes: Firm, successful, powerful, strong, strong willed, hopeful and good in organizing.

R denotes: Great strength, impulsive and unsympathetic.

S denotes: Friendly, sensitive, accommodative, inconsistent and confused.

T denotes: Sacrificing, spiritual, anxious, highly ambitious, kind to others, frustrated, self-less, cooperative, feminine, devoted, munificent and generous.

U denotes: Imaginative, romantic, gifted and fearing.

V denotes: Respective, grasping, wise, well-placed, commanding, hardworking and skilled or masterly in planning.

W denotes: Changing, unorthodox, dynamic, fast, vain, interested in travel, exciting, adventurous, eager, enthusiastic, risky, tasteful and ambitious.

X denotes: Depressed, exaggerated about difficulties, delayed, responsible, attractive and spiritual.

Y denotes: Mystic, secretive, emotional, independent, separate or divisive.

Z denotes: Resolute in character, fixed, helpful, respected, great and potent.

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