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Fish & Dolphins
It is good to keep a Portrait or a Show Piece of Fish & Dolphins in the house, office, shops, dispensaries etc. You can keep it in any directions of the rooms. It is good for PEACE, WEALTH, HEALTH, CAREER, EDUCATION, CHILDREN, PROSPERITY & LONG LIFE.

OM Bell & Rod or OM Bell & Dorje
The world has been created by the sound. Lord Chirst said that the world was created by the word and that word was "LORD". Even in our Guru Granth Saheb, it is said that Lord is the "SHABD". Every Mantra starts with the word "OM". This bell emits the sound, which created this world, and this bell is made up of 5 elements the world is made up of : EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, ETHER. This sound of "OM" removes negative energies and enhance positive energies leaving you in a better frame of mind to deal with things positively.
Recommendation : This bell should be taken around the house to remove all the negatively, especially in the house where there is more negativity. It will turn into Positivity.

Chinese Coins
   Keep a set of 3 Chinese Coins in your Purse or Wallet for money luck.
   Keep it in your Lockers in House or in Banks.
   Paste it or stick it on Cash Register or Bill Book for more sales.
   Paste it on Important Files for better luck.
   Paste in on Computers, where accounts are kept.
   Paste on "South Wall" for fulfilling any wish.
   Keep one set in office drawer for increase in Income and Good Luck.
   Keep it in "South East" corner of the room or all rooms.
   Tie up 6 coins with Red Ribbon & paste it or stick it on the "North West" wall of your Living Room.

3 - Bells
Tie 3 Bells together of any size outside the Handle of the "Main Door" of Office & House for Sound Waves.

The most potent image of good luck in Chinese Mythology. It attracts wealth, improves health. You can also display a small image of it on your Office table to attract good fortune, can be displayed anywhere near the front door alone or in pairs. They absorb all the negative energies.

Mandarin Ducks
A pair of Mandarin Ducks positioned in the home is very auspicious for Love, Romantic & Happy Marriage. To be kept in the "South West" of the bedroom or living room. They are "LOVE" enhancers and are the most potent symbol of martial bliss.

Love Birds
It is to be placed in the "South West" of the house or the bedroom. Increases love amongst COUPLES. It brings suitable proposals for unmarried girls if placed on "South West" wall or kept in the "South Wall" corner of the bedroom.

They are the Gods of Health, Wealth & Prosperity. Displaying them anywhere in the house gets Good Luck & Guards against any fatal diseases & tragic accidents. Keep in the "East" for the good health. To be placed in the Knowledge corner.

Three Legged Toad or Frog
It is supposed to be extremely auspicious. When placed Diagonally Opposite to the Main Door. It invites auspicious wealth in your house. A very potent symbol of Feng Shui. Make it face inside the house. Attracts wealth in the house. Can keep it on the "South East" of the office table.

The Celestial Dragon is the most powerful of Good Fortune. Place in the "East" of your living room for excellent overall luck. If Business is not doing well or Finances feel squeezed, it's time to place a "Dragon". Especially for Stockbroker's, Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

Wealth Stones or Wealth Bowl
This represents & attracts Wealth into the house. Place in the "South West" or "North East".

Metal Turtle with Plate
It is to be placed in the "North" of the house or the living room. Plate should have water in it at all times. It helps in Career Prospects & in New Projects.

Wind Bells or Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes are excellent source to bring the Best Feng Shui in your Home & Office. As they bring Sound Waves in to your House & Office, they are considered very Auspicious. Hang Wind Chimes with different no. of Rods in different corners of your House & Office.
• Hang a 5-Rod Wind Chime in the "Living Room" & "South East" corner.
• Hang a 6-Rod Wind Chime in the "North West" corner.
• Hang a 7-Rod Wind Chime in the "West" Area.
• Hang a 8-Rod Wind Chime in the "North East" Area.
• Hang a 9-Rod Wind Chime in the "South East" Area.
• Above 9-Rod Wind Chime anywhere in the "House & Office".

Swastik - OM - Trishul
Swastik, OM & Trishul all housed in Sun. This Sacred Symbol is very Powerful and helps to keep away from all the Bad Evil, Elements. Keep an idol of it or any Photos/ Stickers on Door or Entrance or in Purse, Diary, Briefcase, etc.

Laughing Buddha or Happy Man
It is regarded as one of the gods of wealth. It brings Prosperity, Success and Financial Gains in the house. The location of placing the laughing Buddha is very important. The energy that enters the house from the main door is greeted by Laughing Buddha and the energy is activated, and turns highly prosperous. It is to be placed on a side or a corner table which is "Diagonally Opposite" to front door and facing the main door.

Pakwa Mirror
It has to be kept outside the House or Office on the Upper Side so that no one could see the face in it. It is displayed so that bad energies, bad evils which enters reflect the mirror and turns into Positive Energy.

To be placed in the "South" corner of the room. Brings in Fame & Recognition along with Good Luck.

Charm Cards
It is to be kept anywhere such as Pocket, Wallet, Banks, Purses, etc. It is for PEACE, WEALTH, HEALTH, CAREER, EDUCATION, CHILDREN, PROSPERITY & LONG LIFE.

Brings in Luck & Wealth into your home. To be placed in the "South East" in the Wealth Corner. It is a raw form of Gold.

It is very effective in activating the "South" corner. It energizes Luck & brings in Fame & Recognition. It also symbolises farsightedness, which is essential for any Intelligent Businessman.

For people born in the Rooster year. To be placed in the "South" facing the main door.

Pi yao
It is to be placed in any corner but facing the "South East". It wards off evil from entering your home. It is the wealth guardian. It must be placed in Paris.

Flowers & Plants
It brings Energy, Luck, Success & Prosperity into your House & Office. Can be Placed Anywhere.

It is good for Health, Wealth, Luck and to remove Bad Negatives which turns into Positive Power. You can keep any size or models of Pyramid. You can keep small Pyramid into your Pocket, Briefcase, Wallet, etc.

Education Tower or Learning Tower / Pagoda
It is to be placed on the "Study Table" or in the Child's Bedroom. Brings about Wisdom & Spirituality in children. Also influences children to Fair - Well in their exams.

Crystal Globe
It is to be placed on the "North East" of the Child's Bedroom or House. Helps in acquiring Knowledge & Increases Wisdom.

Triple Turtle
It is to be placed on the "East" of the house or living room. Brings in 8 Types of Luck:-

Dragon Headed Tortoise With Baby
Brings in 8 Types of Luck :
Brings Luck, Education, Career, Children, Wealth etc. is for Family Harmony that every one carves for. This Dragon Tortoise on its back symbolizes a life worth living. Keep it in the "South East" for Financial Luck. Place it in your Home, Office or Desk. It will bring you a Wealth & Career Luck. You will also Blessed with many (obedient) sons. When displayed near the entrance of your Home, it will bring you a Long and a Happy Life.

To be placed in the "South East" corner facing the main door. Attracts good energies with Trunks Up in the air. They welcome the goddess of wealth Mata Mahalaxmi into the house.

Dargon Ship
It is to be kept in the Living Room near the entrance. Should face "Inward" as through bringing wealth into the house.

Tsai God & Fu - Dogs
It is to be kept facing the "Main Door" for protection of the House & Office and also enhance Spirituality.

Bamboo Plants or Good Luck Plants
The Art of Feng Shui recommends them as Plants that can be "Kept Anywhere" & as they Symbolize Good Luck. It is said to bring along Fortune and a Easy and Beautiful Ways to Bring Prosperity, Good Health and Happiness into your Life. It also brings Prosperity to any Household, Business or for the People you care. This Plants are almost Care Free as they Adapt to any Environment easily.

Crystal Balls
Excellent Feng Shui energizers, especially when placed in the "South East" Wealth & Good Luck corner. They are the best symbol of Wealth. It should be kept in the "South East" of the living room, everyone will be benefited. Alternately, they can also be hung in all the other rooms. To energize these crystals, wash them in salt water every month. If one has touched them, keep in the sun for about 10 minutes.

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