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Vastu For Chemist Shop

Vastu is believed to be a form of science that harnesses the levels of energy within all human beings. In someway or the other, it leaves a deep impact on human life and touches every single aspect of our existence. Whether it is issues in the personal life, success in studies, ensuring good health, or competitive edge in the professional world, vastu has an answer to all.

Now, as vastu leaves an impact on all aspects of our lives, we cannot ignore that it is associated to all the places and articles we are connected to. One of the most important elements of our lives is health and most of us depend on medicines and ailments to stay healthy. This dictates at everything linked to health including the hospitals and chemist shops should follow Vastu Tips.

As you travel the road every day, you come across many chemist shops at every corner. This is because of the increasing demand of medicines along with innovations in medical treatments. To all surprises, only few of the shops show business and others just wonder small sales. This is not because the ones wondering for small sales are not working hard but someway or the other, they fail to understand the concept of vastu and follow the defined ethics. So, if at any stage of time, you plan to start a chemist shop, then do keep in mind the norms and principles of vastu to ensure a healthy inauguration, wealthy business, and a happy way to life as a chemist.

Here are some effective Vastu Tips for chemist shop:

  • When planning to open a chemist shop, then the most suitable direction is East or North facing.
  • The plot you consider buying for your shop should be equal from all ends with no irregularities in shape and structure.
  • All water resources like the water tank and water dispensers should be placed in the North East corner of your shop.
  • The main desk of the shop should be built of wood most probably in square or rectangular shape.
  • The opening or the face of the shop should be in the North or East direction. If this not possible, then atleast the main counter used for dealing with customers should be placed in the North or East direction.
  • The associates, accountants, and other employees should have a sitting arrangement in the North East direction.
  • All allopathic medicines should be placed on shelves and drawers positioned on the South and the North direction.
  • All Ayurvedic medicines should be placed at the counters or shelves positioned in the North West corner of the shop.
  • All electronic equipments such as air-conditioner, cooler, and computers should be placed in the South East direction.

Implementation of these simple vastu tips in your chemist shop will lead to growth and prosperity along with a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vastu Shastra

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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