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Sun Sign Forecast For Leo in 2021

For natives born between July 24 to August 23

(These predictions are Solar-based. Readers are requested to take date of birth into considering when reading these predictions.)

Hindi Name: Simha
Date of Birth: 24th July to 23rd August
Ruling Planet: Surya (SUN)
Nakshatras: Magha, Poorva Phalguni
Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 1, 2
Lucky Days: Sunday, Wednesday
Lucky Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange
Lucky Stones: Ruby, Diamond

Sun will enter Leo on July 24 and stay there till August 23. It is the sign of royalty, with royal people, rulers and politicians born under it.

Leo Horoscope 2021

Professional matters will be at the forefront of Leo personality during the year 2021. You will have the encouragement of the management for your career ambitions. You can look forward to promotions to senior positions along with pay rises.

Planetary aspects send conflicting signals regarding your future during the year. Love life will be full of mixed emotions. You have to be careful about your social interactions. And you should not go overboard in your responses to conflicts. Mars will help you to remain in good shape and cheer. At the end of all this, you will be a wiser man.

The Leo 2021 horoscope brings many ups and downs for the Leo-born. The two planets with the most influence over your sign this year are Jupiter and Saturn; Mars will also have a slight influence. This year, it is best that Leos work to balance their social life with their work life. Doing this will improve both your relationships and your finances. Of course, both these things, as with many situations in 2021, will require hard work to be successful.

Year 2021 promises to be a year of great opportunities and progress for Leo folks. You would be able to get things done by your great charm and wits. The planets are powerfully placed for you to showcase your talent to the world. You would be blessed with abundant resources this year. Be creative to your best. Spread optimism around and be generous.

This year Leo people would be able to forge some new connections in personal and professional life which would go a long way in forming some of your best future prospects. Things and opportunities come your way with out much ado and asking, do not take them for granted. Make good use of the same, you wont get into such a lucky period more often.

People who are still in school will have mixed levels of difficulties in 2021. From January to April, your studies should be smooth sailing. However, from September to November, your studies will become more difficult for you. You can overcome these difficulties by putting in hard work.

2021 Leo horoscope predicts that this year is not the best year for traveling. Instead, it’s best that you focus on your career and try to save your money. Also, focus on the friendships you already have instead of searching for friends in other places. Stay at home and focus on what you already have. There will be time and finances enough for travel in future years.

2021 with respect to different aspects in your life


For the year 2021, the planets are favorably posited for Leo guys to make major career initiatives. You would be able to organize and perform your duties more effectively than before, however stick to your area of interests, do not stray for now. As the year starts, there would be a lull in your professional side. But then as the year progresses, natives ought to be more vigilant. Troubles and turmoils lurk around. Though there would be no major impacts, you need to put in more energy in order to stay afloat.

Be cautious in your relationship with authorities and peers in work place, as some sort of rebellion would be seen on your part. This might mar your career growth and performance for the year ahead. Not a time to be head-on with others, especially authorities or higher-ups. Keep it low, look out for the apt time to leap. Some turbulences around might dampen your professional spirits these days.

Some planets, especially Saturn and Pluto would be working against your professional aspirations. However Jupiter would protect you and maintain status quo in your career field for now. Expect some major revamps as the year unwinds. Despite strong storms around Leo natives would come out unscathed in their professional field.


This year, Leo natives would be yearning for a change in their love life or marriage. You would not be much committed to your partner and might wander for better scope elsewhere. Be patient and let this time wane out on its own. Love interests wont materialize simply because there is a lack of understanding. Also be prepared to handle stiff competition for your love. Certain sentiments might knock you down these days.

Use this year to explore new avenues in your love or marriage pursuits. Routine life might mar your romantic moods. However the year favors the single Leo natives to hitch a suitable partner. They would be able to meet one who is on terms with them both mentally and physically. Do not over-react, give your partner his or her own time and freedom. Too much smothering might hit your relationships.

Through the year, Leo guys would be facing trials and tribulations in love and marriage and it would be solely due to lack of communication or misunderstanding. Be optimistic, you can win over your love by your warmth. Potential marriage likely for the more committed Leo guys this year.

Most Leos however would give priority to finances and career rather than love and marriage for now. Natives however need to make sure that partner is tolerant towards the same. Take the time to understand your partner in new light and spend ample time with him or her to get into their good books. Do make sure that your point travels across the board.


The financial sector is not a host to major planetary events through the year for Leo natives, hence your financial standing would remain stable. There would be no major financial troubles around. However natives might be tempted to indulge occasionally. If you are already in debt, stay away from all temptations. Repaying make take a toll on you.

Then around the middle of the year, things start to look up on the financial side for Leo guys. Your intuitive sense would help you to tide over bad times. Then there would be good inflow of funds. Money owed to you now comes back and there would not be any unwanted expenditure. Those in services would see an increase in their wages. If into business your gains would be better. Long term investments would also give good returns. As the year ends, you would be on solid ground, if you had eluded indulgences.


The planets for the year 2021 are placed favourably for Leo guys that there would be no major health concerns. Your energy levels and vitality would increase as the year progresses. Follow a balanced diet, pursue physical activity and stay clear of smoking and drinking. There would be oscillating periods of high and low energy levels though. At one point of time, you would be hyper-active and during the other you might end up exhausted even for the slightest physical activity. To maintain good balance munch on veggies and fruits rather than resorting to high calories carbs.

Do not over-exert yourself physically and mentally these days. Ample rest and rejuvenation are very much needed for your physical and mental self. Be prepared to handle some moments of depression as well. Spiritual pursuits and meditation would give you peace of mind. Leo natives, be cautious of some nervous issues through the year. Stress and strain need to be kept under control, else you might end up in health issues. Prevention is better than cure, visit your doctor occasionally if you think that you are not on track or not keeping well.


The year ahead would be quite a challenging year for Leo people. Hence you are asked to be courageous and put up a strong face. This is not a time to relax with your routine works. You need to defend your standing in society, take risks and come up in life. Also do not get emotionally linked both in personal and professional life. Natives are advised to stay away from speculation and invest in solid plans like gold and real estate. Relationships might ask for your commitment these days.

Leo Monthly Horoscope 2021

Looking at the whole year at once can be a bit daunting. Below is the yearly Leo horoscope 2021 broken up one month at a time.

January 2021 brings a renewed sense of energy that can help you tackle any challenges you may have at work or in your social circle. This is also a great time to try to make new friends who can help you throughout the year to come.

February 2021 is a time for introspection; because of this, your social life may not be active. Jupiter and Saturn will both be in Aquarius this month, which will encourage you to take advice from your family.

March 2021 is time for you to either focus on your finances OR your love life. Working on both will only cause failures in both. Mercury helps to guide your romantic life, while Neptune influences your finances.

April 2021 again asks you to choose between focusing on your romantic life or your finances. If you focus on your career, you are sure to excel. If you focus on your relationships, Jupiter and Saturn will help to keep them stable.

May 2021 allows you to finally focus on your social life and your work life at the same time. Mars in Cancer will nonetheless encourage you to think before you act. Gemini will improve your friendships.

June 2021 is the perfect month for romance, as Venus will be in Leo. Your platonic social life will also go well, due to the help of Pisces.

July 2021 encourages you to retreat into introspection. Focus on yourself and your career this month. Mars in Leo will help with your career and motivation.

August 2021 is a mixed bag. The first two weeks of the month are great for cultivating your social life. The third week onward is best used to focus on your career, even if your social life tries to intrude.

September 2021 begs you to listen to others; it is the only way you can understand what they are going through. Thus, this month is best spent helping others, rather than catering to your own needs.

October 2021 brings much-needed relief and relaxation in your social life. However, you may find difficulties in your work life. Try to manage your stress if you want to stay in good health.

November 2021 finally brings luck and balance your way! Your health and your workload will be on the rebound. Your social life is also likely to see improvements. However, don’t let yourself forget to spend time with your family this month.

December 2021 ends the year by filling your spirit with determination. The year ahead looks promising, so long as you keep up the good work at your job! This can also improve your finances.


The Leo horoscope 2021 proves to be a bit dicey, but if you put in enough hard work and don’t let your enemies get you down, then you are sure to make it out of the year in one piece. Thus, while Jupiter and Saturn will have somewhat of a negative influence on you, don’t let them control your entire life. Remember, you can still make any choices you like. In the end, it’s your choices more than the planets that determine your future.

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