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Feng Shui Tips


House and Garden

  • Remove all rubbish, clutter and bad smells from each room in the house and garden as this leads to blockages.
  • Throw out unwanted goods - this suggests you are holding on to the past.
  • Fix flaking paint - this suggests tiredness.
  • Fix damaged, spouting roof tiles and window seals - this represents a gradual decline in health.
  • Repair leaky taps - this suggests gradual loss of income.
  • Healthy plants, fresh flowers, nice smells, incense and good music attract good energy and lift your spirits.
  • Keep the garden beautiful to entice opportunities to come into one's life and free from clutter - this signifies worry and prevents one from being focused.
  • Maintain a good supply of fresh air by opening windows and allowing the air to circulate.
  • Avoid sleeping near electrical equipment - they are harmful to your health.


  • The energy coming through the door is the most important factor that will determine how prosperous the occupants will be.
  • Make sure there is nothing indirect alignment with the door such as a tree or light pole.
  • The path to the front door should be wide & spacious & well lit. Curved winding paths leading to the main entrance are auspicious.
  • A beautiful picture placed on the wall opposite the main door is used to encourage energy into the home & therefore opportunities to come into your life.
  • Your main door should always open inwards into a wide space to invite the energy & opportunities into one's life.
  • Place plants next to the main door to help entice the energy.
  • Avoid facing a dark room, straight staircase (should be curve), mirror, stove, sink, fireplace, the door of a toilet, laundry, bathroom or bedroom. To remedy this keep the doors closed or place a screen between the doors.


  • The bed head should be against a solid wall. This will provide you with a sense of support & security when sleeping.
  • You should be able to see the whole room while lying in bed.
  • Avoid placing the foot of the bed in direct alignment with the door as this is the coffin position.
  • If the bedroom or bathroom door can be seen from the front door, it can turn the energy yin (negative). This may make the occupants lack motivation and feel fatigue and lazy.
  • Your bed should not be located under an exposed beam.
  • Avoid mirrors - they are harmful to relationships if they are directly opposite the bed. Remove them or cover them over while sleeping.
  • Avoid clutter and do not store anything under the bed.


  • Have a solid wall behind you - this will provide more backing for your ideas & lends authority to your presence.
  • You should be able to see who is coming through the door. This gives you a sense of being in control of your work.
  • You should also see the whole room from your desk. This will ensure you have mastery over all you do, you will think more clearly, your judgment will be sound & you will be respected.
  • Clear clutter, a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind.
  • Plants, flowers & wind chimes are great in a study or office as they provide yang energy to the whole room. This encourages you to be productive, maintain good concentration & obtain good ideas.
  • Sit facing one of your good directions when studying or working.

General Tips

  • Substantial cracks in the pavement or ground near or surrounding a property can reflect a health problem of one or more of the occupants, especially if this area is where the bedroom or office is located. For example, major ground cracking in the SW is associated with problems relating to the abdomen area of the body ... stomach, pancreas, liver, spleen, intestines, etc.
  • Too much Yang (bright) energy, an odd shaped room or slopped ceiling can cause eye problems and or headaches.
  • Stairs in the center of the house or office building will stimulate whatever kind of "unseen energy" in the middle of the structure (good or bad). This can be detected with a compass reading and Lo Shu flying stars, a mathematical formula.
  • The ideal exterior color for a house or office building can be determined by it's orientation ... sitting and facing directions.
  • A round conference table will make people feel more comfortable, communicative and equal ... allowing for faster and easier negotiations.
  • A missing corner robs energy from your Bagua blueprint and can wreak havoc with your life.
  • The sitting direction of the house determines the house's element.
  • The act of releasing the intention that empowers you and the intended outcome, not just the intention alone. Intention is the 4th realm of energy and plays a powerful role in the process of creating good feng shui. Your intentions should be handwritten, signed and dated and placed in the appropriate "gua" area of the Bagua blueprint for your home.
  • WATER everywhere is the cure! An aquarium can solve a lot of the problems associated with a lock on "people" or "money" depending on the size of the structure.
  • Sound is the  realm of energy - melodic sound is a great Chi enhancer in an environment.
  • Best facing houses based on Feng Shui - it depends on your birth date, the construction date of the house, your personal element, the "unseen" energy within the house based on a compass reading, the sitting and facing positions of the house, the floor plan, the shape of the lot, the house orientation on the lot and other environmental factors such as street and waterways. It require a full Feng Shui Audit to determine the above mentioned.
  • In general, color lifts Chi (energy). Color out of balance the other elements can affect your health and affairs negatively. To play safe, neutral tone or pastel color walls with colorful decor accents i.e. artwork, pillows, fabrics, carpets, and other accessory items to balance the five elements and to lift Chi.
  • Less ALWAYS means more Chi ... life force in your life. The importance of constant space clearing ... gifting away, throwing away, storing away or burning away "things" that do not enhance or enrich your life. CHI is the primary magnet for good fortune in your life.
  • It is important to space clear the clutter out of our lives and minds ... to allow POSITIVE LIFE FORCE to support, nurture and empower us, via a balanced and harmonic environment.

  • The location of the clutter in an environment, reveals the content of a person's inner struggle:
    * Entrance door - fear of relationships
    * Closet - unwilling to examine emotions
    * Kitchen - resenting or overwhelmed by care taking
    * Bed - desire for change or escape
    * Desk - frustration, fear of letting go or need to control
    * Door - detachment from others
    * Under a piece of furniture - importance of appearances
    * Cellar - procrastination
    * Attic - living in the past
    * Garage - inability to actualize
    * All over - lack of self love or anger and self-loathing

Tips to Remember

1. The entry of your home or office should be open and inviting, trim away foliage that may be blocking the path of Chi.

2. Always position your bed, desk, and stove to have a clear view of the door.

3. The principal and upper executives' offices should be located in the command areas of the office, while giving employees and clients accessibility. Everyone will benefit because the entire office will feel as if it is one body, the sum of all the functions harmoniously working toward the main objective.

4. Bathroom doors should be kept shut, with toilet seats down, to prevent Chi, opportunity, wealth, and happiness from being flushed.

5. Never sleep with a beam over your bed or put a shelf over it or your desk. Your world could fall down on you at any moment.

6. Throw out dead flowers or plants, they have lost their vitality.

7. Avoid sharp pointed buildings, wall corners, furniture or accessories pointed directly at your house, bed or desk. It is reminiscent of a cutting knife edge or a disapproving finger.

8. Make sure that all of the five traditional elements (fire, wood, metal, earth and water) are included in your design for energetic/emotional and decorative balance.

9. Where natural light is not readily available, especially in corridors and entry vestibules, make sure they are well illuminated.

10. Always use your intuition before making changes, consider first how it effects the rest of your decor. Do not just use traditional rules such as painting your front door red, it would cause disharmony if your home was peach or rose.

11. Remember your Chi, it is your inner-personal development, desire and love of life that will help maximize positive results.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Feng Shui

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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