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Vastu believes that by keeping the entry to your house in positive directions and positioning a constant cosmic field, a positive energy is created which in turn leads to positive thinking, good health and prosperity.


Construction of flats as per Vastu is not that simple. The number of flats in one complex, common walls for adjacent flats, makes it complicated.


Nevertheless, if one follows meticulously the principles of vastu in selection of the plot and construction of building, satisfactory results could be obtained in majority of cases.

The principles given below should be followed strictly so as to give maximum benefit to the flat owners.

  • The site should be a good square or a rectangle if possible with south-west corner equal to 90 degree.

  • North, east or north-east roads would do more good with two gates, one in the east and the other in the north. Besides the north-east, south-west or north-west blocks are also good.

  • Ground levels should be sloping towards North-east, and the levels in south-west, should be higher than all other sides.

  • An open well or a bore well should essentially be dug in north-east, before the construction takes place.

  • While designing the complex, more open space should be left in the east and north compared to west and south.

  • Balconies towards north, east and north-east are advisable and better not to keep balconies in south and west in general.

  • Kitchen is advisable in south-east, or north-west and never in north-east.

  • Pent houses should be planned in south-west on the terrace.

  • Staircases have to be in south, west or south-west and to be avoided in north-east, because head room of the stair case, higher than south west is not acceptable.

  • Main entrance into the flat could be from east, north, south, north-east, west and north-west.

  • No wells or bore wells should be dug in south-east, north-west or south-west.

  • Cellar should be kept under the northern or eastern portion of the complex, and not in southern or western side.

  • North-east cellar to be used for parking of vehicles; better if they are not heavy trucks.

  • Open area in north-south should be used for lawns, bore wells and sumps. Open area in north-east can also be used for on and off parking.

Vastu tips for the interior planning of your house.

For safe and sound interior planning of your house make sure that there is plenty of light, air with proper ventilation and minimum furniture.

  • Bed Room: The master bedrooms should be in the South West corner of the house. If the house has more than one floor then, then it should be on the top most floor. The ceiling should be in level, this makes the energy of the room uniform, which in turn gives one a steady state of mind. Children’s room should be in the north west or west side. To have a better concentration they should have a separate study close to their bedrooms. Kitchen: The ideal place is south east corner of the building or a kitchen in the west of the building can also be tolerated.
  • Study Room: The best locations for this room are the north, west, north west, east, north east. These directions attract the positive effects of Mercury increasing brain power, Jupiter increasing wisdom, Sun increasing ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas.
  • Dining room: The dining room and kitchen should be on the same floor and it should be adjacent to the kitchen from the left. The entrance to the dining room and the main door should not be facing each other. The dining table should be square of rectangular in shape and should not be attached or folding against the wall.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms and toilets should be adjacent to the north- east corner. They should never be constructed in the center or in the south -west corner of the house.
  • Drawing Room: It should always be constructed towards the north. The rooms located in the northern part of the house should be bigger in size as that compared to the rooms in the southern part of the house. They should be shorter to them in height by one to three inches. This is an important rule of Vastu Shastra. Furniture should be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Store Room: If essential then the store room should be constructed in the southern part of the building, other wise grain and other provisions can be stored in the kitchen or in other rooms and cupboards. Things should not be stored in diwans and box beds because it effects the magnetic environment of the self and the room causing sleeping disorders.
  • Waste Storage: Daily wastes from the kitchen should be kept covered in the south- west corner of the kitchen.
  • Height of Rooms: The rooms in the northern part of the house should be larger than the rooms in the southern side by 6-9 inches, and lower by 1-3 inches. Height of rooms should ideally be, 12-14 feet. Doors/Windows As far as doors are concerned, the main door should be larger than the inner doors and all doors should open towards the walls. All windows should be at least 3 feet 6 above ground level, and should be at the same level from the top. Window openings should be on the northern and eastern sides of the buildings.

Check if your home has the following positions

This should ideally be North, or East of Northeast, West of Northwest. The entrance door should not directly be in front of the main gate as whatever comes in, tends to flow out with ease. The number of doors should be even and not odd, however there should be an odd number of doors in a line.

Ideally this should be Southeast as this is the place of fire. Alternatively this can also be in the Northwest quadrant. The dining area in case the kitchen is in Southeast, should be towards the East and in the latter it should be North.

With all corners covered, the drawing room falls in the centre of the house. The exact centre of the house should be left vacant without any furniture in it.

These should ideally be located in the West, South or Southwest

Master bedroom
Ideally this should be Southwest. Southeast is not recommended as this is the quadrant of fire and couples tend to be more argumentative in that corner. The Northwest can also be avoided as being the pocket of air one tends to be away from the home for some reason or the other.

Bathroom & toilet
This should ideally be located on the Northwest. These are best avoided in the Northeast and Southwest corner. The mirror-sink should be towards the North or East. The toilet seat should be along the North-South axis.

Open spaces/garden
According to Vastu, open spaces should be located in the North which is the place of the God of wealth. Open areas enriches the family.

If you are building your home, the Vastu shastra advises to keep the following in mind

Select a site where the land is fertile and not dry and rocky. Avoid water logged land or land at the end of a road. Avoid land too close to graveyards, cemeteries, hospitals, etc... Ideally the plot should be rectangular or square in shape. Square is best. If it is a rectangle, the ratio of length to breadth should be 1 :1.5.

Natural features
Plots should be with higher levels in the South & West and lower levels in the North and East. Water bodies like rivers, canals, etc... should be towards the North, East or Northeast and the mountains towards the South and West.

House design
Avoid U-shaped, V-shaped, L-shaped and triangular shaped houses. The angles are not conducive to attracting positive energy.

A staircase should never begin in front of the main door nor end directly in front of the upstairs door. Spiral staircases are not auspicious either.

Vastu Tips For Home Decoration

We all love to decorate our space with paintings and artifacts. And how can it get better than this, if each of these decorative works together in tandem to enhance the positive vibration of our space. Find a list of some not just beautiful but meaningful objects that can be placed in your home / office. If you already have any of them then relocate as per advised direction and feel the difference.

  • A full body Meditating Statue of Lord Buddha when placed in North East direction brings calmness and peace to the mind and helps those who feel that meditation is difficult.
  • A healthy money plant with lush green leaves, nurtured in a Blue Glass Bottle attracts new business and financial opportunities, when placed in North Direction and groomed with personal attention at regular intervals.
  • Placing or hang on a nail, a Copper or Red colour Swastika in South East direction to ensure smooth cash flow in the house. Don’t forget to apply a fresh dot of Roli on it on every Friday.
  • Pitra Sthan is South West and Guru Sthan is West. Place a picture of Guru Ji in Golden frame in West Direction and seek his blessings everyday.
  • A beautiful Golden Money Box filled with currency in the West direction strengthens your intent to increase your savings.
  • Place your Business cards and communication material in East direction to improve and strengthen your social network.
  • Place a Family picture or collage, clicked in happy times, in North West direction in silver colour frame to strengthen the bond and enhance support among family members.
  • A golden colour globe kept in South West direction increases the opportunities to travel abroad.
  • The certificates and pictures of felicitation, logo and company banner displayed in South increases the fame of your business and brings recognition for you.
  • Make a place in East of Southeast or East of Northeast for the aquarium if you already have or planning to own. 9 gold and one black fish is ideal combination which neutralizes the effects of negative energy of the space effectively.
  • Pair of Swans when Placed in South West corner, helps in the bond between the couple grow stronger.
  • Ashoka Pillar or Government Emblem displayed in East corner of home or office works as artifact as well as helps penetrate in Government / administration if intended.

A wonderful practice for prosperous living is to Keep what is either useful or beautiful, discard rest.


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