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Jupiter : Lord Brahma

Jupiter (Guru, Brihaspati)

Own house: 9
Best house: 1, 5, 8, 9, 12
Weak house: 6, 7, 10
Colour: Yellow (fast)
Enemy planet: Venus, Mercury
Friendly Planet: Sun, Mars, Moon
Neutral Planet: Rahu, Ketu, Saturn
Work: Related with education
Exalted: 4
Debilitated: 10
Disease: Asthma
Time: Sunrise to 8 a.m.
Day: Thursday
Substitute: Sun + Mercury

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This planet is known as the guru of all the planets and also treated as the symbol of Lord Brahma. That is why it is known as the lord of the entire universe.

Peepal, yellow colour, gold, brass, turmeric, yellow chilli, bengal gram, yellow flower, saffron, lion, cock, garuda, frog, hawa baaz, teacher, father, senior priest, honour, fame, education, worship of god are symbolic of Jupiter.

Jupiter is more powerful when this planet is placed with friends like Mars, Moon, etc. and gives better results.

Jupiter : Effects and Remedies

Jupiter is a fiery, noble, benevolent, masculine, expansive, optimistic, positive and dignified planet. higher attributes of the mind and soul, generosity, joy, jubilation and joviality along with high reasoning ability and the power of right judgments are all governed by Jupiter.

Jupiter rules educational interests, law, religion, philosophy, banking, economics and indicates the extent of one's love and longing for religion, scriptures, elders and preceptors. He is also a signification of wealth, progress, philosophic nature, good conduct, health and children.

Jupiter represents `Thursday' and the yellow colour. He is regarded as 'Karaka' for 2nd, 5th and 9th houses. The sun, mars and moon are his friends, where as Mercury and Venus are enemies to him. Rahu, Ketu and Saturn adopt neutrality to him. He stands exalted in the 4th house and the 10th house is the house of his debilitation.

Jupiter provides good results if placed in houses 1, 5, 8, 9 and 12, but 6th, 7th and the 10th are the bad houses for him. Jupiter gives bad results when Venus or Mercury get placed in the 10th house of a horoscope. However, jupiter never gives bad results if placed alone in any house. A malefic jupiter affects the ketu (son) very adversely. Jupiter offers malefic results if he is placed with Saturn, Rahu or ketu in a horoscope.

Jupiter in 1st House 

Jupiter in the Ist house makes the native necessarily rich, even if he is deprived of learning and education. He will be healthy and never afraid of enemies. He will rise every 8th year of his life through his own efforts and with the help of friends in the government. If the 7th house is not occupied by any planet success and prosperity will come after the marriage of the native. Marriage or construction of a house with one's own earnings in the 24th or 27th year would prove inauspicious for the longevity of the father's life. Jupiter in Ist house along with the Saturn in the 9th house causes health problems for the native. Jupiter in the Ist house and Rahu in the 8th causes the death of the native's father because of heart attack or asthma.


1. Offer the things of mercury, Venus and Saturn to the religious places.

2. Serving cows and helping untouchables.

3. If Saturn is placed in the 5th house, don't build a house.

4. If Saturn is placed in the 9th house, don't buy machinery associated with Saturn.

5. If Saturn is in 11th or 12th house, avoid use wine, meat and eggs strictly.

6. Ward-off the evil effects of mercury by putting on silver in the nose.

Jupiter in 2nd House

The results of this house are affected by Jupiter and Venus as if they are together in this house, though Venus may be placed anywhere in the chart. Venus and Jupiter are inimical to each other. Hence both will affect each other adversely. Consequently, if the native engages himself in the trade of gold or jewelery, then the things of Venus like wife, wealth and property will get destroyed.

As long as the wife of the native is with him, the native will continue gaining honour and wealth despite the fact that his wife and her family may be suffering because of ill health and other problems. The native is admired by females and inherits the property of his father. He may be benefited by lottery or property of a person having no issues, if the 2nd, 6th and 8th houses are auspicious and Saturn is not placed in the 10th.


1. Charity and donations will ensure prosperity.

2. Offer milk to snakes for warding off the evils of Saturn placed in the 10th.

3. Fill up the pits if any on the road side, in front of your house.

Jupiter in 3rd House

The jupiter in the 3rd house makes the native learned and rich, who receives continuous income from the government all through his life. Saturn in the 9th makes the native live long, whereas if saturn is placed in the 2nd the native becomes extremely clever and crafty. However saturn is the 4th indicates that the native will be robbed of money and wealth by his friends. If jupiter is accompanied by inimical planets in the 3rd the native is destroyed and becomes a liability on his closer ones.


1. Worship of Goddess Durga and offering sweets and fruits to small girls and obtaining their blessing by touching their feet. Avoid sycophants.

Jupiter in 4th House

The 4th house belongs to Moon, a friend of Jupiter, who stands exalted in this house. Hence Jupiter here gives very good results and provides the native the powers of deciding the fate and fortune of others. He will possess money, wealth and large properties along with honour and favours from the government. In times of crisis the native will receive divine help. As he grows old his prosperity and money will increase. How so ever if he has built a temple at home jupiter will not give the above mentioned results and the native will have to face poverty and disturbed married life.


1. The native should not keep a temple in his house.

2. He should serve his elders.

3. He should offer milk to snake.

4. He should never bare his body before anyone.

Jupiter in 5th House

This house belongs to jupiter and sun. Native's prosperity will increase after the birth of his son. In fact, more sons a native has, the more prosperous he will become. 5th house is the own house of surya and in this house surya, Ketu and Brihaspati will give mixed results. However if Mercury, Venus and Rahu is in 2nd, 9th, 11th or 12th houses then jupiter sun and ketu will give bad results. If the native is honest and laborious then jupiter will give good results.


1. Do not accept any donations or gifts.

2. Offers your services to priests and sadhus.

Jupiter in 6th House

6th house belongs to Mercury and Ketu also has its effect on this house. so this house will give combined effects of Mercury, Jupiter and ketu. If jupiter is benefic the native will be of pious nature. He will get everything in life without asking. Donations and offerings in the name of elders will prove beneficial. If Jupiter is in 6th and Ketu is benefic then native will become selfish. However, if Ketu is malefic in 6th house and mercury is also malefic the native will be unlucky upto 34 years of age. Here Jupiter causes asthma to the native's father


1. Offer things connected with Jupiter in a temple.

2. Feed the cocks.

3. Offer clothes to the priest.

Jupiter in 7th House

7th house belongs to Venus, so it will give mixed results. The native will have rise in luck after marriage and native will be involved in religious works. The good result of the house will depend upon position of moon. The native will never be a debtor and will have good children. And if the sun is also in 1st house the native will be a good astrologer and lover of comforts.

However if jupiter is malefic in 7th house and saturn is in the 9th the native will become a thief. If mercury is in the 9th then his married life will be full of probelms. If jupiter is malefic native will never get support from brothers and will be deprived of favours from the government. jupiter in 7th house causes differences with the father. If so one should never donate clothes to anyone, otherwise one will certainly get reduced to extreme poverty.


1. Offer worship to lord shiva.

2. One should not keep idols of god in ones house.

3. Keep gold tied in a yellow cloth always with you.

4. One should stay away from yellow clad sadhus and faqirs.

Jupiter in 8th House

Jupiter does not give good results in this house, but one will get all the worldly comforts. In the time of distress, one will get help from god. Being religious will increase native's luck. As long as the native is wearing gold he will not be unhappy or ill. If there is Mercury, Venus or Rahu in 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th and 12th house, native's father will be ill and native himself will face loss of prestige.


1. Offer things connected with Rahu, like wheat, barley,coconut into running water.

2. Plant a pipal tree in a cremation ground.

3. Offer ghee and potatoes and camphor in temple.

Jupiter in 9th House

9th house is especially influenced by jupiter. so the native will be famous, rich and will be born in a rich family. The native will be true to his words and will have long life and have good children. In case jupiter is malefic the native will have none of these qualities and will be atheistic. If the native has any planet inimical to Jupiter in the 1st, 5th and 4th house then jupiter will give bad results.


1. One should go to temple everyday

2. Abstain from drinking alcohol.

3. Offer rice to running water.

Jupiter in 10th House

This house belongs to saturn. So the native will have to imbibe the qualities of Saturn only then he will be happy. the native should be cunning and sly. only then the can enjoy the good results of jupiter. If sun is in the 4th house jupiter will give very good results. Venus and Mars in the 4th house ensure multi-marriages for the native. if friendly planets are placed in the 2nd, 4th and 6th houses, jupiter provides highly beneficial results in matters of money and wealth. A malefic jupiter in the 10th makes the native sad and impoverished. He is deprived of ancestral properties, wife and children.


1. Clean your nose before beginning any work.

2. Throw copper coins in the running water of a river for 43 days.

3. Offer almonds to religious places.

4. A temple with idols must not be established within the house.

5. Put tilak of saffron on the forehead.

Jupiter in 11th House

Jupiter in this house affects the things and relatives of his enemies Mercury, Venus and Rahu very adversely. Consequently, the wife of the native will remain miserable. Similarly, sisters, daughters and father's sisters will also remain unhappy. The native will be a debtor even if mercury is well placed. The native will be comfortable only as long as his father lives with him in a joint family along with brothers, sisters and mother.


1. Always keep gold on your body.

2. Put on a copper bangle.

3. Watering a pipal tree would prove beneficial.

Jupiter in 12th House

The 12th house would provide the combined influences of Jupiter and Rahu, who are inimical to each other. If the native observes good conduct, wishes good for all and observes religious practices he will become happy and enjoy a comfortable sleep at night. He would become wealthy and powerful. Abstaining from evil acts of Saturn will make the business of machinery, motor, trucks and cars highly beneficial to him.


1. Avoid furnishing false evidence in any matter.

2. Render services to sadhus, pipal gurus and pipal tree.

3. Place water and Saunf on the head side of your bed during nights.

(1) Practice one remedy at one time.
(2) Practice the remedies maximum for 43 days and minimum for 40 days.
(3) Practice them fully. If there occurs any interruption, resume the remedies again.
(4) Perform the remedies from sun-rise to sun-set.
(5) Remedies can also be practiced by some of the kin i.e. brother, father or son etc as well.

JUPITER in Lal Kitab

Jupiter is the largest planet; its diameter is roughly about 1.5 Lac kilometers. It is located approximately at the distance of 78 Crore kilometers from the Sun. Jupiter moves around the Sun approximately at a speed of 13 kilometer per second and completes its round in 12 years. It takes 10 hours to revolve on its axis. It has 14 satellites.

According to mythology Jupiter is the son of saint Angira. In Rig Veda he is depicted as having seven faces, beautiful tongue and carries a bow and arrow in one hand and holds golden animal in the other. He is very intelligent and eloquent. He has 12 rays and possesses a golden chariot which is drawn by 8 swift horses of red and white colour. In hierchy he is placed above Mars; Saturn is placed below him.

Jupiter is the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. It is the lord of a person's destiny and morality. It dispels ignorance in the heart.


Jupiter is tall, yellow complexioned and heavily built. It has surplus of flesh on body. Hair and eyes are brownish, chest broad and stomach large. A person under the influence of Jupiter will have a short forehead and a sharp, long nose. The voice shall be distinct and impressive. He is predominantly affected by cough. He is virtuous, possesses good intellect and a distinguished thinking capability. He is neither very much attached to anyone nor does he remain absolutely aloof. But he is prepared to go to any extreme for his own conviction. In general, he is a careless person but enjoys royal comforts. He is a great scholar, well equipped in knowledge of warfare. If Jupiter is favourable then the natal becomes a proud person. He tries to influence others even though he has hardly any knowledge about the concerned subject. Such people are responsible for scams in well placed institutions.

Jupiter affects lungs, neck, nose and skin in the human body. It regulates knowledge about the job, patience, farsightedness, morality, pride, etc.

Relation with zodiac and other planets

Jupiter is the lord of the sign Aquarius and Pisces. It holds an exalted position with Cancer and a debilitated position with Capricorn.

Friends - Sun, Moon, Mars

Enemies - Mercury, Venus

Neutral - Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

Jupiter according to Lal Kitab

Jupiter is the universal guru (teacher) and the lord of destiny. A man is born with his destiny enclosed in his fist. Jupiter has the record of a person's previous life and treasures. It becomes the cause of birth and death. It is the lord of the world as well as of heaven. It emanates itself in the moving air which moves around the man everywhere. It is the driving force behind the other planets. It urges Rahu and Ketu to act. Sun, Moon and Mars start giving favourable results when associated with Jupiter. But it is inimical to Mercury. Mercury has the power to turn the gold of Jupiter into dust. It's simple remedy is to rub saffron on the navel or keep it on the tongue and eat it. If Jupiter is not suitable to a person, gold shall be lost or stolen. He may loose his reputation. It is advised to wear gold on body and immerse almond, oil and coconut in flowing water.

House of Jupiter

The house of the person under the influence of Jupiter shall be related to wind. The courtyard shall be situated in a corner, left, right or in the end. It can never be situated in centre. The main entrance of the house shall be in north south. A Peepal tree or some religious building like temple.

Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Jupiter

- When Jupiter is grievously inauspicious, collect one paisa from each member of family, as far as blood relation is concerned, and donate the sum at a temple; this removes the ill effect of Jupiter.

- Donate at the temple to please dev-guru (guru of god)

- Plantation of peepal tree is beneficial too.

- Saffron, turmeric, gold, gram pulse, yellow flower, yellow cloth, book etc. are good for donation.

- Brahma is the lord of Jupiter; however, if one is not having progeny as a result of Jupiter's ill effect, he should worship 'Shri Hari'.

Indications of Malefic Jupiter in Horoscope

1. Gold is lost, stolen or ornaments are sold.

2. Suddenly there is break in education or loss in business.

3. There is loss of good name of the native or his family or there are degrading rumours against him.

4. One becomes cruel, inconsiderate, tyrant or dictator to his followers/ subordinates suddenly.

5. One loses faith in religion/ Guru and becomes suspicious by nature.

6. Loss of hair around middle head (place of Choti).

7. Wife or children gets ill.

8. There are problems in getting wealth/ paternal property or one is unhappy even after getting it.

9. There is no child or no happiness from children.

10. There is delay in marriage or unhappiness in marital relations.

11. There is early ejaculation of semen or other conjugal problem.

12. One has relations with low caste / widow ladies.

13. Native's father develops respiratory or mental problems.

14. Native has disease of ear, diabetes, cancer, liver (jaundice), or kidney.

15. There are problems in marriage of daughter.

16. Either there is lack if maternal relations or they are unhappy.

17. Native become poor, is insulted or picks up quarrels.

18. There is loss in business.

Remedies for malefic Jupiter

1. Respect elders, saints, ladies and worship young girls/ Durga.

2. Take bath in sulphur spring.

3. Wear gold around neck (but never wear garland) or on index finger.

4. Put Tilak of turmeric/ saffron on forehead.

5. Clear your nose before starting any work.

6. Always keep your words and never do flattery.

7. Avoid meat or liquor and never wear garland around neck.

8. Visit temple regularly, but do not make one at home.

9. Wife should observe fast on Thursdays.

10. If there is problem of children, worship Vishnu.

11. Keep dog as a pet, if son is in trouble.

12. If father is ill, put copper coin in running water for 45 days.

13. Do not have extra-marital relations.

14. Starting from a Thursday, donate for 8 days, 8 Besan Laddus, 800gms of Chana Daat, or 8 pieces of turmeric along with little saffron wrapped in a yellow cloth in a temple.

15. On 8 Thursdays, cotton thread dipped in turmeric paste be tied around a Peepaltree in 8 rounds.

16. Donate yellow clothes to a priest, but not if Jupiter is malefic in 7th house.

17. During solar eclipse, donate almonds, coconut, black Urd/til.

18. At the time of daughter's marriage, make two identical gold pieces; one should be put in running water and give the other to the daughter, which she should always keep with her.

19. To alleviate Pitr-Rin, collect equal amount from all blood relations and donate for a good cause; also water Peepal tree and never cut it.

20. If combust, put 400 gms of Jaggery/ wheat in running water on a Sunday.

21. If associated with Mercury, donate articles related to Mercury.


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