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Vastu Muhurat

After the land has been selected the owner should consult a learned astrologer to find out and auspicious time (muhurat) to start the construction of the house which would bring him health, wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

Vastu Muhurat 2024

Griha Pravesh Dates 2024 | House Warming Dates 2024

Gruha Pravesh Muhurat dates in 2024, Auspicious Dates and Time for Moving into New House in 2024, Griha Pravesh dates 2024, Dates of House Warming Ceremony in 2024

Griha pravesh means first entry in to the new house. It is the house warming ceremony performed by hindus. This is performed on auspicious days only. People belive that Griha Pravesh during Auspicious Date and time in to the new house makes them a long, happy and fruitful stay. Here we are providing auspicious Gruha Pravesh dates and muhurat’s for the year 2024.

Date Day Griha Pravesh Muhurat Nakshatra
03rd January 2024 Wednesday 06:50 to 14:46 Uttara Phalguni
26th February 2024 Monday 06:40 to Next Day 04:30 Uttara Phalguni
02nd March 2024 Saturday 14:42 to Next Day 06:36 Anuradha
06th March 2024 Wednesday 14:51 to Next Day 04:13 Uttara Ashadha
11th March 2024 Monday 10:44 to Next Day 06:29 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
15th March 2024 Friday 22:08 to Next Day 06:26 Rohini
16th March 2024 Saturday 06:26 to 21:37 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
27th March 2024 Wednesday 06:17 to 16:15 Chitra
29th March 2024 Friday 20:35 to Next Day 06:15 Anuradha
30th March 2024 Saturday 06:15 to 21:13 Anuradha
07th November 2024 Thursday 24:34 to Next Day 06:21 Uttara Ashadha
08th November 2024 Friday 06:21 to 12:03 Uttara Ashadha
13th November 2024 Wednesday 13:00 to Next Day 03:10 Revati
16th November 2024 Saturday 19:27 to Next Day 06:25 Rohini
18th November 2024 Monday 06:26 to 15:48 Mrigashirsha
25th November 2024 Monday 06:30 to Next Day 01:23 Uttara Phalguni
05th December 2024 Thursday 12:48 to 17:26 Uttara Ashadha
11th December 2024 Wednesday 06:40 to 11:47 Revati
25th December 2024 Wednesday 06:47 to 15:22 Chitra


Tips for Auspicious House Warming

The house-warming ceremony should be held only upon completion of construction of your home. You should not be living in under-construction houses as it is considered extremely inauspicious.

The house-warming ceremony should not be held until the main door is finally positioned in the new home along with the complete construction of the roof. Additionally, post doing Griha Pravesh, attempting not to lock the main door since doing so would be inauspicious.

According to time-tested principles behind the Griha Pravesh ceremony, you should conduct the Kalash Pooja and the priest will be chanting mantras for executing this important ritual. The idols of Gods and Goddesses should be kept in the direction of your home which faces east, on the day of the house-warming ceremony.

  • Always mop floors with some water mixed in salt to cleanse and purify the area where the ceremony will be held.
  • Always enter the house with your right foot first.
  • Sleep in the new home with your family on the night of the Griha Pravesh day once the ceremony has been completed.

Please note that these dates given are only to provide a general idea. You should consult a local priest to get exact date and time of Griha Pravesh. These are subjected to change according to location and other beliefs.

Griha Pravesh muhurat for a new home is something like the housewarming ceremony performed in the western countries, though with a traditional touch. The seed of a new home will grow into a plant with branches, leaves, and flowers as in the family. Griha Pravesh symbolizes enthusiasm and rejuvenation for a new life.

We wish this griha praveshmuhurat 2021/2021 will be helpful to you in order to organize the upcoming griha pravesh ceremony in a great way.

Here we are providing these dates for general idea. These dates and timings may vary by region. Please consult your local priest for exact muhurat. 


This Rahu kala Table has been prepared presuming the Sun rise at 6'o clock. Depending upon the local Sun rise time, the Rahu kala time needs to be adjusted. Calculate the time between sunrise and sunset, and divide it in to 8 equal periods and calculate the Rahu Kala period as below for your locality.

  • Rahu kala is not an auspicious time for starting any new works. Any work started during rahu kala ends up in problem and disappointment.
  • To perform Durga puja in Rahu Kala is very auspicious.

Generally construction of house, temple, palaces (Raj Bhawan), city etc. should not be stared or first entry (grah-pravesh) should not be accomplished during the period Ashadh Shukla to Kartik Shikla, when gods are asleep (Dev Shayan). Muhurat (auspicious times) for construction of house or starting the work have been given in the Panchangs. Astrologers have expressed their own different views about starting the construction work. According to Vasturaj Vallabh, Leo constellation (singhasth), Vyatipat, Vaidhriti, Dagdhtithi, Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus) when set, weak moon, Rikta tithi (4/9/14) are not auspicious for starting house construction work or any other good and auspicious work. Some scholars are of the opinion that if Jupiter or Venus are set (Tara) it doesn't matter.

Given below are the sun Sankranties during which if construction work is started it gives varied results:

1. Sun in the Aries (Mesh) Rashi 14 April to 13 May-very good.

2. Sun in the Taurus (Vrish) Rashi 14 May to 13 June-increase in wealth

3. Sun is in Gemini (Mithun) Rashi 14 June to 13 July-Death

4. Sun is in cancer (Kark) Rashi 14 July to 13 August-very good

5. Sun is in Leo (Singh) Rashi 14 August to 13 September - increase in number of servants.

6. Sun is in Virgo (Kanya) Rashi 14 September to 13 October - Diseases

7. Sun is in Libra (Tula) Rashi 14 October to 13 November - Happiness/comforts

8. Sun is in Scorpio (Vrishchik) Rashi 14 November to 13 December - Increase in Wealth.

9. Sun is in Saggitarius (Dhanu) Rashi 14 Dec. to 13 January - loss

10. Sun is in Capricorn (Makar) Rashi 14 Jan. to 13 February - gain of wealth.

11. Sun is in Aquarius (Kumbh) Rashi 14 Feb. to 13 March - gain of Jewels

12. Sun is in Pisces (Meen) Rashi 14 March to 13 April - Fear.

Therefore the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th i.e., Mithun (Gemini), Vigro (Kanya), Saggitarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen) Rashies are not suitable and auspicious for starting house construction, and the work should not be started during the period sun is in these Rashis.

From (Approx. Check Panchang)

Solar Month

Sun in Zodiac

Direction for Bhumi Pujan

Start Construction

14-Jan Magh Makar NE Start East or West Facing house
14-Feb Falgun Kumbh NW Start East or West Facing house
14-Mar Chaitra Meen NW Don't start construction
14-Apr Baisakh Mesh NW Start North or South Facing house
14-May Jeth Vrish SW Start North or South Facing house
14-Jun Ashadh Mithun SW Don't start construction
14-Jul Shravan Kark SW Start East or West Facing house
14-Aug Bhadrpad Singh SE Start East or West Facing house
14-Sep Ashwin Kanya SE Don't start construction
14-Oct Kartik Tula SE Start North or South Facing house
14-Nov Margshrish Vrishchik NE Start North or South Facing house
14-Dec Paush Dhanu NE Don't start construction

According to VAASTU Shastra, digging of the foundation is prohibited in the following months:

1) Chaitra (March-April): If digging starts in these months, the owner faces great hardships. First entry into the home with a purpose of living is also prohibited during this period.

2) Jyeshtha (June): If the digging starts in this month, the planets become unfavourable for the owner. First entry is also prohibited.

3) Asharh (July): If the digging is started in this month, the owner suffers the loss of animal stock.

4) Shravana (August): If digging is started in this month, the owner suffers loss of wealth.

5) Bhaadrapad (September): Digging in this month leads to quarrels at home.

6) Ashwin (October): Digging leads to fallilial disputes in the home.

7) Kartik (November): If digging is started in this month, servants and subordinates run away.

8) Magh (February): Owner has to face the danger of fire in his home, if digging starts in this month.

Following months, however, are considered auspicious to start digging of foundation:

1) Baishakh (May): The owner gets unprecedented benefits if digging is started in this month.

2) Margshirsh (December): The owner obtains wealth if the digging starts in this month. This month is also auspicious to make first entry in the home.

3) Paush (January): Owners gets wealth if the digging starts in this month also.

4) Phalgun (March): All the desires of the owner are fulfilled if the digging starts in this month.

Among the months, Baishakh, Shravan, Margshirsh Magh and Falgun are good for the work. Bhadrapad and Kartik are also normally permissible.

Construction work should be started on the dates (tithis) 2,3,5,6,7,10,11,12,13,15 and the 1st of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight).

Prohibited date - Starting the construction work on the dates 1,4,8,9,14 and 30 (Amavas) brings Poverty, loss of wealth, loss of money, death of wife, fear from the rulers. Therefore work should not be started on these dates.

Constellations - The Nakshatras Rohini, Mrigshira, Chitra, Hast, Swati, Anuradha, Uttarashdah, Uttar Bhadrapad, Uttar Falguni, Dhanshtha, Shatbhisha, Revati are good for starting the house construction work.

Lagna - Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces Lagna, when it is not Panchban and it is not the period of Bhoomi Shayan, and there is some beneficial planet in the centre and triangle positions, and the eighth house is beneficial when there are cruel planets in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses; such periods are good for auspicious starting of the construction work.

Bhoomi Shayan - On the days of constellations 5/7/9/12/19/26 from the constellation in which sun is situated the earth is 'sleeping' (Bhoomi Shayan) and on these days also during the 4/8/5/3//6/7 Ghati it is so; in remaining Ghatis it is not Bhoomi Shayan.

Bhoomi Shayan defect (Dosh) is there on the 5/7/9/11/15/20/22/23/28th day from the solar Sankranti according to some astrologers, and others take it only on 7/9/15/21 and 24th day.

Days - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are good days to start construction work. On Sunday or Tuesday starting the work should be avoided.

For starting the house construction work, Vrish-vasta calculation should be done. If the constellation of the day counted from that of the sun comes upto 7, it is inauspicious, next 11 it is god and next 10 are again inauspicious. Abhijeet should also be included in counting.




28 constellations

Inauspicious (unlucky)

Auspicious (Lucky)

Inauspicious (Unlucky)

Result of the count from constellation of the sun to that of the Moon.

Consideration of Yoga

On a particular day, date, and during a particular Nakshatra, a particular conjuction or conjugation of day and date or day, date and Nakshatra results. One such conjugation, known as Amrityoga, is extremely auspicious for making maiden entry. One must avoid making maiden entry during Dagdh Yoga, Mrityu Yoga and Yamaghant. Apart from these, maiden entry is auspicious except during the five Ghati of Shoolyoga, half-part of Paridhyoga, six Ghati of Atiganda Yoga and nine Ghati of Vyaghrat Yoga. Maiden entry is totally prohibited during the entire period of Mritu Yoga, Vyatipat and Vaghriti Yoga.

Vishisht Yoga (Special combinations) have also been described for the start of house construction. The combination of seven Sakar (starting with 'S' Viz. Saturday, Swati nakshatra, Singh (Leo) Lagna Shukla Paksha (Moonlit fortnight), Seventh tithi, Shubh yoga and Shravan month, is very good for starting the work of a house. It will fetch to the owner growth of all wealth and fortune along with the gain of conveyance, wealth and prosperity, sons and grandsons etc.

Shani swati singh lagan shukla parkshascha saptami
Shubh yoga sharawanshcha sakarasapt kirtitah.

House construction is not allowed in singh (Leo) Lagna, it should not be started in this Lagna alone, but if the above combination is there with Singh Lagna starting of the work is auspicious as per vaastu shastra.

House construction started in Shukla Paksha brings happiness, while that in Krishna Paksha it brings loss as per vastu.

Therefore it is better to start the construction work after well consideration of the Shukla or Krishna Paksha as per vaastu.

Auspicious good time should be selected for starting the work of a house. A learned astrologer should be consulted because by doing so the construction work will go on smoothly, there will be no hindrances or problems, work will be completed soon successfully. Often it has been observed that if the work is started without caring for the auspicious moment, the work has to be stopped in between due to financial difficulties or other problems and is left incomplete. Not only financial loss, it brings loss of mental peace also. Therefore house construction work must be started after full consideration specially if the above mentioned facts are cared for, the work will be auspicious, successful and fruitful.

It is extremely necessary to worship the land before the construction work starts. At any place after digging up to one foot if we find bones and filthy rubbish, hair etc. they should be removed. Baisakh, Shravan, Margshirsh and Falgun these four months are auspicious for the worship of the land.

Consideration of Rahu

The position of Rahu must not be opposite during the maiden entry. From the table given below position of Rahu can be determined:

Day Time Position of Rahu
Sunday 16:30-18:00 In the south-west
Monday 7:30-9:00 In the north
Tuesday 15:00-16:30 In the south-west
Wednesday 12:00-13:30 In the west
Thursday 13:30-15:00 In the north-east
Friday 10:30-12:00 In the south
Saturday 9:00-10:30 In the north-west.

Position of Rahu in different months

Months Position
Margshish, Paush, Magh In the East
Phalgun, Chaitra and Vaishakh In the South
Jyeshtha, Asharh and Shravan In the West
Bhadrapada, Ashwin and Kartik In the North

Auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the Auspicious (opportune) Moment. 

  • As far as possible the auspicious (opportune) moment should not coincide with the extra month (Adhik Mas), the zero month, the lunar month and the sunset. 
  • Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday should be avoided. 
  • Monday and Thursday are very auspicious. 
  • The auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall in the pregnancy state after the seventh month of any lady in the house. 
  • Auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall during the menses period of any lady. 
  • The auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall in Hadpaksha, mourning period. Divaskarma (performing rituals relating to dates) and Shraadha ceremony (religious rites after the death of a person). If the auspicious (opportune) moment falls in Jaishth or Aashadh, Sickness or unnecessary increase in expenditure results.
  • If the auspicious (opportune) moment falls in Bhadrapad or Ashwin month, expenditure increases unnecessarily and the situation becomes tense for no reason. 
  • If the auspicious (opportune) moment is celebrated in the month of Kartik, Paush or Magh the construction is delayed. There is also a possibility of theft of the building material. Some provoking incidents take place. If there is a conjunction of auspicious stars in the sky at the auspicious (opportune) moment it gives good results. In this age of science even well known and highly qualified people start their new enterprises at the auspicious moment. The worship of the land should be done in the east or the north-east corner of the plot at the opportune moment.


A human being spends most of his time at home. If the home is auspicious, the man can pass his life peacefully. Hence auspicious moments (Muhurts) have extraordinary importance in astrology. Without an auspicious moment, no work is beneficial. Hence it is extremely important to consider an auspicious moment before making first entry into the newly built home.

According to Maharishi Vashishth there are three kinds of maiden entries.


that is, the maiden entry into the newly built home is known as Apoorvasangyak. Maiden entry made after undertaking a journey is known as Sapurb Pravesh and an entry into a home that has been rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire, is known as Dvandvahva.

Other omens like Jogini Vasa, day, month, Dishashool, Yoga, Nakshatra, the Moon and the Sun are also considered for making a maiden entry.


Date Directions Date Directions
1,9 East 6,11 East-East
5,13 South 4,12 South-West
6,14 West 7 Full Moon North-West
2,10 North 8 Moonless North-East


Jyeshtha Saturday & Monday In the East
Purva Bhadra Pada Thursday In the South
Uttra Phalguni Tuesday and Wednesday In the North

If Yogini Vasa and Dishashool both are in the same direction, one should not start a journey that day in that direction with the purpose of maiden entry. Also one should not start journey for maiden entry in the direction opposite to that of Dishashool.


Months (Hindi Names) Effects
Chaitra Sorrow
Vaishakh Benefits
Jyeshtha Death
Asharh Loss of animal wealth
Shravan Gain in wealth
Bhadrapad Ruining of the house
Ashwin Dispute in the family
Kartik Pains from the sevants
Margshirsh Gains of wealth
Paush Gain of wealth
Magh Fears from fire
Phalgun Increase in wealth


Days Effects
Monday Auspicious
Tuesday Excitement
Wednesday Auspicious increase in commerce
Thursday Auspicious, increments
Friday Increase in wealth
Saturday Fears from the thieves
Sunday Inauspicious


Nakshatras like Rohini, Mrigshirsh, Pushya, Chitra, Anuradha, Revati, Ashwini, Punarvasu, Hasta, Swati, Shravan, Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha and all the three Uttara (Phalguni, Asarh and Bhadrapada) are considered auspicious for the maiden entry.


2,3,5,6,8,10,11,12,13 of the brighter phase and 1,2,3,5,7,8,10,11,12 and 13 of the darker phase are auspicious.


For a house facing the east, the Sun's position at the moment of entry in the 8th, 10th, and 11th house of the horoscope is considered as dextral.

For a west facing house, the Sun's position at the moment of entry in the 5th, 6th and 3rd house of the horoscope is considered as sinister.

For the north facing house, the Sun's position at the moment of entry in the 11th, 1st and 2nd and 3rd house of the horoscope in considered as dextral.

For the south facing house, the Sun's position at the moment of entry in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th houses of the horoscope is considered as sinister.

For the purpose of making maiden entry dextral position of the Sun and sinister position of the Moon in the horoscope are considered as auspicious.


Tauras, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are auspicious Lagnas for maiden entry. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are medium. Eighth house in the horoscope of the owner is always inauspicious for him as Lagna to make maiden entry.

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