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# Learn Why Mostly Rectangular or Square Types of MANDALAS are suggested instead of CIRCULAR DIVISION in our ancient texts? Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn How Vastu Purush Mandala Principle can be applied in Modern Buildings? Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Always Remember that Circular and Triangular Vastu Purush Mandalas, Given in Our Ancient Texts, are for Circular and Triangular Structures / planning only. Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn Why Naming of Vastu Doors / Zones E1, E2, E3 ... E8 etc. is Wrong? Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn Why Space (Aakash) and Air (Vayu) are Very Important Elements in Vaastu Shastra? Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn Why Using Elemental Theory of Feng Shui in Vaastu Shastra is Wrong? Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn Why Metal and Wood Elements are introduced in place of Space and Air in Feng Shui? Join our Advance Feng Shui Course.

# Learn Why Circular Divisional Charts are used in Feng Shui? Join Our Advance Feng Shui Course.

# Learn Why some Pyramid Vastu Products work fine and some fails to give results? Join our Pyramid Vastu Course.

# Learn Why Geopathic Rods are giving good results at some places and not giving results at some places? Learn about Geopathic Stress in our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn to Detect and Measure several types of Energies by Aura Scanner. Join Our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn Why Building for Residential Purposes should be built according to PARAMASAYIKA Mandala ( 9x9 = 81 squares) as per ancient literatures? Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.

# Learn to Divide the plot into 64 squares (MANDALA). Know about MANDUKA / CHANDITA MANDALA and Changed Position of Vaastu Purush with uses. It is also called MAHARAJA VASTU. Join our Advance Vastu Practitioner Course.


Introductory Vastu Course ( 2 Day Vastu Practitioner Program) :

# Learn How to take Degrees of North using Oil-Filled Magnetic Compass.

# Learn How to mark 8 Zones, 16 Directions and  32 Entrances on any scaled Layout Plan.

# Learn Brief Explanations of 32 Entrances in a Building and their Effects as per Vastu.

# Learn 16 Directions of Vastu Shastra and their Attributes.

# Learn Exalted and Debiliated Zones of Vastu Shastra and their uses.

# Learn 5 Elements in detail along with PanchTatva Balancing.

# Learn How to Decide Beneficial Colors for different directions of Home, Office and Factories.

# Learn Ideal Directions of Cashbox/Safe, StudyTable, Fridge, ShoeRack, TV, Crockery Unit, Temple, Dining Table, AirConditioner, Mixer & Juicer, and various other Household Items.

# Learn How to Find Cut and Extended portions in a Building and How to Balance them with Simple and Powerful Vastu Remedies.

# Learn different Vastu Remedies and How to Place them for more Growth and Success.

# Learn to Place Astro Vastu Remedies for Getting Quick Results.

# Learn to Find and Place Accurate Vastu Remedies and Solve Problems.

Unique Learning System first time in India

We train you by using interactive Multimedia Technique for saving your precious time and money. Example of taking compass reading is given below :

The principles of vastu help us live a better life by making changes to the interiors and structures we live in. Vaastu International teaches these logical and scientific vastu principles through a well-designed training course. The experts at Vaastu International offer insights into the Vaastu shastra for home, offices, factories, educational Institutions and hospitals etc. Learn the practical techniques of Vaastu from the most knowledgeable and experienced people of Vaastu International and Director Rameshwar Prasad. Learn the tips on developing a vaastu compliant living space without doing any structural changes or demolitions to the existing structure. Whether it is an individual house, apartment, flat, commercial building, plot or any other physical structure, you can get the essential training on how to imbibe the principles of Vaastu.

Vaastu International offers the necessary help to construct beautiful and energy rich living spaces with the help of experts. Understand the effects of directions on a living space by learning the authentic principles of Vastu Shastra. When you are equipped with the knowledge of how to implement the principles of Vastu Shastra in your daily life, you can identify the existing imbalances, and correct them to create a peaceful ambience in the house.

You will be able to understand how directions effect the placement of various rooms like kitchen, hall, bedroom etc. You can learn to place the entrances, windows etc. at the right places to enhance the flow of positive energy at home or office. Vaastu International will help you understand the right placement of various objects like the television, furniture, washing machine, computer etc.

Vaastu International offers comprehensive training on all aspects of vaastu to equip you with thorough knowledge of vaastu principles implementation. We suggest the best solutions for your problems and help you lead a contented and peaceful life. This training will help you apply these principles in real life scenarios to benefit you, your family and clients.

Our Training Program is divided into the " 2 Day Practitioner Program " and the " 5 Day Advanced Practitioner Program ". Contact us today to understand the curriculum, course schedule and the fee.

Benefits of Course

  1. A prestigious way of business that can help needy people in problems and provide the right solution to them.
  2. Marvelous opportunity to lead the life as you want.
  3. Various types of services which you can provide to your customers in Scientific way with your existing work.
  4. Range of energy based products for the success of your business.
  5. You can also measure the energy before and after placement of Products.
  6. You will get all the training study material for efficient learning.
  7. You can learn many more techniques and secret tips.
  8. If you are already using any type of energy measuring instruments, then also you can use all the products and instruments.
  9. You will get a certificate of Vaastu International for "Scientific Vastu Energy Consultant."

Various Services you can offer to your Clients.


Vastu Shastra : Vastu Shastra and Remedial Vastu Course ( 2 Day Practitioner Program )

Concepts Of Vastu Shastra

  • Overview of mythological and scientific background of Vastu,
  • Understanding Life force Energy,
  • Importance of Five Elements,
  • Use of Magnetic Compass,
  • Importance of Cardinal Directions & extensions,
  • Types, shapes and selection of Land,
  • Soil Test and Veethi Shoola.

Interiors and Exteriors

  • Open Space planning and Building Design,
  • Floor level,
  • Height factors,
  • Verandas, Balconies, Porch, Basements, Sumps & Borings,
  • Boundary Walls, Parking, Security Guard Room, Overhead Tanks, Septic Tanks, Water flow,
  • Mezzanine floors,
  • Plants and Greenery.

Orientation of Home

  • Master Bed Room , Kids room, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room,
  • Bathroom, Drawing room, Study Room, Puja Room,
  • Library, Store room, Furniture making, Doors, Windows and ventilators,
  • Main Entrance, Staircase, Servants room, Guest room.
  • Garrage

Commercial Vaastu

  • External and Internal Planning, Offices, Shops, Restaurants,
  • Showrooms, Schools, Hospitals and Other Commercial Establishments.

Remedial Vaastu

  • Identifying the Vastu Defects,
  • Rectification of Vastu Defects in Existing Building (without reconstruction)
  • Color therapy,
  • Discussion on different Building Plans.

Pyramid Vastu

  • Introduction,
  • Power of Pyramids,
  • Application of Pyramids in Vaastu,
  • Remedies with Pyramids.
  • Other Auspicious Articles

Feng Shui

  • Introduction
  • Relation with vaastu
  • Uses of various Feng shui articles


  • Project : Vastu Analysis and Vastu Comparison
  • Examples and Case Studies,
  • Discussion of Vastu on different plans of students in the class,
  • Site Visits
  • Get Certificate of Vaastu International.

Vastu Shastra : Advance Remedial Vastu Course ( 5 Day Advance Practitioner Program )

During these 5 days, you will know the techniques of balancing your home, office, premises and body to lead desired life full of health, wealth & happiness.

  1. Vaastu International gives you 5-steps Vastu application methods to know the influence of various forces on your home, work place and your body.
  2. This systematic method offers a problem solving approach with accurate diagnosis of the root cause of a problem first.
  3. After accurate diagnosis, apply Vastu techniques by minor changes (without doing demolitions or drastic changes) to the building to achieve the desired results
  4. On the 5th Day of the course, you will start giving accurate reasons along with remedies just by listening to the problems of others.
  5. You will also learn how to programme your body and space to yield the desired favorable circumstances around you.

Day 1

What is Vastu Shastra? What is the difference between Traditional Vastu Shastra and Modern Vastu Techniques without Demolitions? What is Vastu Purush Mandala? How Vastu Shastra came into existence?

Learn the difference between Vastu for Home, Vastu for Office and Vastu for Commercial Properties/Factories/Industries and How to place remedies according to the site.

Learn How to Find North using Oil-Filled Magnetic Compass.

Learn How to find Center and Mark 8 Zones and 16 Directions of Vastu Shastra on a Scaled Layout Plan of any shape or any Building (Square, Rectangle or Irregular Shaped).

Learn in Brief about 32 Entrances of Vastu Shastra, their Effects, and How to treat them without relocation and demolition.

Learn 16 Directions of Vastu Shastra & their Attributes. How to balance all 16 directions for attracting Money, Growth and Abundance.

Learn 45 Energy Fields of Vastu Purush Mandal present in a Building. How to calculate them and How to Balance them with Simple and Most Effective Vastu Remedies.

Learn Exalted and Debiliated Zones of Vastu Shastra and their uses.

Day 2

Learn PanchTatva (Five Elements) - The 5 Elements present in every Building. Learn Cycle of Creation (Brahma), Cycle of Destruction (Mahesh/Shiva) and Cycle of Control (Vishnu).

Learn How to calculate Cut and Extended directions in a Building? Learn the effects of Cut and Extended directions on the residents of buildings having cut and extensions.

Learn How to remove Negative Effects of Cut and Extended Directions with Simple yet Powerful Vastu Treatments without Demolitions.

Learn How to select Properties for different professions as per PanchTattva (Five Elements).

Learn the effects and application of all Vastu Remedies like Kuber, Pair of Red Horses, Green Scenery, Brass Deer, Bagua Mirror, Metal Rods, etc. in detail.

Learn the effects of T-Point on any Building and How to remove negative effects of T-Point without Demolition.

Learn How to use Mirrors in Vastu Shastra?

Day 3

What is Astrology? 

Learn How to write the Script of any Planet and How to read that Script briefly?

Learn Astro Vastu - How Planetary Combinations affects the Vastu of an Individual?

Learn How to find various Activities and Objects in an Individual's Home, Office or Factory by looking at his Horoscope?

Learn How to mark Vastu Remedies in Exact Problematic Locations using AstroVastu Combinations for Fastest Results?

Learn How to Work for Factories and Commercial Projects with Case Studies.

Get Practical Training with the help of various Case Studies and Learn How to mark Astro Vastu Remedies on your Client's Building Plan.

Learn How to recommend Gemstones to your Clients for More Growth and Abundance?

Learn How to recommend Astro Remedies like Donations (Daan) to your clients for quick results?

Practice Astro Vastu cases yourself in Practical Training Session

Day 4

Experience Powerful Meditation and Activate all the Chakras of your Body.

Learn Pendulum Dowsing on your Home Plan and Mark Problematic Areas on your Home.

Mark Vastu Remedies on Home Plan with Pendulam Dowsing and Astro Vastu Combinations and Say Good Bye to all the problems that you are facing in your Life.

Learn How to intuitively decide Vastu Remedies for Getting Quick Results from a Building.

Learn Distant Energy Balancing and How to Place Virtual Remedies at your Client's Place?

Day 5

Practice on Different types of Dowsing Charts.

Learn Geopathic Stress & Correction Methods.

Learn to Find Spirit and other Energies.

Check the aura and enhancement process.

Find Out Suitable Gems for various purposes.

Check the Chakra and analyse the health.

Find Out Positive Energy Level.

Find Out Places with Negative Energy and Level.

Learn to Find Out Best Suitable Remedies in Scientific Way.

Get Certificate of Vaastu International.

Concepts Of Vastu Shastra

  • Basic understanding of Vastu
  • 5 Elements
  • Directions
  • 8/16/32 Zones of a premises
  • Astro Vastu
  • Practical aspects

Directional Grid making and Building Biology

  • Use of Magnetic Compass
  • Importance of Sacred Geometry
  • Structural Vastu
  • Geo Biology
  • Golden Ratio in Vastu
  • Dowsing and Energy Analysis
  • Use of pendulum
  • Practical Aspects and Case studies

Energy and Energy Analysis/Dowsing

  • Understanding importance of Aayadi Shadvarga
  • Use of Lecher Antenna
  • Energy analysis with Bovis Scale
  • Human and space energies measurement
  • Usage of L Rod in Dowsing
  • Practical aspects

Lecher Antenna, Aura Scanner and it's various Dimensions

  • Importance of Panchkosha
  • 7 Chakras and Nadi System
  • Fault detection techniques
  • Practical aspects

Panchakosha, Chakras, Nadi and Remedies

  • 45 Gods of Vastu Purush mandala
  • Importance of Remedies
  • Practical aspects

FENG SHUI : FENG SHUI and RemediES Course

Module 1
Chinese civilization and it's importance, spiritual background, five elements of Feng Shui, scientific background, uses and applications in day-to-day life, Schools of Feng Shui : Form, Compass and Intuitive school, effects on house and office

Module 2
Elements, triagrams, base theory of elements, balance of elements, effects of imbalance of elements. Relation among elements, elements and direction, first impressions, five senses, energy, environment around house and its effects, finding directions, practical.

Module 3
Art of placement: Part 1 : energy balancing by using various Feng Shui principles, self practice and case studies.

Module 4
Chi (energy) – Sheng Chi and Sha Chi, protection from negative energies and poison arrows, predecessor’s chi, examples of houses, shape, purification of space, reason, time and process.

Module 5
Art of placement : Part 2 : various aspects of life : profession, career, family, relationships, parents, wealth, health, children, creativity, happiness, spiritual, friends, fame, good and bad positions.

Module 6
House entry, corridor, staircase, garage, kitchen, bed room and other rooms, drive way, verandah, interior decoration, Feng Shui scale, positive and negative scales, case studies and practical.

Module 7
Feng Shui advance formula: 8 mansion formula, back and front door, energy measurement of outside and inside, chart of house, remedial measures, suggestions based on house chart.

Module 8
Calculation of chi in a property based on time aspects, stages of energy calculations, situations of properties, first, second and third sub-parts, practical examples.

Module 9
Lo-Shu Grid, Missing Numbers in Date of birth, Remedies and solutions, methods of safeguarding against negative energies, energy balancing, applying cures, preparation, aim of cures and application.

Module 10
Calculation of positivity of house, office or other properties by Feng Shui, interior design and colours, facing directions and effects, auspicious scales and their uses.

Module 11
24 Directions, finding the 24 directions, Chinese Compass: The Luo-Pan, basic knowledge of Luo Pan, applying and using Luo Pan for house, office, practical and case studies.

Module 12
House warming, preparing house for warming ritual, Spiritual school of Feng Shui, extension in plot, Feng Shui and Gems, practical examples, case studies, project, practical examples with map of offices.

Learn On Line, Personal Level Or By Correspondence ...

(I) Vaastu Shastra: (VIC - 1)
(Course Fees - Rs. 60,000/-, Duration - 3 Months / 3 Days on Personal Level)
(a) Introductory Vaastu Shastra (VIC - 2) 
(Course Fees - Rs. 21,000/-, Duration - 1 Month / 1 Day on Personal Level)
(b) Advance Vaastu Shastra (VIC - 3)
(Course Fees - Rs. 45,000/-, Duration - 2 Month / 2 Day on Personal Level)
(II) Feng Shui: (VIC - 4)
(Course Fees - Rs. 1,20,000/-, Duration - 6 Months / 6 Days on Personal Level)
(a) Introductory Feng Shui (VIC - 5)
(Course Fees - Rs. 36,000/-, Duration - 2 Month / 2 Day on Personal Level)
(b) Advance Formula Feng Shui (VIC - 6)
(Course Fees - Rs. 96,000/-, Duration - 4 Months / 4 Days on Personal Level)
(III) Astro Vaastu (VIC - 7)
(Course Fees - Rs. 51,000/-, Duration - 3 Month / 3 Day on Personal Level)
(IV) Pyra Vaastu (VIC - 8)
(Course Fees - Rs. 21,000/-, Duration - 1 Month / 1 Day on Personal Level)
(V) Dowsing (VIC - 9)
(Course Fees - Rs. 51,000/-, Duration - 3 Months / 3 Days on Personal Level)
(a) Introductory Dowsing (VIC - 10)
(Course Fees - Rs. 21,000/-, Duration - 1 Month / 1 Day on Personal Level)
(b) Advance Dowsing (VIC - 11)
(Course Fees - Rs. 36,000/-, Duration - 2 Month / 2 Day on Personal Level)
(VI) Crash Course (VIC - 12)
(Course Fees - Rs. 90,000/-, Duration - 6 Months / 6 Days on Personal Level)
(a) Introductory VI Crash Course (VIC - 13) 
(Course Fees - Rs. 36,000/-, Duration - 2 Month / 2 Days on Personal Level)
(b) Advance VI Crash Course (VIC - 14)
(Course Fees - Rs. 63,000/-, Duration - 4 Months / 4 Days on Personal Level)
(VII) Vastu Practitioner Program (VIC - 15)
(Course Fees - Rs. 1,20,000/-, Duration- 7 Months / 7 Days on Personal Level)
(a) VI Introductory Vastu Practitioner Program (VIC - 16) 
(Course Fees - Rs. 36,000/-, Duration- 2 Month / 2 Days on Personal Level)
(b) VI Advance Vastu Practitioner Program (VIC - 17)
(Course Fees - Rs. 96,000/-, Duration - 5 Months / 5 Days on Personal Level)
(VIII) Professional Vastu Numerology Course (VIC - 18)
(Course Fees - Rs. 1,20,000/-, Duration - 6 Months / 6 Days on Personal Level)
(a) VI Basic Vastu Numerology Course (VIC - 19) 
(Course Fees - Rs. 21,000/-, Duration - 2 Month / 2 Days on Personal Level)
(b) VI Advance Vastu Numerology Course (VIC - 20)
(Course Fees - Rs. 36,000/-, Duration - 2 Months / 2 Days on Personal Level)
(c) VI Professional Vastu Numerology Course (VIC - 21)
(Course Fees - Rs. 63,000/-, Duration - 2 Months / 2 Days on Personal Level)

Payment Methods:
Demand Draft in favor of VAASTU INTERNATIONAL / RAMESHWAR PRASAD payable at New Delhi./ By Cash


Rameshwar Prasad

Er. R. Prasad [B.Tech.(Civil), M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.] is a leading Vaastu & Feng Shui consultant having a large number of satisfied clients inIndia, Dubai, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, U.K., South Africa, Germany, France, Australia, U.S.A. etc.

Our portal is first Indian portal on Vaastu Shastra & Feng Shui. It is now most popular portal in the world in this field.

He has applied multi disciplinary approach to Vaastu. This approach can be used for buildings by easy methods for improvement of Vaastu Energy without making any change in construction.

  We have a panel of other experts who are working in this field and they are enriching us with their knowledge and experience.

Vaastu and Feng Shui Books by Er. R. Prasad

Payment Methods


You have to pay the Fees as indicated with the VI Courses which you like to join like INR 36000 for a 1 month / 2day Personal Level Introductory Crash Course (inclusive of Registration Fees, Study kit, Course Fees and Courier Charges). You can make payment by Demand Draft / Personal Cheque / I.M.O. or by Cash. Demand Draft or I.M.O. ispreferable for non Indian Residents. All payments must be in favour of Vaastu International payable at New Delhi, India.


Fill up the registration form and submit it or print it and post it at the address given below and send it along with the fees as a demand draft. Demand Draft must be in favour of Vaastu International payable at New Delhi, India.

Registration Form

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vastu Shastra.

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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