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Gems for Planet : RAHU

4. RAHU (Moon's North Node)

Rahu is by nature a malevolent planetary influence which can cause personal frustration, sacrileges habits, abuse of alcohol and drugs, possession of ghosts and demons, and infectious diseases. However, when located in a powerful position in one's horoscope, Rahu can elevate one to positions of great wealth and power and confer public influence over the masses. Rahu is associated with serpents, fear, karmic retribution, and un-virtuous under world characters.


Persons with Rahu exalted are wealthy and fortunate. But those with a weak or afflicted Rahu in their horoscope have a tendency to suffer from fear of supernatural phenomena and suicidal impulses. ULTRA-VIOLET is the cosmic color transmitted by hessonite and other orange gems. Ultra-violet color waves are the coldest of all the cosmic rays and should be used for ailments caused by extreme over-heating, i.e., high fever, hyper-acidity, indigestion, hyper-sexuality, insomnia, and during child birth. Rahu astral talismans may also help divert disasters, prevent insanity, counteract poisons, and protect one from demoniac influences. Rahu is particularly associated with scientific genius and the ability to deal successfully with people of lower status, such as servants, employees, and underworld characters. In India, it is still common practice to place a fine hessonite gem into the mouth of a deceased person before cremation. This is to insure that the dearly departed will not be obstructed by Rahu on their journey through time.

GEMSTONES governed by Rahu include hessonite, spessertite, zircon (hyacinth), and other natural gems of golden-orange to brownish-orange hues. Only flawless (eye-clean) stones transmit beneficial Rahu energy.


NOTE: As Rahu is incompatible with Sun and Moon, Rahu gems such as hessonite should not be used with ruby or pearl. Specifically designed talismans like the Navaratna (Nine Gems setting) are an exception to this principle.

The particular hue or type of orange color recommended for each social-religious-economic station of society are listed as follows:

1) Religious practitioners, scientists and educators should use honey orange;

2) Soldiers, administrators and bureaucrats should use red orange;

3) Farmers, bankers and traders should use golden orange;

4) Servants, laborers and workers should use brownish orange.

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