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Feng Shui and Subliminal Signals


Feng Shui is much more than good arrangements or the proper placing of objects within a structure. Are you aware that the areas we use day in and day out - our main door, the landing outside it, the steps leading out - all give signals to our subconscious mind?

These signals can be positive or negative. Should you receive negative signals every day or several times a day, be rest assured that you and peace of mind, prosperity, health would remain strangers for all times to come.

How does one ensure that one receives only subliminal signals, which can better one's health, wealth and peace of mind? To take a simple example, what would it do to your mind if the road you were driving on, were bereft of any signs guiding your journey?

Similarly, the entry and exit paths to our house should have positive subliminal `markers' which not only create a happy state of mind whenever we enter or leave our abode but also protect us from any potential harm.

Many builders are in the habit of making steps and landings of white concrete with no `subliminal marker' distinguishing the elevations. No visual demarcation between the landing and steps, steps and patio, shakes one out of one's peaceful state of mind.

Also, ascending or descending such monotonous routes causes a great deal of stress since one has to concentrate on differentiating the elevation changes oneself to avoid tripping and falling.

Such undifferentiated landings and steps in front of a house, which blend into each other, also give the subconscious mind the message that reaching the front door is a Herculean task. The unhappy result would be that such occupants would be bereft of opportunities.

The correct `subliminal marker' in such a case would be a clear transition to mark each separate elevation. Alternating colours, textures, and materials cry out aloud : `This is the landing, you are safe here as you can clearly see where it ends and the steps begin.'

While descending the stairs, a clear demarcation between the steps and the next landing states clearly : `You can't take a false step here. You are now stepping on the landing.' When one finally exits the building, it's with the confidence to face the day.

Some other measures for improving landings, steps and patios are : Replacing concrete steps with flagstone or brick, covering existing steps with brick pavers, staining wooden steps, placing large pots of flowers/plants on either side of the top and bottom step.

The happy outcome for the occupants of houses with well-defined walkways, landings, and steps will be that opportunities will visit them frequently - guided as they are by the `subliminal markers'.

We normally think of a house as a structure merely of bricks and cement and set a price on it based on its physical strength. But the economic value of a house can also be governed by the presence or absence of the life-giving force of Chi.

What the Hindus call prana, the Chinese call Chi. Where Chi is abundant, prosperity and happiness result and vice-versa. The life-force energy of Chi is carried by currents of Feng (wind) and Shui (water).

While Chi is beneficial, Sha does the exact opposite to one's life. Sha means negative Chi and carries with it harmful energies. Sha oozes through cracks, holes and broken windows in homes and is prevalent in corners and sharp angles.

It also occurs in places packed with human beings, animals, or things like lifts, trains... and rooms. Bad odours, bright lights and loud disturbing sounds intensify Sha. So it's clear that if one wants the value of one's house to increase, the flow of Chi in it should be bettered and Sha eliminated.

The main thing to ensure is that the design and appearance of one's property is in harmony with the surroundings. The property should be maintained in such a way that a sense of order and beauty in relation to the environment is affected.

The house should be designed such that good relations with neighbours result. Such good relations boost the positive energy of the area. Electricity wires and pollution very close to one's property give off a lot of Sha and can not only adversely affect the value of one's property but also one's health.

The entrance to the house can be made a rich source of Chi. Opportunities enter the home through the front door, hence it should be made to look inviting. The front doors and even its surrounding areas should be neat and clean and kept in good condition so as to exude Chi.

The look and feel of the insides of the house directly results in Chi or Sha, depending on the atmosphere created inside. Light and airy homes give off Chi whereas a dark, damp and heavy atmosphere means that the house is overflowing with Sha. Surely no one would pay a good price for the house if such were the case.

Windows are important inlets for Chi. Hence, they should be large, preferably wall-to-wall. The current trend of providing such windows in city apartments bodes well for the Chi level in the house. Light, warmth and breeze should enter the home lighting up all dark corners and banishing Sha.

An unkempt home cluttered with all sorts of unnecessary items is a breeding ground for Sha energy. Removing such unwanted objects not only gives one more space to move around increasing the Chi level of energy but also obviously drains out all the Sha energy.

One should avoid buying houses in dead-end streets. The residents of such localities are always at odds with each other. Hence, nobody is prepared to pay a good price for houses in such areas. Similarly, cemeteries, junkyards, and prisons close to one's home literally swamp the house with negative energy, or Sha.

Symmetry is an important principle of Feng Shui. The shapes of wall within and without a house should be in perfect alignment. A house, or rooms, with many angles reflect brokenness and this quality can lend itself to the lives of the inhabitants of such houses.

One very important danger to watch out for within a house is heavy overhead beams. The beam carries within it the weight of Sha energy. Such harmful energy can give migraines to those sleeping under it.

If one keeps the above tips in mind, peace shall surely exude from one's house creating a favourable impression on the minds of the prospective buyers and prompting them to pay a good price for one' home.

Buying a house

If you are planning to buy a new home, there are a few Feng Shui principles you need to keep in mind when you make your choice. You may have to make a few compromises, but you will be aware of the reasons for those compromises. You will know what steps you must take to counteract the negative energies. You may have to take the help of Feng Shui experts in this regard.

The ancient Chinese held the view that mountains influence people and water dictates the flow of money. The site chosen for a new home should always be near these two features. Keep in mind these helpful tips when looking for a new home.

Ideal Directions
  • Find out your propitious directions based on the principles of Feng Shui.
Why is the house for sale?
  • If the house is being sold because of bankruptcy, the new owners could end up taking on the misfortune.
  • If the previous owner has died from an unnatural cause, it is best not to move into such a house.
  • If a fire has occurred more than once, it is a strong indication that it is a fire-prone plot.

  • Look for a house with a large mountain or a building behind it rather than an open space. Any mountain shape other than one that has a jagged outline is good.

  • Rivers or water bodies should ideally be to the east of the house, or failing that in the southwest until the year 2004. From 2004 to 2023 it should ideally be in the southwest, or failing that, in the East.

  • Houses are in the best position on straight or gently curved roads, away from sharp bends or junctions. The movement of traffic on the road should be in little waves and of a non-polluting nature. This indicates a generation of wealth.
Yin & Yang
  • Balance the masculine and feminine elements by looking for a house with equal number of houses to the left and to the right. To get a better idea, please refer to the section on Yin & Yang.
Shapes of Houses
  • Look for a house with a shape relating to the element whose characteristics match your personality. The square and rectangular shapes of earth and wood offer the best security and stability. To get a better idea on the shape that suits your personality and element, please refer to our section on elements.
Water Pipes
  • Large underground water pipes, other than ordinary domestic pipes, running in a back-to-front direction represent a drain of finances. Such houses should be avoided.
  • Houses above underground tunnels are best avoided, as the vibrations coming from below represent an undermining of your labour.

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