A Multi Disciplinary Approach To Vaastu Energy


Pyramid Products and Materials

Power of Pyramid Yantra can help you in all phases of life, let it be for love, business or health.

In next pages there are tools that can be used for Vastu and Feng Shui corrections, for personal help and for professional use.

Wealth & Prosperity

They say money can't buy happiness... But in PyraVastu terms, the meaning of wealth & prosperity has far wider implications. Using Pyramids can help to bring abundance into your life & provide yourself with the kind of enrichment that will bring true happiness.

Tools to explore:

Prosperity kit , MAX , Wish Pyramid  and many other.

Marriage & Love

Whether you've always been 'unlucky in love', are having problems attracting a mate. Pyramids can help you to enrich your love, harmony and marriage life.

Tools to explore:

Marriage Pyramid, Pyron - Love, Harmony Pyramid and many more.

Family & Peace

Did you know you should start your PyraVastu before you even move into a new house, it starts of the land itself. As family is very important part in our lives proper attention must be given.

Tools to explore:

Vastu Sleep, Peace & Meditation seat, Harmony Pyramid and many more.

Money & Fortune

Here's your chance to invite good fortune and to attract more money at your shop, office or factory with Pyramid power.

Tools to explore:

Fortune seat, Prosperity kit, PyraCards, Pyron - Wealth, Swastik Gold and many more.

Education & Children

Can Pyramids help in education. Yes, it can improve the concentration and also health and vitality of children.

Tools to explore:

Education Pyramid, PyraCard - Energy & Vitality, Pyron for Children and many other.

Health & Pain-relief

To be healthy is not to be only disease free! By using Pyramid power in our lives we can improve our health, in terms of illness at all three levels - body, mind and soul.

Tools to explore:

Multi-energy belt range, Health 9x9 kit, StressPad, Slim-x and Backache kit and many other.

Career & Workplace

If you feel stuck in a rut at work, overlooked for promotion and want a total change of career or a business, Pyramids can help you to improves your sales, money flow or job opportunity.

Tools to explore:

PyraCard - Business & Career, Pyron - Career, Wish Pyramid and other inside.

Good-luck & Wellness

Pyramids can enhance luck and can be used for personal benefit or that of home, shops and offices.

Tools to explore:

Prosperity kit, PyraCards - Luck Fortune, Energy 9x9, Fortune Plate and many more.

Protection & Purification

It is very important to protect your main door from all evil energies. Pyramids can be used in cars for safety.
Purifying the negative energy inside the rooms with fire is also necessary.

Tools to explore:

PyraFire, Protect 9x9 for door and car and many more.

Pyravastu Swastik Protection Pyramid Pyracard

Wish Pyramid Fengshui Pyramid Vastu Sleep Set

A Wish Machine
The pyramid yantra can be used for wish fulfillment too. For this, you need to place your wish in a pyramid yantra written clearly with red ink on a white piece of paper measuring about 70x70 mm. Replace the pyramid's top after placing the wish inside the cosmic dome. Sit calmly in a quiet place and hold the wish machine in your left hand placing your right hand on it. Repeat your wish for two minutes and then keep the machine in a safe place. Do this twice every day until your wish is fulfilled.

To make this wish machine more effective, you can sit with it facing the direction corresponding to your wish. East is for love, peace, harmony, spirituality, happiness and fame; west for health, disease, physical fitness and relationships; north for money, property and other material possessions and south for protection against enemies and evil.

You can always draw yourself in the desired circumstances along with the written wish or place your photograph, hair sample, blood sample or any other personal object with the written wish in the pyramid. You can take your wish machine to temples, churches or any other spiritual place for enhanced effect. The most effective way for wish fulfillment is to visualize yourself entering the core of the machine as a light body and envisaging yourself in the desired position.

Does this seem improbable? Can wish fulfillment be explained rationally? Though the scientific explanation for the working of the wish machine is yet to be discovered, we do know that our thoughts create vibrations that are eventually received by others, including inanimate objects. The wish machine combines this with pyramid power. The pyramid yantra provides one with favorable conditions and its strong vibrations help reinforce our intention to materialize our wishes.

Which material is the best suited for a pyramid?

Ancient Pyramids are built by rock stones which are neither plastic nor metal. Whether your Pyramid should be processed from stone, plastic or metal, we have to first determine for which purpose you require the Pyramids. We wish to point out that choice of the material will be determined when the purpose is fully made known.

For the information and guidance of our readers we will suggest the following parameters.

1. If you want to make a Pyramid for practicing Yoga, meditation and concentration, wish to preserve the dead body for a longer period, then stone Pyramid will be the most, suitable for the said purposes.

2. A Pyramid made of plastic or glass will be more useful if you wish to enhance space energy and also want to have plenty of light.

3. If you want to use Pyramid for Medical cure, want to use Pyramid water, then the Pyramid of copper metal or any other suitable metal will serve the desired purposes.

4. A Pyramid of crystal will be more useful if wish to enhance attraction.

5. For different Yantrik experiment, pyramid of an alloy (mixed metals) will prove more useful.

6. To have your wish or desired fulfilled Pyramid, you should process Pyramid from equal quantity plastic and metal.

Crystal Pyramids

Place one Pyramid in each corner of your room as shown below. The Crystal Pyramid is designed to focus positive energy within, which is best for revitalizing your crystal. The Crystal Pyramid also deflects negative energy up and away which is good for your home environment. Since they're being charged with positive energy they are also cleansed of their negative energy.  Pyramid charging is clean, efficient and free, and can be done at any time, in any weather. Crystals that are placed within a Crystal Pyramid (hung) will charge quickly and safely without fading or cracking. Crystal Pyramids "now" come with one crystal per pyramid.  This will cause energy to cleanse the room and replace the energy with your stone or crystals healing energy.  examples: healing sickness, improving higher brain function, increased intuitive behavior, lose weight,  etc. again depending on your stone or crystal. 

Diagram of a bedroom with a pyramid in each corner.

Choose from the following crystals for the desired effects:

    1) Agate - calmness
    2) Amethyst - healing (emphasis on mental healing)
    3) Bloodstone - circulation, heart
    4) Citrine - health, happiness
    5) Moonstone - feminine health
    6) Snowflake Obsidian - immune system
    7) Rose Quartz - love
    8) Clear Quartz - meditation
    9) Smoky Quartz - protection
    10) Sodalities - mental clarity
    11) Tiger Eye - strength, confidence

Advance Pyramids

Promax 3G Gold

Introducing the Fastest, Smallest and the best in results....


Promax (ultimate pyramid yantra for property vastu) (introducing the ultimate pyramid yantra !)

After the success of Max & SuperMax Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt have invented the Ultimate Pyramid Yantra - PRO-MAX. With many new applications for fast results.

Must for-

  • Comercial Property activation
  • Project Idea / Map activation
  • Process activation
  • Procurement activation
  • Land & Building activation
  • Finance activation
  • Marketing activation
  • Residential / Industrial property activation
  • Investment property activation
  • Farm or Spiritual property activation


  • Empowered with nine layer energy grid.
  • First time ever Multi-Action ProMax top with mini max at the top.
  • 4 side Gold triangular interacting plates on the top.
  • Micro-Max at the optimum energy center of the ProMax
  • Supported by the cosmic harmonizing plate at the bottom with 81 PyraDevine.

Max Chips, 9 Gold booster ring plate with 72 directional copper arrows 81 copper yantra with radiating crystals in the center. Plus power of 9 Gold and 72 support plates.


  • Due to it's powerful 9 energy grid it generates and transmits positive.
  • motivating force in your property.
  • Great results can be achieved with this innovative ProMax due to it's design.
  • Can solve problem which normally look impossible.


It can be use in two ways, one at the place or at the site and secondly at a distance at your home or office. Just place your wish in between the seventh and eight grid i.e. on the crystals and copper yantra.

Use for three months to crystalize beneficial results.

You can replace Max or SuperMax where ever you need more power.

ProMax is 9 times more powerful than Max. For bigger properties 9 ProMax can be used in the center.

For small property it is recommended to use 8 Max and one ProMax in the center.

Flat Max(Flat designs for Flats & Appartments) (Flat max is an ultimate tool for vaastu corrections)

Flat max is an ultimate tool for vaastu corrections and energy upliftment in your flats and apartments. Flat Max will give new applications and dimensions to this science. It’s a boon to all big builders; they can fix one Flat Max in each apartment before selling. Flat max is really flat so that is can be fixed in places where normal Max cannot be place due to space restraint. Flat Max can be place it under your tiles during flooring, on the ceiling or on the walls. It is ideal for homes, shops, offices and factories.

Multier Advance(fast retults, easy installation) (Now you have in hand most ADVANCE version of Multier)


The simplest and most powerful tool “ Multier 9x9 ” is an innovation of Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt for Vastu and Fengshui corrections and energy balance. Now you have in hand it's most ADVANCE version, Multier - Advance.

Widely used for center activation, spiritual room shifting, land charging & so on. Made up of 'Neutron' Polymer for more accurate results and perfection.

Multier - Advance contains one PyraTop, one Pyraplate and nine Pyrachip Plate (with Gold & Copper discs.

The Top fits into the plate and chip-plate is to be fixed at the bottom with an adhesive. It can be installed on the wall, ceiling or under ground as per requirement.

The number of Multier will increase in multiples of 9 such as 27, 81 and 405… but this depends on the area and the strength of the problem.

advance design

New computerized design is the result of the high-tech advance technology and innovative research. This advance design will lead to fast results, easy fixing and installations also.

fast results :

The 4 Layer concept of Mulier- Advance add more power to the Original Multier. This is responsible for fast results.

time saving

Due to inbuilt chips and 3 easy fixing modules arrangement of Top, Plate and Chip-Plate it is a boon to all. This saves the time and fixing is very fast.

easy installation

Very simple and time saving installation method is also evolved in this Advance model. Simple 2 screw for fixing on wall or ceiling and fix 3 layer with glue incase of installing under ground.

International Max (i-Max)

Must for Vastu, now with 4 copper triangles and booster plate.

Multier International (Pyramid)

Pyramid with unique Auto-Lock system and gold triangles.

Bemor International (pair) (Bemor)

Added power of FaMa crystals for door luck activation.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Pyramids

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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