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Mystrey and Geometry

Our Ancient Saints, Rishi, Muni, Mahatmas and Astrologers were fully aware of the miraculous power of pyramid and were successfully using these in the forms of various yantras like the most powerful SHREE YANTRA which from the scientific angle was nothing but a kind of PYRAMID.


The Pyramids are like puzzle for mankind and a very little is known and more about them are still on the way. They have generated a curiosity in our minds about their power of preserving and their energy fields.

Miraculous properties: Pyramid has a special property to deflect any type of cosmic radiations that falls on it's apex downwards through its base line at the bottom where this deflected cosmic radiation, with the help of magnetic field of Earth's Gravitational Force, Creates a new and very Powerful BIO-ENERGY FIELD. Secondly as pyramid deflects all radiations that falls on its apex through it's bottom from all of its four sides the inner center of pyramid remains unaffected and Safe and surrounded by a powerful bio-energy field on all sides, which helps to preserve the things and objects kept in the pyramid for a long-long time.

The heritage of Pyramids, which are attracting people as wonderful things happen in and around them. Investigators have discovered the Pyramid shapes conjures the object and change natural laws, bringing sensational and unexplainable happenings.

The great Pyramids of Egypt known since five thousand years are one of the seventh wonders of the world. The study of Pyramids can be regarded as a " multi-disciplinary marvel." In other words a Pyramid could have be studied from several angles, namely Science, Geography, Navigator, Architecture, Engineering, etc.

Until today Pyramid was known as a place of interest, but now it is realized, that Pyramid has multi – dimensional use. The construction of Pyramid is the unique feature. The Pyramids of Gizha are situated in 13 acres, 26 lack cubes has been used to construct Gizha Pyramid. It is a wonder how it was constructed. Height of the Gizha Pyramid 450 feet. The blocks used for the construction of the Pyramid are two to seventy tons. In those ancient days, cranes or engineering help was not known. Still it is surprise that the stone used for the construction of the Pyramids was removed from the bank of river Nile to the site of Pyramid.


The Pyramids are four triangular sides, equal in size, resting on a square base with the triangular sides joined to form an APEX at the top.

The shape of the PYRAMID is such that all type of rays falling on its surface or any radiation directed towards it, passes through the sides to coverage at the center of the Pyramid & deflected downwards through the bottom of the Pyramid. The cosmic radiation passing through it mingles with the earth’s magnetic field, the line of force of the surface of the earth & the energy field emanating within the four triangular sides & square base & a new energy field is created. This field has Great Energy.

Pyramids are very fascinating and have attracted people. Wonderful things happen in and around them. The Pyramid gives tremendous amount of peace and harmony to mind, body and soul. The Investigations have discovered that the shape conjures up forms of energy that affects the object and changes natural laws, bringing sensational and unexplainable happenings. Four angles of Pyramid represent intellectual, truthfulness, spirituality and peace.

The shape of the Pyramid is connected with five elements. The human bodies as well as the universe is composed of the five elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & ETHER. The four sides of the Pyramids & the Apex (top) resemble these five elements. Thus this shape of PYRAMID if proper, brings equilibrium and balance.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Pyramids

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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