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Five Elements of Fengshui

  Make sure that all of the five traditional elements are included in your Feng Shui  design for energetic/emotional and decorative balance.
Fabrics/Materials: silk, synthetics (yuck!)
Color: reds
Shapes/Textures/Patterns: geometric or triangular shapes, animal designs and patterns
Art/Sculpture: sunrises, sunflowers, geometric abstracts
Fabrics: cotton, rayon, linen
Materials: wood
Color: greens & aqua's
Shapes/Textures/Patterns: stripes and leaf, flower, organic designs, columnar
Art/Sculpture: pictures of trees, forest, flowers
Fabrics: see-thru and shimmering fabrics
Materials: glass, mirrors, water features
Color: black, blues
Shapes/Textures/Patterns: irregular and wavy shapes, paisley, tie-dye
Art/Sculpture: depiction of any body of water
Materials: stone (jewelry), ceramics
Color: yellow, earth tones
Shapes/Textures/Patterns: squares, checked patterns, bulky and flat-topped furniture or accessories
Art/Sculpture: desert and landscapes
Materials: metal (jewelry)
Color: silver, gold, copper, jewel tones
Shapes/Textures/Patterns: polka dots, semi-circles, dome-shaped, round
Art/Sculpture: metal sculpture that has a feeling of abundance and expansion
More Ideas Add the elements and create motivation, creativity, stability, abundance




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