Good Thoughts, Good Life.. Bad Thoughts, Bad Life.. Angry Thoughts, Angry Life.. Beautiful thoughts, Beautiful Life and Positive Thoughts, Positive Life..


The Future has Several Names.. For the Weak, it is the Impossible.. For the Fainthearted, it is the Unknown.. For the Thoughtful and Valiant, it is the Ideal..

If we are not fully Ourselves, Truly in the Present moment, We miss Everything..

Keep a Smile on your Face and Let your Personality be your Autograph...

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action..

Life is like Traffic signs - 1 way, 2 way; Do not enter; No U turn; No left turn; But the Best so far is to GIVE WAY and KEEP RIGHT..

Winners don't eat cereals for breakfast but obstacles! Eat your way through the day!

Happiness comes when your Work and Words are of Benefit to Yourself and Others.. Budha

The purpose of Life is to be Happy.. Success is not the key to Happiness.. Happiness is the key to success.. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful..

Say “Yes” to Life... and see how life suddenly starts working for you... rather than against you..

To those who See with Loving Eyes, Life is Beautiful.
To those who Speak with Tender Voices, Life is Peaceful.
To those who Help with Gentle Hands, Life is Full.
And to those who Care with Compassionate Hearts,
Life is Good beyond... all Measures..

The Secret Of All Success Is To Know How To Deny Yourself..
Prove That You Can Control Yourself, And You Are An Educated Man…
And Without This All Other Education Is Good For Nothing....

A Lie Requires Regular Maintenance, Truth Does Not..

If you do it, own it. If you run from it, face it. If you can speak it, show it. If you want it, go for it. Life's rules are so simple!


The Secret Of Success Is Simple:
Do Better Work Than Any Other Person In Your Field And Keep On Doing It..

God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but it's worth the wait.

Good character dosen't always mean following the crowd
The right decision may not be the popular one...

Golden Words By Martin Luther King:
"If you can't Fly, Run
If you can't Run, Walk
If you can't Walk, Crawl
But Keep Moving.."

Girl: "What’s the price of this Blue dress?"
Salesman: "Rs 5000"
Girl: "Awwww....!"
Girl: "And that Pink one?"
Salesman: "Awwww + Awwww"

Santa plays Holi every Sunday. Banta: Why you play Holi on every Sunday? Santa: Because Sunday is Holi-day..

Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.

We have been given Two Gifts.. One is Choice and another is Chance.. Choice is to Select Good Friends and Chance is to Have the Best ones..

A Man's own self is his Friend.. A Man's own self is his foe.. Listen to the Wisdom of Your Heart.. Take Time to be Quiet Every Day to Listen within..

Listen to the Secret sound, The Real Sound, Which is inside You..

Excellence is never an accident..
It is always the Result of high Intention, determined Effort and skilled Execution..

Achiever words:
"I Never See What has been Done;
I Only See What Remains to be Done"

Achivement always comes to the person who is looking for it but not to the person who is just waiting for it..

The Desire to know your SOUL... will End all other Desires…

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth ~ not going all the way and not starting.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat
match the beat of the universe,
to match your nature with Nature.

Make A Promise To Yourself,
Always To Choose The Best Things In Life,
To Hold On To Your Dreams,
To Believe In Your Ideas And Follow Ur Heart,
Because Life Is Beautiful Just Like You…

Happiness is not hard to find. It's beside u, it's in front of you, it's at your back, it's around you. And most importantly, it's just a matter of appreciation of what you have.

Falling down is a Part of Life, Getting back up is Living..

Insaan ko uss Waqt tak koi nahi haara sakta, Jab tak wo Apne aap se na haar jaye..

Falling down is a Part of Life, Getting back up is Living..

Nazar Na hoti to nazare na hote
Raat Na banti to sitare na hote
Kuchh to Rab ka karam hai hum par
Varna Itne achhe dost aap hamare na hote.

You can't Start the Next Chapter of your Life if You keep Re-Reading the Last one..

The World We have Created is a Product of our Thinking; It cannot be Changed without Changing our Thinking...

Believing is Easier than Thinking., Hence, So many more Believers than Thinkers..

Looser says: “It is Possible but Risk." & Winner says: “It is Risk but Possible."
"Work Hard & Get Success".

To abstain from Speaking is regarded as Very Difficult.. It is not possible to say much that is Valuable and Striking.. – Mahabharata

Silence is the Fence around Wisdom!!

If your Foot slips, You can always Regain your Balance..
But if your Tongue slips, You can never Recall the Words..

Read Twice, Think Thrice,
There is always Another Chance for Everything in life,

But, Fact is that There is No Chance of Another "Life"..
Make it, Mean it & Enjoy it..

There is a Force within that gives you Life… Seek that..

Music is Expression of Harmony in Sound.. Love is the Expression of Harmony in Life..

The meaning of Life resides in Joy and the feelings of Harmony connected to Happiness; Without Happiness, Life loses meaning.. Happiness is at the heart of our lives..

Life is a Chemistry:
Just dilute ur Sorrows, Evaporate ur Worries, Filter ur Mistake,
Boil ur Ego & U will get Clear Crystals of Happiness..

Zindgi mein 3 factory zaroor lagao
Brain me ice factory
zuban me sugar factory
Heart me love factory
LIFE apne aap SATISFACTORY ho jayegi !

The CARE & AFFECTION which u get from OTHERS..
''Is the GIFT of your own CHARACTER''...!!!

Four candles were talking to each other

1st-"I am PEACE, no one needs me" & it went off..
2nd-"I am FAITH, nobody believes in me" & it went off..
3rd-"I am LOVE, nobody cares for me" & it went off..
4th-"I can light the other three because I am HOPE & I last forever!"


and Most Important : Remember me DAILY

The World is Like a Microphone, Speak slowly into it, You would get a Larger Voice in Return..

When You Give Lot Of Importance To Someone In Your Life,
You Loose Your Importance In Their Life
... Strange But True.

Master Key Of Life
"All Fingers R Not Same In Size,
But Wen They Bend,All Stand Equal".
Life Becomes Easy Wen V Bend &
Adjust in all Situation.

To get the BEST out of Life,
Realize your Past without Regret,
Handle your Present with Confidence,
Prepare for the Future without Fear.

Life Is A Vehicle Which Is,
Driven With The Help Of,
Wheels Called Hard Work,
But The Journey Is Impossible,
Without The Fuel Called Confidence.

LIFE is…
Best for those who ENJOY It
Difficult for those who ANALYSE It
& Worst for those who CRITICIZE It

Our ATTITUDE Defines Our Life..

In a Mirror, We find a Reflection of our Appearances But in "HEART" We find Reflection of our "SOUL"..

When you feel cold and warm at the same time,
when you read over the same line for the tenth time,
when your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme,
and when a simple name conquers your whole mind,
then you are in deep trouble my friend…
You are in “LOVE”, We call it the hard time

life's best lessons are learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes..

Waqat ne samjhaya, waqat ne sikhaya, waqat ne bhulwa diya,
Waqat ne uthaya, waqat ne giraya, waqat ne mita diya!!!!

Sajte dil ke tarane bahot hai,
Zindagi jine ke bahne bahot hai,
Aap hamesha muskurate raho,
Aap ke muskurahat ke deewane bahot hai…

Intezar karne Walon ko sirf utna hi milta hai.. Jitna Koshish karne wale chhod dete hain..

Each Moment of ur Life is a Picture which u had never seen before And which ull never see again So Enjoy N Live life to make Each moment Beautiful..

Wikipedia: I know Everything..
Google: I have Everything…
Facebook: I know Everybody….
Internet: Without me u all are Nothing……
Electricity: Aawaz Neeche……

If Facebook get Banned,
You will See People Roaming ,
on the Streets
with Their Picture in their Hands
Crying & Screaming ..

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you.. Listen in such a way that others love to Speak to you.. Enjoy beautifull Day N Life always..

If you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand like a tree. If you fall onto the ground, fall like seed that grows back to fight again.

Keep yourself relevant by being your best competitor. Overcome challenges by creating your own unique solutions...

don't be so much emotional in your life because sometimes it hurts you.....&
don't be too much practical in life because sometimes it hurts others.!!...

Life is like a Piano.. White keys are Happy Moments & Black keys are Sad Moments.. But Remember Both keys are played together to give Sweet Music..

Only two types of Persons are Happy in this World. 1st is Mad and 2nd is Child. Be Mad to achieve what you desire and be a Child to enjoy what you have achieved..

Umra bhar Ghalib yahi Bhool Karta raha.....
Dhool Chehre pe thi, aur Aina saaf karta raha....!!

When you are always Ahead of others, You are always Walking Alone..

Ur behaviour is greater than ur knowledge. B'coz there r many situations where ur knowledge may fail but ur bhaviour can handle that Very Well.

Is zamane me wafa ki talaash naa kar Gaalib.. Wo waqt kuchh aur tha, jab makaan kacche aur Log sacche hua karte the..

Only as High as I reach can I Grow, only as far as I Seek can I Go, only as Deep as I Look can I See, only as much as I Dream can I be..

To a Mind that is Still, The whole Universe Surrenders..

Japanese Psychology:- The 3rd Alphabet of your Name shows your Character.. What's yours??
A: Gifted
B: Loved by all
C: Innocent
D: Talented
E: Good but hurts
F: Feels for others
G: Logical thinking
H: Calm
I: Respected
J: Enjoys life
K: Lovable
L: Funny
M: Great person
N: Proud
O: Supportive
P: Smiling
Q: Cool
R: Unpredictable
S: Caring
T: Genuine
U: Practical
V: Genius
W: Angry
X: Takes it easy
Y: Intelligent
Z: Jovial


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