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Lal Kitab - Effects of Mercury (Natal Chart Reading)


Permanent House: 7
Best Houses: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
Weak Houses: 3, 8, 9 12
Colour: Green
Enemy Planet: Moon
Friendly Planets: Sun, Venus, Rahu
Neutral Planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu, Mars
Work: Treasure, Naval forces, Education
Exalted: 6
Debilitated: 12
Disease: Ailment related to teeth and nerve
Time: Morning 4 o'clock to 3 4 o'clock
Day: Wednesday
Substitute: Jupiter + Rahu

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Mercury In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in first house of D/1 natal chart indicates average height of the native; with oval shaped face, thin lips, reddish golden hair, and positive thought are other physical traits of the native.

Nature: Mercury in first house enhances ones physical attraction and agility. You will utilize your intelligence and reasoning powers. Your approach to work will be systematic and mind will be logical.

You will be an expert in getting the work done from others. You are the master in diplomacy in shrewdness and could impress anyone by your influence. You have inquisitive mind & go deep to know the minute details of any subject.

You will be a docile person and will never get aggressive even in difficult situations & generally there will be serenity on your face when you are talking.

You will pamper yourself by various methods in order to look good. You take special care of your grooming and apply make up to enhance your personality. You will also be fully aware in regards to the cleanliness of your clothes.

There will be a kind of restlessness in your mind which will instigate you not to sit at one place. Such native is fond of travelling. Career & Profession: First house Ketu blesses one with higher studies & education. The native attains wealth and behaves as per the law of religion. One is well versed with Shastras.

Mercury in ascendant makes a person scholar, lustrous, and an expert in mathematics. The native has interests in poetry, sculpting, oratory, writing and knowledge in medicine. Your memory power will be very strong.

Sales of miscellaneous items business will be beneficial for you. You will also make your profession in computer, Radio & television advertisement etc fields or will have deep interest in these fields.

Music will be in your blood and you will have knowledge in various fields of music like dance, instruments and fine arts etc. You will have the caliber to become a prominent artist in sculpting, music, singing, dancing and as a musical instrument player.

You may also make your profession in writing and oratory fields.

Family Life. First house Ketu aspects seventh house which is your spouse house. You will remain dissatisfied from your spouse side on one or other reasons. In most of the cases, such native tends to criticize even the small points of life partner. This way happiness in marital life and some where a complete peaceful life will be legging in the family.

You may achieve remarkable success in life. Honor and awards will also be achieved. Your success depends on the facts that you should accept the others with their faults without trying to bring changes or make them ideal person.

You will have happiness through female progeny your daughter/ daughters will achieve outstanding success in their life.

Health: If Mercury positioned in first house is without affliction of malefic planets either by aspect or conjunction, you will remain healthy in life. You will be very calculative & systematic in your diet. You will not overeat, but whenever you are mentally tensed up, your health will get affected. You may face stomach related problem or diseases in nerves.

Inauspicious Mercury may cause suffering towards the end of life. It will give interest in Tantra and Mantra, and you would like to know about the ghosts, souls and superficial powers. If a malefic planet aspects Mercury in first house one faces false allegation. You will be mischievous by nature which may also cause bad name in the society.

Your father or father in law may suffer due to breathing problems. You will have to wander a lot in life. Even your professional life won’t be stabilized due to the frequent changes in job / business.


Remedies for Mercury In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Fill a small silver box with rice grains and keep at home.

2. Avoid alcohol.

3. Pet a black dog.

4. Keep a gold brick or some Kesar(saffron) in your cash box.

5. Wear hessonite in silver ring.


Mercury In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in second house in D/1 natal chart makes the native physically strong by birth. You will be healthy of whitish complexion & with short hair. You will be lazy and happy go lucky person with sweet voice. You will talk sweetly with a touch of cleverness and is very much capable to get the job done smartly through others. Your communication skills will be very good; you will be an expert to make the small things bigger & spicy. You would like to know the secret of others and feel happy to talk about others.

Ever cheerful and with happy state of mind you are very much capable to joke with others even in adverse circumstances. You behave like a child irrespective of your age and this very quality will make you to know the minutest details of everything. When you laugh you laugh wholeheartedly.

Education & Profession: Mercury in second house gives sweet voice and good intelligence to the native. You will earn money by your smartness. Second house Mercury blesses one with sharp wit. You will use your intellect to get the work done and not shrewdness. You will be knowledgeable. Others will have very high pinion about you and consider you a great scholar and appreciate your knowledge.

Mercury positioned in second house aspects eights house, that indicates that the native will either be interested in collecting antique items or would love archeological things. You will be fond of sculpting and music, you may excel in these fields and that makes you an artist.

You will earn money through writing, and scientific studies, other professions which include are commission agent in money earning business and as a lawyer. You may achieve success in field of astrology & Saturn related works like machines, Machinery spare parts, wood and leather etc.

Family Life: Second house in a chart signifies family Mercury in second house saves the family from any kind of difference of opinions or conflicts among the family members.

You will lead a prosperous life, and enjoy comfortable & luxurious items. Leading a quality life in style will be your motto.

You will enjoy all materialistic pleasures.

You will be fortunate and have good yoga of children. You may be blessed with twins and get success in love.

You will attain wealth from females or from your own wife.

You would like to have relations with other ladies too.

You won’t attain ancestral wealth, if you attain it will be wasted in futile expenses, or in charity etc works.

Health: You are most likely to suffer from stomach related diseases in life. As you are fond of overeating, tonsils, sour throat etc other diseases may also trouble you.

Speech related troubles like stammering, dumbness etc would also trouble you.

Mercury placed in second house if either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets one faces difficulties in speech. There will be obstacles in higher education and business too. Domestic clashes will cause lack of happiness in the family; professional hurdle will give mental tension. In spite of your hard work struggle you won’t be able to manage your finances. Your expenses will be more than the income. Health issues will increase your tension too.

Your sister, aunt, daughter or maternal uncle family may also get affected if Mercury is malefic. Body ache especially in the lower parts of the body from thighs to foot will be faced by the native.


Remedies for Mercury In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Respect ladies.

2. Pet a black dog as dog signifies Ketu.

3. Black & white colored marble should be used in kitchen as Ketu has these two colors.

4. Fill a tiny silver pot (Matka) with honey and keep it at home. If one is facing problem in child birth this remedies casts off the negative effects of Ketu. Silver signifies Moon and honey is the signification of Mars.

5. Plant reddish(muli plant) in your home and donate the reddish or gift them to your neighbours.

6. Keep worship place at home clean and tidy.


Mercury In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in third house of D/1 natal chart indicates that the native would be tall & a strongly built up person, with light brown hair on the scalp. The native would be an attractive person, very talkative, Jovial, mischievous and flattering nature who talks sweetly, smartly and with a touch of

Nature: You will be clever and selfish person. You will have many friends. You may be successful on account of your smart intelligence but you won’t be able to use your smartness in front of simple & truthful person. Your friends will leave your company as you will always display shrewdness to them in one way or other.

You will be fraudulent and deceitful person who believe in showing off and spend your money on wasteful expenditure.

You will have abundant courage which will help you to accomplish the most difficult work efficiently.

Education & Career: You will be well educated person. Mathematics, language, grammar, typing, printing, publishing education, tourism, law, photography, astrology, correspondence, computer, coin collector etc. fields will be of your interests you will have knowledge more than one subject.

Mercury in third house makes the native professionally strong, with good communicative skills, who makes friends with good business person and know the tact & secrets of successful business. This skill helps you a lot to earn enormous wealth.

Family Life: Third house signifies one’s level of initiative, courage and brothers. Mercury in third house makes your relation good with your brothers. You will not have any envy or ill feelings for your brothers. Your brothers too will move around you to seek help or shelter like branches around a tree. You will be quite helpful and support them in their bad times. You will give unprecedented support to your father in his life span; you will do business with your father or carry forward your family business and will manage the finances efficiently.

Health: Generally, you will lead a healthy life. But in childhood period you would have suffered a calamity. If you pick up any addiction of intoxication &liquor at the young age it will be very harmful for you.

You may face blood diseases, diabetes, deafness and stomach related problems too.

Mercury if either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, it will get afflicted and casts inauspiciousness. In such case, native will be an example of shrewdness. You will take out your work by making other fool. You will use unfair means to earn money as you want short cut success. Afflicted Mercury in third house makes the person a big showbiz who will be harmed by his own brothers & siblings.

You may get involve in unhealthy love relation who may include your relations with your own sister in law. Such natives spoil their domestic happiness by their own misdeeds and get defame in the society.

If these natives start Saturn related business like, machine, spare parts, wood & iron works, and they will spoil the auspiciousness of Saturn also. In this case, if you work in partnership with in laws side people you will face financial loss to that extent which may make you unable to fulfill your basic needs of day to day life also.

You may be inclined towards the immoral/ illegal deeds and may be dispossessed from holding property.

Your condition would be like a mad dog in the house who does not find stability all through life. Your relatives especially females ones like sister, daughter and aunty also would be affected. Your own son will get diseases related to ears, legs etc.


Remedies for Mercury In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wear yellow sapphire gemstone in gold ring.

2. Consume milk mixed with kesar (saffron) or turmeric powder for birth of son in the family.

3. Worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu.

4. a dog; if one dog does not survive get other dog.

5. Don’t buy land from the person who is childless.


Mercury In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in fourth house your height and physique is not very strong. You will have beautiful sharp nose, sharp eyes but you will be lazy person with dry nature.

Nature: You won’t be a simple person. Outwardly you seem to be a selfless and concerning person who share others misfortunes, but internally it is not so. You will not show your gratitude even for your parents. You will be very talkative and capable to influence and control others by your hypocrisy and magical words. It is this very quality which will enable you to lead various organizations. You will have inborn qualities of leadership also. Though will be very intelligent person who could be efficient enough to lead a country too. You will not rely on others easily.

You won’t make any difference between rich & poor. Destiny will favor you and earn popularity for you. You will be of hot temperament, but you show your anger on those moments when it is not required and keep your cool when actually the things are going hey wire.

People may misunderstand you in spite of that you are not a deceiver not a usurper who takes other’s property by force.

Education & Career: Mercury in fourth house gives interest in arts and finance fields and the native takes education in these fields. If Mercury in fourth house is aspected by Saturn you may get job in police department or Defense services. If you want to go in business, in that case oil and other liquid commodities etc business suit you. You will progress well in the business.

You will be scholar and Pandit, Mercury in fourth house gives interest in the field of astrology. Writing, literature etc. subjects will also make you busy. You will either have interest or make your profession in these fields.

Family Life: You will be the eldest in the family or have to be very responsible like senior person in the family. You will have to perform many responsibilities in the family. life may not be very smooth as your spouse won’t have right understanding with you. There may be difficulty in having child especially the birth of son will take place after long medication.

Property matters will also not be in your favour. Fourth house Mercury is not good for ancestral property you will not get your due share in the ancestral property rather your share will be very less than your expectations.

Health: Jaundice, Stomach diseases, pain in Knees & legs etc diseases may trouble you.

If Mercury is afflicted either by the aspect or conjunction of malefic planets it will make you coward. You will not have courage to face the challenges, and speak less.

You will support criminals and smugglers. You will not provide helping hand to the needy rather help them who are not in need. Friends and relatives will be deceitful towards you and behave hostile in the hour of need.

Lungs related diseases like hole in the lungs or water retention in the lungs etc. problem may affect your health. Gastric problems, asthma, bronchitis and piles etc diseases may also occur occasionally & trouble you.


Remedies for Mercury In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Avoid business in partnership.

2. Do wear a golden chain or yellow colored thread in your neck.

3. Pet a dog; if one dog does not survive get other dog.

4. Wear a steel ring (which has no joint) in little finger (it will enhance Mercury auspiciousness).

5. Feed the cows with green fodder.


Mercury In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in fifth house of D/1 natal chart is in indication that you will be tall, thin, but strong person with gold hair. Health remains good. You will have abundance of self confidence.

Nature: You would like to be lost in your own world, and love loneliness. There will be seriousness in your nature without the touch of agility. You have the enormous capacity to work hard in any field. Mercury is a social planet, who feels happy in the company of others. But Mercury in fifth house gives the person aloofness and introvert mind set.

There will be lack of patience & compassion. Once you get angry you take long time to be quiet & calm down. You won’t accept your mistakes easily, neither it would be in your nature to feel low in front of anyone. You will have tremendous investigation powers & know what’s what.

You will try to understand the mysteries of life. You will be more knowledgeable than other people. Self introspection and discovery could make you a mental philosopher.

You are religious by nature; you may attain name and fame through social work if you make yourself a social person, and have an honest approach to life.

Education & Career: Fifth house in a chart signifies education, progeny and One’s intelligence. Mercury in this house gives good results in all these three areas of life. You will have good intelligence and attain high position in the society. One is benefited from the government or high officials.

Knowledge in Mantra, tantra will increase or you will have interest to know mantra shastra. To purify yourself you will chant mantras and is capable to use successfully ‘Jaran-Maran’ and Uchhatan’ etc. mantras in your worship.

You will have interest in share market, gambling and speculation etc. activities and would like to earn through them. You will gain knowledge in Mathematics, and mind busters’ games. Chess, carom etc. will also interest you.

Professions which suit you well are religious work, law, education and writing fields etc.

Family Life: Your marital life will remain good and you lead a comfortable married life. If Mercury is associated with Jupiter in your chart you may have love marriage. Your wife will be chaste and a good home maker.

There will be more daughters than sons, and you will not face any tension in respect of the happiness through son or children.

You will lead a comfortable life in old age if Mercury is posited in fifth house means you will enjoy all comforts and support from parents side.

Health: Physically you will remain healthy, Dental problems may trouble you, gastric problem, frequent fever and headache etc. disease may also trouble you off and on.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted & casts inauspiciousness. In this case, your fifth house which signifies children & higher education will become weak. It may cause delay in child birth especially birth of son in the family. If at all birth of son takes place he may suffer or die at the time of his marriage.

You may not be able to concentrate in your studies due to the afflicted Mercury in fifth house. You will avoid studies and may fail once or twice in one class only. You will be highly imaginative and will spend your life in psychological fear.

You will remain restless and try to find out the peace of mind in spiritualism or renunciation.

Instability and in consistency in mind, incomplete education, lack of resources of money, instable financial condition, lack of children, lack in marital happiness, loss of wealth etc will be experienced by the native. He will misuse the power of mantras in this case.


Remedies for Mercury In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wearing emerald gemstone in gold ring in little finger of right hand on Wednesday will be auspicious.


Mercury In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in sixth house of D/1 natal chart it indicates that the native will have tall, lean, physic. There will be lack of attraction in the personality but he/she will have sharp & conscious intelligence

Nature: You will be a devotee and social worker by nature. You won’t take much interest in sexual pleasure; there will be lack of investigating powers in you.

You would take more interest in mental work in compare to physical works. Mantra Tantra and meditation etc. practices won’t interest you much. You would be a person of simple living but with weak mind.

Mercury positioned in sixth house makes you aware of your enemies & opponents whom you have to win with your intelligence & wisdom. In other words enemies won’t be able to stand against you rather they will turn friends and may be a source of help in life.

Mercury aspects 12th house positioned in sixth house and that brings over expenses in your life but you will spend money on auspicious deeds.

Education & Profession: Mercury in sixth house makes the person a scholar and capable to earn name & fame in the society. Mercury signifies skills in communication and verbal powers. Here Mercury makes you arrogant & critical person who indulges in criticizing others.

You may get success in machines and other technical works. There will be slow pace of success in your career. If you are in job, there will be few chances only to attain higher position in organization.

You will take special interest in Yoga & Pranayam. Discussion and discourse with saints and learned people well enhance your knowledge.

Family Life: If Mercury is in sixth house it is an indication of material prosperity. Your maternal uncle & maternal grand father will be rich and wealthy person. They will have good reputation in the society. There will be more female progeny in maternal uncle family.

Love and affection from mother’s side will be less and from father’s side the native will not have full happiness either. It will be average. If stay in foreign land or business related to export will be beneficial for you. You may get hurt in love affair very badly or face complete failure in matters of heart.

If you get married with the consent of family members there will be happiness and support from all family members, spouse and members from in laws side.

Note: If you have Mercury in sixth house. Don’t arrange marriage of your daughter towards North direction from your own house as it is considered inauspicious for her marital life.

Health: Health issues related to bone marrow, nerves, paralysis, and difficulty in hand/ fingers movement, pain in arms/ legs, lack of appetite, indigestion like many diseases may trouble you and one may feel lack of intelligence and reasoning powers too.

If Mercury is afflicted due to the conjunction or aspect of malefic planets, one may face obstacles in education and will change many colleges/ schools. One will attain desired results only after struggle. One is prone to get angry without any reason. Afflicted Mercury will prove inauspicious for maternal uncle and mother will suffer physical ailments.

Your mother may die first after your birth and it is quite possible that you may be brought up by your maternal grandfather or at maternal uncle’s home.

Inauspicious mercury may cause mental tension and discords in the family. Defeat in the court cases will be faced.

There may be serious allegations put against you in matters of love. Failure in multiple love affairs will also be faced.

There will be sudden loss/ theft of wealth and harm through the foreign land. Business growth will be hampered as your friends may turn enemies due to harsh words used by you and your critical nature. Downfall due to your high minded & arrogance nature is likely and all this happens due to malefic Mercury in sixth house.


Remedies for Mercury In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Gift dress in green color to your spouse.


Mercury In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in seventh house of D/1 natal chart it aspects your lagna and gives one a tall, thin and attractive physical appearance with golden hair. You will a person of beautiful thoughts, broad minded and work with intelligence.

Mercury in seventh house makes the person unpredictable with inconsistent nature; however you will make others anti in no time due to this nature. Though you will have intelligent mind but may not use your intelligence in right perspective.

However, you can’t attain complete success in your life due to this behavior. Only few percent of your hard work & efforts is being used in right direction, the entire goes waste in fruitless endeavors.

Though Mercury in seventh house blesses one with good physical features, good intellect, wisdom, honesty expert in sexuality and makes one having high regards for women.

Mercury signifies our verbal and communication skill, but, the native who has mercury in seventh house won’t be able to use his speech efficiently , there will be aggression in your behavior, which cause negative effects on others. Generally, you will remain attracted towards the materialistic pleasures in life.

You will also be very fond of travel. Mostly these will be religious travels as you are believer in religion and follower of religion.

Education & Profession/ Career: Mercury in seventh house does not give auspicious results in terms of career and profession. Seventh house signifies one’s business and field of profession. The native faces lots of problem if he does business of any kind related to Mercury like finance, writing, publishing etc or related to other planets too the results are not very encouraging, as one can not achieve the heights of success. If you are in job, there also achieving of high position is almost not possible.

Your success will be limited only in the jobs like compounder clerk in government office, typist etc. If you are in business you can’t be a rich businessman but would be able to fulfill the basic needs of your life.

Professions which suit you well and prove profitable are trading of buying and selling of things and work like a mediator or as brokerages.

Family Life: Mercury in seventh house blesses one with an educated and cultured spouse. In laws side will be ordinary but respectable. Your wife will be extra ordinary beautiful a fawn eyed maiden but you will feel sexually weak & won’t satisfy her sexual desires. A kind of inferiority complex may take place in you. You won’t be able to oppose your wife rather would try to be controlled by her.

Health: Your health generally remains good till the time you get married. You may face seasonal ailments not any serious ones, but once you get married, you are likely to suffer nerve problems and inappropriate circulation of blood in the body.

If Mercury in seventh house is either afflicted by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, it becomes inauspicious. In this case it affects one’s speech. One may face lack of reasoning powers and sweet speech which may cause hindrance in your success. You find it difficult or complete failure to impress others.

Defeat in debates, argument and conflict on your part is likely in this case. Though you have good knowledge in sex and relationships areas of life but lack of energy won’t allow you to enjoy the happy marital life. You will go in depression and pessimist by thoughts, many time you may feel nostalgic to that extent that it’s almost difficult for you to live in the present moments. This may cause hazardous results on your health leading to end of life or strong phobia in mind.

When there is birth of son in the family that time also you may feel inauspicious results cast by Mercury. There will be many unpleasant incidents in the family which could cause lack of family happiness; your life partner’s health will be affected as well.

Instability in life, and profession and career will be felt throughout the life. One may have to switch over many professions to earn and face difficulties in life.


Remedies for Mercury In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t keep green color furniture at home.

2. Avoid partnership business as it may cause financial lose to you.

3. Keep rain water stored on the roof top of the house.

4. Serve the small girls.

5. Paint red color on an iron ball (small) and keep it with you.


Mercury In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in eight house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that one is blessed with attractive face & excellent physical energy. It is generally seen, that such natives have defected teeth. Scattered, erosive-abrasive or portend teeth would be the possibility. Besides these two defects, discoloring in the teeth is also seen.

Nature: The native has pure & disciplined mind. But due to the lack of expression, the native finds it difficult to express his views or influence other. In the process no body comes to know his inherent qualities. Even the small issue of life will bother you. You can not keep safe any one’s secret, as you become restless till you disclose them to others.

Anger, aggression and prejudice will be your other weaknesses, which may cause problems for you occasionally. There will be hurdles in all your works. You won’t listen to others neither follow other’s advice and work as per your own desires or what your mind says.

You tend to take quick decisions without considering the situation or environment and due to this very habit you may be trapped in dangerous or dubious situation, which is difficult to solve.

Education & Profession/ Career: Mercury in eight house creates such circumstances when you have to leave home at the very early age in life and make your abode at some distant place. You will be self made person and earn for your basic needs by hard efforts. But with your prudent & honesty you will establish yourself in no time there will be frequent changes in your jobs & career. Professions that suit you well are astro advisor &consultant, education in foreign languages, technical field/ education, sale/ purchase of building material, coal, carpenter etc works. You may earn name at foreign land better than your native place.

Interest in spiritualism will also help you to earn or make it your profession. Tantra, Mantra, religious functions and knowledge of para sciences will also be your source of income.

Family Life: You should not expect any kind of help or support either from your mother or friends. Rather your near & dear ones will behave hostile for you. They won’t like you much.

You will have your own identity.

Your wife dominates you and your marital life may ruin as Mercury in eighth house gives extra marital relations or health problems to your wife, which may cause separation from the wife.

Health: Fever, diarrhea, cough, cold, skin diseases, and asthma attack etc problems will remain all through life. You will be in the grip of one or other disease. Pain in shoulders & arms will also be experienced by native.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted and casts its inauspiciousness. It will affect your business. There will be never ending troubles in your business and that will affect badly on your finances. You won’t able to make good bank balance. Mercury placed in this house instigates the person to use unfair means to earn money. You will earn money by fraud and secret deals. In spite of that you won’t flourish much financially.

You will take interest in intoxication too due to afflicted Mercury in eight house in the chart. Extra marital relations will bring bad name for you. This placement of Mercury may cause problem for you in nerves system at the very young age which would deprive one to enjoy good health. If Mercury is aspected by a malefic planet, it may cause imprisonment for the native.

Mercury in eighth house will give harm in the business if you are doing business of which Mercury is the signification.


Remedies for Mercury In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t paint your office / house in green color.

2. Place a mirror in North/ east direction of the house.

3. Don’t buy house that cuts in the north side.

4. Offer sweet paan to an aged/senior person.

5. If Mercury is afflicted donate Mercury items like green Moong daal, green fruits, green cardamom, bronze vessels etc.

6. Wear silver on your body.


Mercury In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in ninth house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native is tall, with strong built up, reliable and would love natural beauty.

Nature: You tend to think a lot and always remain in deep thoughts. You would like changes in life. Travel will give enjoyment to you. You could be a trusted person.

Mercury in this house gives happiness to the native and bestows one with popularity, name & fame in life. Mercury in this house makes you a religious person. You will take interest in religious activities. You will have abundance of logical powers; you will remain always cheerful and influence others very easily. There may be stubbornness in your nature.

Education & Profession/ Career: Ninth house is destiny house and Mercury in this house enhances one’s destiny. It bestows one with courage, velour and initiative powers.

Such native attains fame in life. Mercury in ninth house makes one a good orator and preacher, it gives the capability to discourse related to religious subjects, whether you have adequate deep knowledge about the religion or not.

You may be compared with a king in velour, more your valorous activities you will suppress the wicked person. Your enemies will feel insecure by your grace.

Family Life: Mercury positioned in ninth house aspects third house by its seventh aspect. Third house signifies siblings in our life. Hence your relations with your siblings will be sweet. But you may feel jealous by your younger brother as he will be more affectionate and loving to your father.

You will have special corner in your heart for Guru, Brahmins and saints & serve them in your life.

Mercury in ninth house blesses one with modest & decent wife. Your’s in laws family will be very good and you will feel more affinity towards the members from in laws side than your own family: You will be blessed with worthy children in life.

Health: You will be fond of eating and have special craving for sweets. You must have control on your tongue else you will spoil your health by your eating habits. Your health will get affected due to constant mental tension & disturbed mind too.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted and casts inauspiciousness which will cause a troubled life. You will be an atheist and unreliable person. You will see everyone with doubts and suspicions. You won’t be able to complete your education and it may cause hindrance in growth of your business or getting a good job. Family life will get strained, due to conflicts in midst of all these you will lose your mental peace. There will be lose in partnership business, lose of wealth and futile expenses on travels. You may have throat cancer or other serious diseases in life.


Remedies for Mercury In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t keep any Bagh yantra at home as this is karaka (significator) of Mercury.

2. Establish Budh yantra at home. Write budh mantra on bhoj patra with the help of Ashwagandha paste and wooden stick made by Pomegranate wood. Worshipping of Goddess Durga and chanting of Mercury mantra will be beneficial for you.

3. Don’t keep dried flowers and ashes (remains of aggarbati & doopbati of hawan& yagya) at home.

4. Liquor kept in green glass bottle is not good and it should be avoided,, don’t consume & keep it at home

5. Fill honey in a tiny silver box and keep it at home.


Mercury In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in tenth house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native will have thin appearance with dark or whitish complexion. You will have short hair.

Nature: Velour, courageous, pure heartedness & good conduct will be your virtues. You are knowledgeable and give your hundred percent whatever endeavour you have aimed in life. You will gain popularity due to your sweet nature and great works.

Auspicious Mercury in tenth house blesses one with many friends. Friends will provide their support, your verbal skill is a powerful weapon to get the work done from others, no matter your words are piercing and aim to hurt others but your words work like sweet knife and others won’t even identify your intention.

You will be fond of eating and popular among your friends.

Education & Profession/ Career: Profession of brokerage, professor, journalist, cashier, editor, lawyer, advisor, writer, astrologer, accountant, copy writer, interpreter, engineering etc. work will be beneficial for you.

You will achieve honour, power authority, success, position and minister ship etc designation in life.

Tenth house is our profession house too. Mercury in this house blesses one with remarkable success. Mercury is signification of business, it will be better for you if you choose business as your profession. Well! If you opt for job then you will gain good position & honor in the society as tenth house signifier gains through the government & high officials too.

Change from one profession to other will be good for you. If you talk in modern context, you may gain outstanding success in the dealing of computers, musical instruments, radio, television etc. electronic items. You will be an expert in art of writing poetry and as a sculptor.

Family Life: If Mercury is in tenth house one gets ancestral property which will be very useful for your progress in life. It will also contribute in increasing your materialistic pleasures.

Mercury positioned in tenth house has aspect on fourth house, and it casts auspiciousness for the karakas of fourth house like Mother, house, property, and happiness through your mother, and good residential house. You will make good house with your own efforts.

Fourth house signifies our domestic happiness and mental peace. So aspect of Mercury on fourth house enhances our marital & mental happiness.

Health: Kidney, asthma, burning eyes, hernia, kidney & stomach related diseases may trouble you.

Mercury, if afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets it casts inauspiciousness which may cause lack of prestige, and false allegation which will tarnish your reputation. Air and sea travels will prove harm full for you without any profits. Your competitors will follow your footsteps, business tact and virtues and leave you behind in business. If you are in job, you will make your life more difficult as you tend to argue with your boss/ senior which won’t be good for your career growth.

Your marital happiness will get affected. There will be difference of opinions between husband & wife. This marital discord will loose your mental peace and affect your children.

Obstcles in job/career/ business and higher education will be faced in life. There will frequent changes in career which will cause expenses than profits. Your almost accomplished work will get delayed at the last moment. You would like the company of saints & beggars.


Remedies for Mercury In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Establish a Tulsi plant in North east corner.

2. For good health fill a green glass bottle with water and keep it in sun light everyday. Consume this water very day.

3. Worship Lord Ganesha & chant Ganpathi mantra every day.

4. Don’t let your house on rent.

5. Don’t make company with saints & beggars.


Mercury In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in eleventh house in D/1 natal chart is an indication that the native has average height, round face and short chin. He/she has cheerful appearance which has the capacity to attract others. The size of the hands is small & fingers are generally thick.

Nature: Such natives are person of few words; they speak very less and that time only when they find that there is profit. They are generally smart person in making their conversation either sweet or harsh as per person, place and situation. They have a kind of attraction and remain cheerful, they have few friends. They are short of words in terms of matters of heart. Some are stupid too but they are helpful when good deeds are performed. Some are quarrelsome and of hot temperament but knowledgeable. They are arrogant and have no consideration of other’s emotions and identity. They generally have strong sexual desires. They eat less but eat quality food. They lose their accumulated wealth by their sheer stupidity. They change many professions that is the reason they face instability in life. Astrologers and doctors are in their friends list.

Profession/ Career: Those who have Mercury in eleventh house are generally not able to complete their education. In spite of having talents & intelligence they are not able to focus in studies. They tend to change subject of their education/ fields/ career frequently, even change in schools happens many times in their life.

Such native’s don’t opt for business; rather you can say they are not proficient in business. That is why they change many professions but success eludes them every time. They generally do business related to clothes, printing press, mobile, computer, electronic items, Property dealing, furniture, sculpting, typist or compounder etc. They are also involved into lottery, gambling, race course, share market and smuggling etc works.

It would be better to opt for service / job instead of business by these natives. As job is more suitable for them and they attain success in job related to writing, teaching, life insurance agent, advisor and journalist.

Family Life: If Mercury is in eleventh house one gets special support from the females relatives. One is close to elder sister and gets warmth & affection by her. One lacks support of elder brother in life. The native attains full happiness from the parents, though friends are not so co-operative towards him/her. One’s spouse is also fully dedicated; children of such natives are educated and become scholar.

Health: Mercury in eleventh house is good as it makes the native ambitious and aspiring person. One gets stubborn and struggles to achieve his set targets. The native would like to sit at one place and do their work which may cause pain in legs and swelling in the calves regions. If Mercury is afflicted the native may face frequent fever, digestion problems, dental problems and ulcer in intestine etc diseases. Asthma, thyroid and stomach related diseases may also occur.

In case, Mercury gets afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, the native will be physically weak, diseased and ugly looking. One will not get the support of brothers & sister neither any help from father’s side. One may has to face the opposition from his own mother. One’s progeny will not be worthy or female blood relatives will be troublesome. Happiness of sister, aunt or daughter will also get affected. Such natives will indulge in theft, smuggling, gambling and speculative deals. They may go to any extent in order to make quick money which may prove harmful for them. Excessive drinking, intoxication will ruin their life. Disrespect for mother, elder sister and insult for aunt etc all are indications of afflicted Mercury in eleventh house in the chart. One’s own mother may have skin and throat related diseases.


Remedies for Mercury In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wear copper coin in silver chain (Silver to appease Moon and round coin in copper signifies sun planet). It is said that sun & Moon are parents of Mercury who can improve the spoiled Mercury.

2. Serve your sister & aunt (females relatives are Mercury’s significations. Mercury gets strength if these relatives are happy in their life.)

3. Clean your teeth with alum (alum is governed by Mercury and one may over come dental diseases by using alum).

4. Don’t keep furniture in green color at home this enhances inauspiciousness of Mercury.

5. Wear a steel ring or bracelet which is in one piece without any joint on Wednesday.

6. Feed the birds.


Mercury In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in 12th house in D/1 natal chart indicates that the native has strong built up, with adequate height, balanced body and fair complexion.

Nature: You are pure hearted, honest and soft spoken by nature. You will be an expert to change your behavior to other as per the situation. You would like to have complete freedom.

At the same time you tend to get temperamental very fast. You will listen to your inner self and behave accordingly no matter what the situation demands. You will be keen observer; you will evaluate the situation and the root cause, after that only you will take decision and follow it with determination. You will have the capacity to come to the conclusion in any situation. You will be a strict follower of religion, superstitious, traditional and conservative culture & principles. Stubbornness and high ambitions will be other traits of your personality.

Education & Profession/ Career: You will take interest in ancient cultures, archeological surveys and scientific discoveries. You may achieve name & fame in one of these three fields. Astronomy & astrology etc subjects can be included in ancient cultures. Other professions which suit you and could be the source of earning are as medical practitioner, poet and astrologer. Government job will be very successful for you. You may get settled in foreign land as well. You will be self made person and progress in life by your own efforts. You will acquire inborn talent, courage & intelligence.

Family Life: The support from any of your blood relation including your father is negligible in your life. In other words you won’t be a lucky person in this respect when your family or parents support you financially or emotionally.

Family life will be peaceful as your spouse will be co-operative and balanced person. But in matters of love you won’t get success, you may have more than two affairs at a time.

Health: The diseases which you may likely to suffer are fever, earache, mental disorder, nerves, legs, spinal cord and urine related problems etc.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted by malefic planets it gets afflicted and loses its auspiciousness. In that case, you will face financial problems. You may loss great deal of wealth in gambling and speculation as well, and tend to spend lots of amount on materialistic appliances which will leave you with short of money.

You tend to get angry on small matters and sometimes your anger may turn violent and disastrous. You may come to realize your mistakes after a time but that will be too late.

You will not have cordial relations with relatives. In the process you will loose your mental peace & balance.

You will help others in the hour of need, only to show off or with your own self motive, but by heart you won’t like to do so, and feel malicious about the person.

Afflicted Mercury casts inauspiciousness for the father as well. There may be incident of sudden death in the family. It will affect the happiness of female blood relations in your life like daughter, aunt or sister who are married and come to stay at your house.


Remedies for Mercury In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Put saffron paste as Tilak on your forehead.

2. Immerse a new earthen pot (Matka) in flowing water.

3. Avoid anger, aggression, over expenditure, and meaningless travels.

4. Avoid having sex during the day. Because this makes the sun weak.

5. Be at the service or take care of your father. Because, our father is the sun.

6. Ensure that all the clocks and watches are in working order.

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