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Lal Kitab - Effects of Saturn (Natal Chart Reading)


Own House: 10
Best Houses: 2, 3, 7, 12
Weak Houses: 1, 4, 5, 6
Colour: Black
Enemy Planets: Sun, Moon, Mars
Friendly Planets: Mercury, Venus, Rahu
Neutral Planets: Ketu, Jupiter
Work: Physician, Oil, Iron
Exalted: 7
Debilitated: 1
Disease: Cough, Vision, Stomach problem
Time: Entire night, Dark day
Day: Saturday
Substitute: Venus + Mercury
(temperament like Ketu) Mars + Mercury

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Saturn In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in first phase: Because of Saturn, your eyes will be small but eyesight would be good. Your hair will be of black color. You may be of medium height. Your face color does not matter whether it is fair or not as you will be attractive always.

Nature: You will not like too much talking but whatever you will speak that would be meaningful. You will be of reserve nature due to which you will not be able to express your happiness towards others.

You will not believe on others easily as you are doubtful sometimes and have a good understanding of world. But you would use this for your own sake and will not involve in others matters. Because of Saturn, you will be full of self esteem.

Education and Employment medium: You will be very genius person. You would be able to earn good money whether your education is high or low. You will be full of efforts. You will do many things in life that will bring you prosperity. Saturn’s tenth sight is tenth house that is of business’s house. Tenth house is Saturn’s complete house. So, this also symbolizes prosperity and success in the field of business. Saturn is an enthusiastic planet. Thus, you will like to achieve heights in business and to a great extent, you will achieve it.

You will be interested in the field of politics and also you will get some success in the related field.

If you are working somewhere then you will be praised by your officers and you will get support from your juniors.

Family and Social Life: The Saturn sat in the seventh house sees through seventh sight. This seventh house also relates with your life partner. So, your married life would not be as much satisfied. You will have disputes with your wife and the joy will reduce in form of your life partner. You will have a feeling of dissatisfaction even if your partner has a good and jolly nature. You both would be engage in family disputes and fights. You will rarely get support of your father. You will remain far from him due to some reason. May be you would be nurtured by your mother. You would be very responsible. You will manage your family with great understanding and care and you will fulfill your promises.

Health: Your health will remain good but sometimes you may suffer from headache, backache and neck ache.

Sinister: Saturn is the planet of sins. If Saturn itself begins to give bad results then it would be difficult to lead life. If Saturn is in bad phase then you would not get married. If you will get married then your life partner may die before time. Or you both may get separated. In nutshell, you will not be able to get marriage satisfaction.

The medium for business and earning would stop. You will try to get money through cheating also. You will not get satisfied by your financial condition and you will be greedy to make more money. As per your efforts, you will not get results. You will have to do a lot of efforts to get mental piece and need to give yourself a kind of sympathy.


Remedies for Saturn In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. If Rahu is good then keep elephant’s teeth at home (not elephant’s toy)

2. Make Durga text.

3. Do not get rapairing work done in the bathroom.

4. Buy home of the person, who don’t have any child.

5. Serve mother.

6. Wear silver (silver is the assest of Moon and Moon is the lord of fourth house).

7. Worship Maa Saraswati.

8. Cradle brown black dog.

9. Keep a black tablet of glass with you.

10. Worship God Ganesha.


Saturn In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in second house: If Saturn is in the second house then the individual would have attractive features. You would have medium height, having a long nose, will have tendency to turn eyes round, broad shoulders, and small legs. You would have a decent behavior, thin body and sometimes fatty also.

Nature: You would have tough nature and would have a religious kind of mind. You will believe in old traditions, and fully devoted towards religion, and would like to help unhappy people. You would dislike wrong things. No one can change your decisions. You will hate those people, who will try to interfere in your work. You will deny every advice if it hurts your ego. You will rely on your heart rather than mind. You are ready to sacrifice your life for your beloved ones.

You will accept truth rather than lie. You are social person and would have a strong desire to live. You will not look too good by looks. Even if you will look like fool but you would be very much strong by health and mind. May be you do not look after yourselves much but you will be fond of eating.

Education and employment medium: If you will take responsibility of any work, then you will try to finish it within the time. You will be all rounder. You will have to face failure by the method of your work. You will get success if you evaluate your worth. Any kind of world power would not stop you from achieving your goals. You should not be fear of your failure; else you should find a way to cope with them.

Though you will not good education but you will give examples of being extraordinary by your knowledge. You may get money suddenly. You will be laborious and will do your work in seconds. You may do work related to foreign language, science, technical, farming, business, worker, and any effortful work. You may also do the work of religious and holy books, or a shop having all the assets for religious prayer.

Family Life: You would have a big family with your uncle but you would not get your father’s support for a long time. You will love to stay with your wife and children but circumstances will not allow you to do so. You will expect some kind of trait or quality in your wife so that she would be independent. If your marriage is done without having the help of priest then you may not lead a satisfied and successful marriage life and you will doubt on your wife. Your wife will love to spend time in her family and your in-laws will not rich.

Health: If there is a sinister affect of Saturn on you then you may get voice problem, skin problem, swelling in throat, constipation, and gas problem, pain in legs and foot, and neck ache.

Sinister: If Saturn is having faults of enemies then your one foot is at hospital and other remains at grave. You may become habitual of theft, speaking lie, abusing and crying. Also you may not want to return others money. You will not be liked by anyone in your home and family. You may get sudden money loss, and may be harm by your in-laws. You will have disputes with your mother-in –law. You will be having your child phase weak. Due to the sins of Saturn, you will be habitual of eating paan, tobacco and gutkha.


Remedies for Saturn In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Worship God Shiva, Hanuman Ji and Bhairav Ji.

2. Keep a square piece of silver with you.

3. Press the silver wire below the threshold of the main gate.

4. Keep ponytail on your head.

5. Put kesar tilak on your forehead.

6. Wear gold.


Saturn In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in Third House: As your Saturn is in the third house, you will be an ordinary person having a strong physique.

Nature: Saturn sitting in the third house makes you deep inside and you will be quiet and innovative. Because of these qualities, you may develop intellectual traits which will help you to make your mind concentrated. Even, if you are engaged in any field, you will not find hindrances in your way because of your calm and quiet nature. You would have a few true and loyal friends and you will help your friends at any time.

Education and Employment: You will be an intelligent person. You will have a great intellectual power. Saturn sees the fifth house through its third sight of third house. The fifth house is of son, mind and education. You will be able to get technical education and you will be benefited through chemistry, chemical, labor related work, police and engineering department. It is mostly found that if you are studying subjects which need a great knowledge and highly concentrated minds then you will be able to achieve heights in that field like astrology and travels, you may get a respected place in army.

Family Life: You will have a successful marriage life as your wife would be a quiet and calm lady. But may be her and your mother’s thinking will not match. Even your wife may become disappointed, if you will help your brothers and sisters. But she would be able to lead her married life well besides from her in-laws. You will be blessed by a home and your own vehicle. Your stars say that you will have your own home after the age of 32.

Health: Your health would be fine and you will provide shelter to other people. There is a chance in your lifetime that you may get injured, so drive carefully. You may suffer from diabetes. You may have problem in ear, backbone or knee too.

Sinister: If your Saturn has bad effects then you will be happy in destroy others plan and you will even do wrong for those, who have helped you. If Saturn is in the third house then door in east or south direction will definitely give bad results. There may be three deaths at your house one by one. Your father may die from a long disease that would be due to the evil Saturn. You will be worried because of your brothers as they will hurt you because of many reasons. You may come across a situation many times that you gone through a financial loss that increases trouble and challenge of your life. You may have physical relationship with many women. You will feel good to spend your time outside rather than at your home. Your interest in religion will fade and you will use it for your personal greed and will make people fool with the help of the mask of religion.


Remedies for Saturn In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Use neem or herbal soap for bathing.

2. Decorate home with crystal things.

3. Keep the lighter stuff in the North direction of your home.

4. Wear gold and apply saffron tilak on forehead.

5. Drink water in the silver glass.


Saturn In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in fourth house: As your Saturn in the fourth house, you will be thin and would have tired eyes. Also, you will have a spot or mole on your face.

Nature: You will have a weak heart and you will find difficulty in making decision on anything. You will be full of doubts. You will behave normally but this would be only for your own sake. You will work against your inner self. You will not be able to show respect for others even if you do have respect for them in your heart. You will love to be praised and will feel bad if someone criticizes you. You will be very honest and will expect love and respect from everybody. You will be aware about your weak points due to which you will feel hesitated in going ahead. You will get less opportunities of happiness in your life and whenever you will get these opportunities, you will not be able to enjoy them. You will have the ability to win over your enemy’s mind and you will not be having any kind of problem with your enemies.

Education and Employment medium: The Saturn in fourth house keeps it tenth sight on Lagn, due to which, you will have serious nature. You will be very much serious in understanding truth of life.

You may go for study in the field of sociology, leather, wool, hair, refrigerator, ice, geography, antiques, frozen and preservative food, help for handicap, coal, iron, fertilizers, astrology etc. If you evaluate your self esteem before doing any work then no one in this world can stop you from completing your goal. Family Life: Your family would have a lot of problems. You will have to work laboriously to fulfill your daily needs. You will get your mother’s love rarely. May be you will get a step mother. You will not be able to get your own house and you will stay your whole life in rented house. It may not be possible for you to have a home from your father and if you find one, there will be fewer chances that you would get a house of your choice. You will get married either too early or too late. You will spend happy moments with your wife and children. You will have a desire to marry a girl who is fully independent and highly qualified, but in that case you may have to do some compromise.

Health: You may have some physical problem in your childhood. You may have a problem related to gas, ulcer, jaundice, cough, eczemas and cancer.

Sinister: You will never be mentally happy due to the sinister results of Saturn. Even if you are from a high class family then also you will spend your life alone. You will be educated but will not be able to get benefit from your education. You will have your parental property but due to your employment reasons, you will not be able to stay there. You would have a cheap vehicle. If you own a vehicle even then you will like tramp as you do not have money in your pocket. You will be rarely able to get mental piece as you may have to face struggle in your life as well as you may get problems related to some government work. You may die because of a long illness or an accident.

Remedies for Saturn In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Make an iron ball red colored and keep it with you.

2. Do not make property by your name before the age of 48.

3. Bury the piece of Surma outside your house.

4. Make west direction high at home or office.

5. Do not involve your in-laws in business.


Saturn In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in fifth house: As your Saturn in the fifth house, you will be tall and healthy. You would have big face and big eyes.

Behavior: You would have good nature and will do any kind of task with zeal. You will not like any dishonesty in the religious matters. You will fear from sin. You may have some bad habits like you will be loquacious and you would have thinking that you are always right and you will be held in contempt. You would have large friend circle but you will not be able to continue your friendship for the long run. You would have a few true friends.

Due to the position of Saturn in the fifth house, you would have control on your spending as you will not spend too much and because of this reason, people may think about you that you are miser. You will be very brave and excited person. You would have harsh affirm. You would like to say everything according to the scriptures. You will not tolerate if anyone take a finger on you. You will eat whatever you will get in food. You will fully adhere to the old traditions. You will be an unfazed person and you will be a hard worker. You will believe in reality.

Medium of Education and Employment: placement of Saturn in the fifth house will give you good mind. Your mind will be steady and severe. You may study the subjects of social science, economics and astrology. Also, you will be able to successfully complete your technical education. You will be kind of naïve king but you will make your life with your sharp mind and pride. Due to Saturn, you would have enough money but it does not mean that you will be a rich person. You will be able to complete your desires.

Family Life: You will have a big family. Perhaps, you will not be able to get your mother’s happiness however you will get the love from others in the family. You will have to struggle a lot in life. You will find very favorable life partner. He/she will support you at every moment of life. You may face some problem in getting the child. Your first child may not well. You will give birth to a boy and a girl after sometime. You will be worried in respect of your child’s health and education. Saturn is very favorable for your daughter and she will get good education.

Health: Your health will be good but in the older age you may have complain of knee pain, cancer, lump in the body and pain in throat and ear.

Sinister: due to the bad results of Saturn, you will not be able to get satisfaction from your wife. You will always be involved with other ladies in order to get satisfaction. You will be attached with other ladies and it might also be possible that you will have one more wife. You will have conflicts with your wife and you will ignore her suggestions. Evil Saturn will also affect your wife’s health. You will be troubled in respect of your business. You will not be able to earn money in the field in which you will get the technical education. Once, you mace face the financial problems in life and at that time, the people around you will also leave you alone. You will not be benefited from Government related work or you may face some difficulties. If you are in job then you will be worried about your promotion.


Remedies for Saturn In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Distribute the medicine for eye sight if you get your eye sight weak.

2. Dip pulses overnight and give that to birds in the morning.

3. Bury red alumen under the Earth.

4. Drain rice in running water.

5. Keep and nourish a dog in your house.


Saturn In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in sixth house- You will be tall, lean and you will have a long head. You will not be beautiful or ugly. You will have normal features.

Behavior- You will be clever while talking with someone but you will be sad after hearing even stranger’s suffering as you will be emotional by heart. Due to the presence of Saturn in the sixth house, you will have many enemies but they will not be able to harm you and your behavior will change them.

You will be religious and will do good work. You will spend money in auspicious work. So, even being lavish, you will not face financial problems and your money will go on rising. You will love to do exercise or will do related sports like going gym, doing weight lifting, doing yoga and so on. You will like truth and in any kind of situation, you will always support truth.

Medium of Education and Employment- Your senses will be fantastic. Your education may remain incomplete. You can become a mechanic or can get technical education. You will have knowledge of scripture astrologer and you can earn income through astrology. Also, sixth house is related to our job in place of business. Thus, you will get success in job rather than business. Your higher authorities will respect you and lower authority will be happy with your behavior. You will succeed in the work of insurance company. Your income will always be less than your needs. You can work in jail or hospital. You may do any sort of hard working job, agricultural business.

Family life – Saturn will not be favorable for your father. He may face financial problem at the end period of his life. You may get separated from your family otherwise you will have to struggle for your share in family. If you will get married before the age of 28, you will not be able to get happiest married life. Your wife will be sick but will serve you wholeheartedly. You will face many difficulties related to wealth.

Health- your body will be healthy but due to the evil Saturn, you may suffer from many diseases like cough, bile, ulcers, cancer, and asthma, and bone disease, lack of calcium, hair fall, paralysis, and leprosy.

Sinister- Due to the side effects of Saturn, you will always feel lonely. You will not be able to get success in any work. Sitting at home will be your compulsion. You will not be able to do job and business as you will not have education for job and will not have money for business. Even, if you will arrange the money for business, you will not get success. You will take care of everyone at your home but there is nobody to take care of you. Family members will maintain relation with you only for their own benefit else they will drop you like mosquito from milk. Evil Saturn may create circumstances like you may have to roam around court due to any police case or you may face govt. obstacles. You will enjoy doing secret tasks. You would like to do black music and Cemeteries siddi.


Remedies for Saturn In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do worship of Shri Hanuman ji.

2. Keep black dog at home.

3. Don’t get married before the age of 27

4. Donate leather shoes to poor people.

5. Serve banana to small girls


Saturn In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in seventh house- As your Saturn in the seventh house, you will be thin. Your complexion will be fair and stature will be medium.

Behavior- You will be an innocent and scary person. You would not be frank in order to present your views. You would always think about other’s mood and you will always hesitate. You will not like slavery and being under pressure of anyone.

You will be an orthodox person but you will not blindly trust in the religion or superstitions. You will respect all casts and religions equally.

You will be a suspicious person. You will think too much before doing any work and you will doubt on every person because you will be cheated many times.

You will love to travel and roam around and you will be benefited by these travels.

Education and Employment-You will be highly qualified. You will be mastered in a specific subject and might become a teacher. You will be a good speaker too. You will participate and win in several debate competitions.

You should avoid business in partnership. Partners can ditch you.

You will spend much time in court so you can become a lawyer by studying law subject. Also, you can do business related to cosmetics, iron, timber, pulses, cotton, oil, seeds etc. Family Life-Your family life will be good. You will get the love of your parents and younger sister. But you may have differences with your elder brother. There is a possibility of stressful situation at your home. You may be offended by your spouse. Your wife will hardly agree with your views. Chances of divorce are also there but because of your deftness it can be averted.

Behavior- You may have heat spots on your face. You may find difficulty in giving birth to a child or your wife may have to face problems like miscarriage, pre-mature delivery or women issue.

Sinister-If Saturn will unfavorable then your wedding will be interrupted. You will be in live-in relationship without getting married. You will be discredited in the society. You may get separated by your family.

If you will get married then your spouse will be much elder or much younger than you. You both will share differences in your social status as well.

Because of evil Saturn, you will not be able to share happiness of home, household and you will not be benefited in business.

You will easily forget goodness of others. You will think that you are very clever and intelligent. Greediness will increase in you and you will follow wrong steps for better earning but you will not be able to make much money.

Remedies for Saturn In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Give sweet food to leprosy Ashram or blind school on seven Saturdays.

2. Press black colored flute in the deserted place. (For the pleasure of households)

3. Never do business in partnership with your relatives.

4. Serve the black cow.

5. Apply mustard oil on chapati and feed it to the cow on Saturday.


Saturn In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in eighth house- As your Saturn in the eighth house, you will have beautiful face and bright eyes. Due to some of the planets in astrology, you may also appear as cruel.

Behavior – You may have to face a lot of difficulties in your life. But you will be able to tackle the toughest situations. But your face will burnish disappointment. You will not be able to get mental piece. Even a minor problem will also disturb your mind.

You will never excuse person, who will do wrong with you. Also, you will think to take revenge as soon as you will get the chance.

You will be a struggler and you will be always ready to do your work honestly. You will believe in god.

Education and Employment- You can be successful in management. If you will do job, you would have the quality to bring seniors in your favor.

You will start working at a very early stage means at the age of 17-18. Your time of between 17 to 48 years of age will be full of problems. Your will have good time after 48 years of age.

Family life- You will not be able to get help from your family in any situation. You will not be benefited by your father too. You may have conflict with your father.

In the same way, you will not be lucky in getting love and care from your mother. Even you may have to live far away from your parents. You will live far away from your birth place. But you will stay happy married life. Your wife will have good housewife qualities.

When you will recall your childhood memories of your father’s behavior with you then you will take care of your child. And you will fulfill all their needs with love. Thus, your child will reach on top then you.

Health – your health will be fine. You will have raging of asthma, teeth problems, cough, cold and you will be suffering from throat problems.

Sinister- Due to the bad effects of Saturn, you will have health problems but you will live long life. You may face difficulties in business and service etc. There will be conflicts in the family and you will have child related worries. You will enjoy being in relationships with other women out of the house. Also, you will have extra marital affairs.

You would be more interested in consuming alcoholic items. Especially, you would be interested in wine and beauties.

You will continue to worry about your sons. Your sons will be failure in completing their education many times. Because of evil Saturn, your sons may have to suffer from many types of diseases.

You will be irritated and as a result of irritable behavior, you will yourself burn in your fury. Also, you will be anger in very small matters. People around you will also not like your behavior.


Remedies for Saturn In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t put garbage in west direction of the house.

2. Keep a square piece of silver with you.

3. Wear silver.

4. Shed 800 gram tin in the running water.

5. Donate blankets for cemeteries land.


Saturn In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in ninth house- Your Saturn is in the ninth house, due to which you will be dark and tall.

Behavior- you will be cool headed and cool looking person. You will not express your emotions by your face. However, your emotions would express by your eyes.

You will be religious and conservative-minded. You will honestly follow the religion.

You will hate injustice and to be conservative. You will be able to assess the situation.

You will be able to predict any unpleasant situation.

Your mind will be firmly resolved. The work you want to do, you will do that with complete devotion.

You will be able to achieve results after the tremendous efforts. You will be hard working and will not expect reward.

You will like loneliness. You will not like noise. You will escape from the crowds. Because of this reason, you will roam around inaccessible, isolated places and religious places.

Medium of Education and Employment- Saturn is of old fashioned, that’s why you can get history and museum related education.

You can play the role of guru. You may become lawyer and justice, dharma guru, newspaper editor and writer.

Due to the Saturn, you will have interest in spy, astrology and black magic.

You may earn money from classical music and hymns.

You may earn money in merchandising. You will be able to earn by secret means as well.

Family life- You will be loyal and responsible person towards your family. You would like to honestly follow all customs and traditions of your family. You will get full support from your family.

Your wife will be religious and loyal towards you. She would be the women, who will run on ideals. She would be ideal women in children’s upbringing. Her devotion towards in-laws would make a record.

You may have to face protest from your child. There is a possibility that your child may not follow your customs and traditions and there could be differences in views between you and your child.

Health- You may suffer from headache, cold, skin diseases, deafness or joint pain.

Sinister- due to the negative effects of Saturn, you will be fast, flickering and mouthy. You will not stick at one place to work. Slacker and laziness will be your character.

Your will have feeling of taking revenge from others. Also, you will give advice to your child to take revenge from others. You would like to take your revenge with the help of your child.

Due to the negative results of Saturn, there would be some bad happening in your house like fire, theft and robbery. Fuel goods or old wood will be there in your house as a junk. You will make the use of religion to make money and religious money could misappropriate the funds and so on. These habits will make your Saturn negative.

Note- If there is a dark chamber at the back of your house and if you built skylight to light in that then you will ruin everything within the three years.


Remedies for Saturn In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do not give donations in hospice building.

2. Wear sapphire or substitute of Sapphire Gemstone ‘Nili’ in the gold ring.

3. Offer water to Shiva and chant “om namaha shivaye”

4. Do not put fuel oil, gas, bamboo, wood, threshold etc on your terrace. This is the sign of misfortune.

5. Make the silver wire in the threshold of the house.


Saturn In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in tenth house- Your medium stature will be proportional heavy. Your eyes will be very attractive.

Behavior- You will be a scholar and will be respected in the society. You will be known in each area.

You will be religious person. You will have the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. You will have executive qualification.

You will be the owner and activist too. You will not differentiate between owner and activist. According to you, all will be same. You will complete your work intelligently while sitting with your subordinate employees.

You will believe in clean atmosphere. You will not like those people, who don’t believe in cleanliness. You would not even hesitate to punctuate the scrappy people. You will be ejaculatory after looking at people’s condition and you will try to help them at anyhow. You will like to eat clean and tasty food.

Your smile will be enough to attract people and once attracted, it would be tough to forget you.

Education and Employment- You will be scholar and famous in your family. You will love to do the work related to devotion and rights. You will be interested in fine arts. You will be proficient in Painting, craft, pottery, tailor’s work like embroidery, sewing. You can become proficient in any work, which you want to do and it would be your specialty. Nothing will be impossible for you. Generally, your time will be variable till the age of 30. Stability will come into your life between 30 to 45 years of age.

You are suitable for work related to engineering and technology. You may be associated with petroleum and oil production.

Family life- You will have good relation with your father. You would like to tell all your needs and desires first of all to your father rater than your mother. There will be ideological differences between you and your mother.

Your married life will be exceptionally well. Your wife will be full of good qualities and will be obedient. Still, you will have interest or relations with other ladies.

Behavior- you may suffer from Tuberculosis, heart diseases, indigestion etc. In older age, you may suffer from problem in bones, pain in knees and ankles.

Sinister- if the result of Saturn will be slow due to any planet then your wife will not be able to do work in home or outside means she will not be able to do any kind of physical or mental work at home. So, you will have to do both household and job related work. As a result of this, you will be mentally exhausted but you will be able to fulfill your responsibility brilliantly.

You may get irritate sometime. Even after working so hard, you will be able to add money as per your subsistence. In that condition, you will be angry from God and you will curse God for this.

You will remain karma yogi in your whole life. Due to the slow result of Saturn, if you did not work sticking at one place and roam around for employment then you will have to face a lot of economic problems. You may crave for food as well.


Remedies for Saturn In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Almonds would be good to place in religion.

2. Feed sweet made of milk to the poor children.

3. Feed milk to old age ladies in vradashram.

4. Do Bhairav Sadhana.

5. Make arrangement for the education of labor or labor’s child.


Saturn In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in eleventh house- Your Saturn is in the eleventh house, due to which you will have medium sized body, wide cheek and red lean lips.

Behavior- You will be quite person. You will listen to all silently with concentration. You will not be in hurry to reach at any conclusion. You will do that with wide mapping. Your own people will make you fool many times but you will enjoy becoming fool and you will try to pretend innocence.

You will be able to get respect from others. You will be religious by nature and you will do the study of the scriptures and will use them as a discourse on others.

You will be very brave. You would like to watch horror serials and films from childhood. People will trust you and you will be respected from others.

You will have special choice in dressing. You would like to wear dresses of your choice from childhood.

You will not be a quick temper but loud talk will be your habit, due to which some people will think that you have proud.

Education and Employment-You will be retentive. In any subject, you will attract a grip. You can get a higher education at an early age.

English, Hindi and Science will be your favorite subjects and you will choose that subject in which much work would be of speaking. That’s why, you can become a teacher.

You will be interested in politics also and if you will stand in election then you will surely win. You will be benefited from political state system. You will be liked by society and friends.

You can be successful in technology and finance related work. In business, you can go for wood work, interior decoration, wedding pandal designing, cars outer and interior decoration, motor race related work etc.

Family life- you will have good tuning with your elder brother and sister. All will love you a lot and you will also work with other’s advice.

You will be interested in love relationships. You can go for love marriage. If your family agrees then you will not face any problem. Your wife probably will fail in making rapport with your family. But, you will be able to make everyone’s happy with your attractive talks.

You will get vehicle access. You will get property from your parents.

Health – you may suffer from injury in knees, bone breaking, tooth breakage due to an accident, Arthritis and Petri.

Sinister – Due to the bad effects of Saturn, there will be obstacles in higher education and career, struggle in job and business and will hard to get back the money loaned.

You will have lack of married happiness and child related concern. Your marriage will be delayed and love will be unsuccessful.

You will be expected to deception by the nearby person. Due to expensive nature, it is expected that you may face loan like problems.


Remedies for Saturn In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Go for light color interior in your house.

2. Worship God Vishnu.

3. Wear silver ring in the right leg’s toe and tie black color thread in your legs in order to remove the problem of spine bone.

4. If you are going to construct your house then do not stop it in the middle and get it fully completed.

5. Fill fennel in a small polythene and keep it in your room.

6. Keep your house clean and airy.


Saturn In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in twelfth house- As your Saturn is in the twelfth house, you will be attractive and innocent looking person. You will have congenital magnetic power in your eyes. If you see someone by the smiling face then he/she will leave everything and will become your slave.

Behavior- You will behave equally with rich or poor people. You will be clean by heart and you will not hurt anyone.

There would be only one drawback in your behavior that you will be quick tempered person. But it will not be for the long time.

You will not hesitate to die for the persons, who will love you. Along with this, you will be angry if someone will hurt you. Yu will have intelligence, knowledge and individuality.

You will be proficient in compelling speech. You will be able to achieve high position by defeating enemies. You will be longing for sexual pleasure and will always like to accompany women.

Education and Employment- You may be proficient in many subjects at a time. Though, you will not be highly educated but your knowledge will not be less than a highly educated person.

You will be interested in fine arts and you will be capable in making detailed project report and writing books.

You can do work related to building construction, building material, hospital goods, goods for jailors and agricultural tools etc.

Due to exceptional qualification and capacity, you will be radiant in your area. Laziness will not have any significance in your life. When you will determine to do any work then you will surely complete that work. You will not be disappointed in the event of failure.

Family life- One side, you will appreciate your father’s humanism and religious ethics and on the other side, you both will have differences in your views. And, you will not get any benefit from your father. Your childhood will be normal. Your married life will be fine. Though, in the beginning, there would be some differences between your wife and your family but all will be fine as the time passes.

Your child will be your money. Your child will be intelligent and will respect you. You will have son and you will be gem in your family.

Health- You would have good health but you will be careless towards your health. You will consult the doctor only when you will suffer from serious sickness. There may be possibilities that you may suffer from paralysis, stomach problems, piles and hernia disease.

Sinister: If your Saturn is negative then you will have a habit of cheating, whether you will belong to the rich family.

You will not have good relations with your family as well as relatives due to the evil Saturn. You will hate them and will get their money by doing fraud.

Because of the bad Saturn, you will face some problem in spine born, due to which, you will even not be able to stand straight.


Remedies for Saturn In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Feed sweet food to blind people in the blind school.

2. Always wear golden chain.

3. Chant ‘Aditya Hridya Strota’ everyday.

4. Gift toys in orphanages.

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