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Lo Shu Grid

Lo Shu grid is a square-shaped design which consists of 9 numbers from 1 to 9 with 3 rows and 3 columns. Total of each row and each column sums to 15. It is considered as sacred square. Chinese, numerology has always been associated with the Magical Lo Shu Grid, which was discovered around 4000 years ago. The intrinsic patterns of the base chart, together with the way the numbers move about the grid, are believed to offer clues on the characteristics and outcomes of events within the environment. The Lo Shu grid is the central principle behind “Flying Star Feng Shui” and also used in the interpretation of individual birth charts.



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This mentioned diagram is a special magic square. It has been formulated after an intense research for creating an unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. It is the commitment to material and spiritual prosperity of today's man that has led to designing this simple and logical yet effective technique.

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Where did Lo Shu Square come from?

The story of this square’s origin dates back to almost 4000 years old China. Legend says that Chinese people found a tortoise shell during the flood of the river Luo.

This tortoise-shell had a 3×3 square on its back and the sum of every horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row was added up to 15. Now 15 is the number of days between the new moon and the full moon. Number 5 was also highly regarded in ancient China and this magic square had a number 5 in the center.

In those ancient times in China it was considered auspicious omen because they believed that God lived inside tortoise and turtle shells.

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The diagram above illustrates the relationship between the eight-sided Pa-Kua and the nine grids Lo-Shu magic square. Please note that the Pa-Kua shown here places the direction of South at the top, to correspond with the number 9. This is because the Chinese compass places South at the top, and to ensure consistency and accuracy, it is necessary when relationships between symbols are being analyzed, and to comply with the practice followed in the ancient manuals.

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For practical purposes, however, you may use modern compasses, which place North at the top. However, it is vital that mistakes should not be made while attempting to conceive interpretation based on symbolic relationship between numbers and the Trigrams.

An ancient form of divination, Chinese numerology dates back about 4,000 years. The birth of this artform is retold in the Legend of the Turtle

Between 2205 and 2198 B.C.E. He had a reputation of being wise and ruled in a just manner.

At one time Emperor Yu was engaged the supervision of building a dam on the Yellow River. Sitting by the bank of the river he was interrupted by a divine turtle which appeared from the river. The name of the turtle was Hi.

The emperor was astonished when he took a closer look on the back of the Turtle. There was a magic square, nine numbers in all. The numbers added up to 15 in every direction.

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Emperor Yu is widely acknowledged as the one who first discovered the magic square, brought to him on the shell of the turtle, which aside from being an omen of good luck in Chinese lore, is well known for its divine wisdom.  This magic square is known as the “Lo Shu” square and is important in all forms of Chinese spirituality surrounding numbers such as Feng Shui, the Ki Star theory, and The Chinese Zodiac. Chinese numerology readings are based on mystical traditions, including the I-Ching - which sometimes also used for numerology compatibility readings. Over time Chinese numerology has evolved into three different systems that are being used today. There is the Western version of chinese numerology, the traditional chinese numerology and the Ki system.  Whatever the method, the basic principles are the same in the modality.

Yang Numbers:
Examples of a 'yang number' are the 'odd numbers': 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc.

Yin Numbers:
Examples of a 'yin number' are the 'even numbers': 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc.

Some examples of Yin and Yang:

The Yin and Yang must be balanced. Yin and Yang are complementary and inseparable. It seems impossible to imagine one without the other. So if at any moment Yin is too strong Yang will be in the future and seek balance.

Yin Yang
Number Even
2, 4, 6, 8
1, 3, 5, 7, 9
Position Bottom Top
Time Night Day
Season Autumn, Winter Spring, Summer
Direction North, West South, East
Element Water Fire
Gender Female Male
Heat Cold Hot
Humidity Wet Dry
Brightness Dark Light
Color Black White
Planet Moon Sun
View Invisible Visible
Planet Earth Heaven

Yin and Yang

Lucky Numbers:
A 'lucky number' is a number which is based on Chinese words that sound similar to other Chinese words. The numbers '6', '8', and '9'' are believed to have auspicious meanings because their names sound similar to words that have positive meanings. For example: Number '8' is a lucky number because it sounds like the 'prosperous' (in Cantonese language).

Unlucky Numbers:
Number '4' and number '13' are an 'unlucky number' according to the principles of Chinese numerology. The number '13' adds up to '4'. The number '4' sounds like the word 'death' (in Cantonese language). One should notice here that you do not have to worry much about the number '4' if the pronunciation of this number in your language does not sound similar to the word 'death'.

These principles can be applied to everything is life from auspicious dates such as your birthday, the date you conceived a child, or your wedding day to the colors you should paint your bedroom, investment tips in the stock market, and grades in school. Using the Lo Shu grid can give you great insights to the numbers in your life.

Note that the arrangement of the eight Trigram in this PaKua is based on the later Heaven Sequence. This is because all latter day practice of both Chinese Astrology and Chinese Feng Shui adopt this sequential representation of the Pa-Kua's Trigrams.


Chinese gives equal importance to Lo-Shu square as they do for the Pa-kua. It is derived from Laxmi Yantra, similar to the one of the back of tortoise considered on be the 2nd incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The square consists of numbers one to nine set in a square. As you can see from the square whether you add the numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally the sum of the numbers of 15.

The square is also called magic square and is believed to give important information while analyzing the building/destiny of the person. Let's have a closer look at the square and try to see it's significance.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

No. 1 Represents Water Element
No. 2,5,8 Represents Earth Element
No. 3,4 Represents Wood Element
No. 6,7 Represents Metal Element
No. 9 Represents Fire Element

Lo Shu Numbers and Their Meanings

This incredible square can help us understand our future. We can see that each number represents a specific element, direction and a life aspiration.

Number Direction Element Description
1 North Water Career, Planning
2 Southwest Earth Marriage, Happiness, Initiative
3 East Wood Family relationships, Growth
4 Southest Wood Wealth, Prosperity
5 Center Earth Strength, Stability
6 Northwest Metal Helpful people, Friends, Foreign contracts, New opportunities
7 West Metal Mental peace, Creativity, Children
8 Northest Earth Knowledge, Education, Memory
9 South Fire Fame, Energy, Recognition

The Magical Lo Shu grid is equally divided equally into 6 parts. 3 Vertically and 3 horizontally respectively.

3 Horizontal Lo Shu Planes

Top row (4, 9 and 2) 
  • It is called the Mental Plane.
  • Represents the head of a person.
  • Includes thinking, creating, imagining and analyzing.
Middle row (3, 5 and 7) 
  • It is called the Emotional Plane.
  • Represents the body.
  • Includes spirituality, intuition, feelings, and emotions.
Bottom row (8, 1 and 6) 
  • It is called the Practical Plane.
  • Represents the feet.
  • Includes physical labor, creativity, and the ability to be practical in everyday life.

To use the head-legs analogy again, the feet are firmly placed on the ground in the Practical Plane.

Similarly, the vertical rows are also interpreted as follows:

3 Vertical Lo Shu Planes

Top row (4, 3 and 8) 
  • It is called the Thought Plane.
  • Reveals the person’s ability to come up with ideas, create things and carry them through to fruition
Middle row (9, 5 and 1) 
  • It is called the Will Plane.
  • Gives determination and persistence to succeed.
Bottom row (2, 7 and 6) 
  • It is called the Action Plane.
  • Shows the person’s ability to put his thoughts into action.

The three vertical rows make a natural progression. First of all, the person has to come up with an idea (Thought plane). He (or she) has to have determination and persistence (Will plane), otherwise the idea will never be acted upon. The planning is done at this stage. Finally, the person needs to be able to put the idea and the determination into action (Action plane).

How to use Lo Shu Grid?

Let’s take an example to understand how can we use the Lo Shu Grid to understand our life.

How to apply Lo-Shu Grid. Lets take one example of birth date 12 July, 1977 :-

Place the number of date of birth in the Lo-Shu square as shown:-

  9 2

Now we can observe that
(A) In the chart 3 & 4 (represent wood element) is missing thereby growth is missing in his life.

How to get cure: Green light in the East & South-East in bed room for enhancing growth.

(B) Number 5 & 8 (represent Earth element) is missing thereby whatever he speaks or acts will not be forceful thereby he is not properly rewarded in the life

Cure: Yellow bulb in the centre of the room and he has to wear crystal necklace and peak himalayan mountain wall poster painting to be decorated or fixed on the south side corner wall and west side corner wall thereby creating south west corner with mountain in his bed room and office. Keep green stone pyramid in south west for strength & stability.

(C) Number 6 (represent metal) is missing in the chart which means he is missing friends or helpful people. He has struggle independently for his development in life or corner.

Cure: To wear a yellow metal bracelet on the hand or any yellow colour metal watchstrap. Ladies will not have this problem as they wear golden bangles.
Hang a 5 rod yellow /golden wind chime in N/W sector and place a pre energized white or golden pyramid in NW.

Every human being is ruled by the direction influencing magnetic fields in his bedroom. According to the old testaments both Indian and Chinese heritage the four main direction and the four cardinal direction give different energies to a person according to his /her date of birth or name , where the exact date of birth not available. First we deal with the person having the birth date. Please use the following formula for determining the individual lucky numbers:-

Using the lunar calendar year of birth, add the two digits of the year till you get a single digit number e.g. A person born on 15 July,1943. In this case the lunar year according to the Chinese numerology has commenced on 5th Feb,1943. Now coming to the above birth date please take 1943 as the lunar year in this the last two digit i.e.4 and 3 are to be added to receive the single digit i.e.4+3=7. Now the man deduct this number 7 from 10. The result number is 3, which is his lucky number. For women born on above date add this two digit number with 5 i.e.4+3+5=12 (1+2=3) which is her lucky number.

Note:- If you get the number 10 adding the number then you have to consider 1+0=1. According to table know your directions.

The above person born with the lucky number 3 should keep his or her pillow on the south and east direction if they want total success or personal development. If they want to recover their health they must keep their pillow toward North direction. If they want to be get the children they must keep their pillow on the south-east direction. Similarly while working or studying the table they must face or visualize the above lucky directions. Thus this charts denotes the auspicious and inauspicious directions who know their date of birth. With the help of these three charts Laxmi Yantra, directionology and biorhythms one can easily obtain health, happiness, peace and prosperity in everyday life.

The table below can help you to fix the missing numbers in your Lo Shu grid.

Number Direction Element Solution
1 North Water Put a water fountain or aquarium.
Hang a painting or a picture of flowing water in metal frame.
Hang a light mirror or a wall clock.
2 Southwest Big Earth Hang a picture of mountains without water.
Wear a necklace of pearls or crystals.
Keep a pair of crystal balls, birds, or flowers.
Keeping Amethyst/Rose quartz rocks or wearing a pendant.
Bracelet with these stones will be very helpful in strengthening relationships.
Keep stone pyramid.
3 East Wood  
Keep energized green stone pyramid.
Put a small green plant or green bulb.
Put a picture of greenery/green plants.
Put a green octagonal pyramid.
Keep a wooden pen, wooden key ring, etc. with you.
Put a wooden wall clock on the East wall. (octagonal shape).
4 Southeast Wood  
Keep picture of greenery.
Keep energized green stonepyramid.
Light a green bulb, put up images of green trees.
Keep an energized green pyramid in the Southeast direction of bedroom.
Keep a wooden pen, wooden key ring, etc with you.
5 Center Earth  
Hang high peak mountain poster without water.
Wear crystal pendant.
Wear pearl ring.
Keep stone pyramid.
Hang yellow bulb in centre of room.
Wear crystals in any form or shape.
Hang a crystal chandelier or crystal balls.
6 Northwest Metal  
Wear watch with golden metallic chain.
Hang 6 rod metallic wind chime.
Install energized white or metallic pyramid.
Wear a yellow or golden armlet
Wear a watch with a golden metal chain
Put up a golden windchime with 6 rods.
Keep a white or golden octagonal pyramid.
7 West Metal  
Wear watch with golden metallic chain.
Hang 7 rod metallic wind chime.
Install energized white or metallic pyramid.
Wear a white silver armlet
Wear a wrist watch with a silver metal chain
Put up a silver windchime with 7 rods.
Keep a white or silver octagonal pyramid.
8 Northeast Small Earth  
Wear a necklace or pendant of crystals.
Keep Ganga kalash filled with holy Ganga water.
Keep a crystal lotus or crystal clock
Or any small crystal show piece.
9 South Fire Install energized pyramid.
Put a red bulb in the South direction
Or keep a red pyramid.

Matching the Elements to Energize

The easiest way to energize each particular sector is to match the element of that corner/direction with appropriate objects, shapes or colours and place them in that sector.

For the Southeast & East Use Plants
The southeast brings wealth and the east good family relationships and health. Choose healthy plants with broad succulent leaves representing the wood element.  Blue carpets, wallpaper or pillows are also acceptable as they represent water, which symbolically “produces wood”.

For the Southwest, Northeast and Center Use Crystals
The southwest brings love and romance, the northeast good education luck and the center represents family luck.  These three sectors are symbolic of the earth element…so place natural crystals in this area. Glass, pebbles, ceramics, granite … things like this.  Since fire produces earth in the 5 element cycle any item with red, or yellows and oranges are excellent for earth sectors.

For the North Use Water 
Water features in the north bring career luck… but don’t overdo it.  Too much water is dangerous but in small doses brings enormous good fortune since water is also symbolic of money.  Remember water should flow inward (never away from the home) and water features are not suitable in your bedroom even if it is in the north.  Instead energize the north sector of another room that you frequently use.  Black or blue and white is an excellent colour combination to use in this area since white represents the metal element which supports water (blue or black).

For the South Use Lighting
The fire element in the south brings recognition luck, respect and fame so bright lights and crystals here will energize this corner.  A good colour combination is green and red - these work well from a feng shui perspective but if you feel these are too “Christmassy” then just tone down the shades - the colours don’t have to be bright to energize the element!

For the West and Northwest Use Metal 
The west represents children’s luck and the northwest brings luck to the patriarch of the family as well as mentor luck. Windchimes are excellent here as they serve two purposes - they press down bad luck but also energize good luck!  They move in the wind and their sounds create additional Yang energy.  Shades of metallic colours, whites and golds are great here especially when combined with earth colours.

A word of caution: You can energize all sectors but a word of caution… don’t over-energize any one sector by having too much of the particular element needed as this creates imbalance and can be dangerous.

Lo Shu Square and Feng Shui

The Lo Shu Square is used in Compass School Feng Shui with the Flying Star theory (Xuan Kong Fei Xing). The square allows a feng shui practitioner to analyze a house or office building to determine oncoming changes that affect the residents or office workers.

Numbers and Meanings

Number Meaning Direction
One Unity North
Two Double Happiness & Easy Southwest
Three Growth East
Four Death Southeast
Five Nothing Center
Six Profitable Northwest
Seven Certainly & For Sure West
Eight Prosperous Northeast
Nine Enough South

Calculate Your Birth Chart Square

To calculate your birth chart square, enter the numbers of your birth month, day and year onto the Lo Shu Square by placing within a parenthesis the number of times each number appears. This gives your best direction and other influences in your life so you can take advantage of them. The Chinese use this chart to predict the future and find ways for you to influence your life path.

Numbers are Either Yin or Yang

All numbers are either yin (even) or yang (odd). Yang numbers are considered the more fortunate of the two.

How Chinese Numerology Is Used

The Chinese culture is rich in practical applications of numerology to assist in their every day lives. There are several specific areas where numerology can assist in increasing health, wealth and abundance.

Your House Number

A house number plays a significant role in your experience living at that residence. A combination of odd and even numbers are best for a house number. If yours adds to a four, a new sign can counter the negative effects with a circle enclosing the numbers.

Numerology and the Stock Market

The Chinese culture is steeped in the art of numerology. Not only is it used in daily life choices but it's also used in making business decisions. The stock market is no exception. Trading is done based on the numbers in the stock market listing. If a stock has an eight or a double eight (two eights within the stock number) it's considered a good investment buy. The numbers 666 is also a very fortunate series of numbers assuring good fortune and abundance.

Chinese Numerology Has Many Uses

Chinese numerology has many applied practices and applications that are interrelated to each other. You can benefit by learning to use them.

Which Chinese Element Are You?

Chinese astrology differs from Western astrology in the fact that there are five elements in the Chinese system, and they emphasize different positions in life rather than a specific set of characteristics. However, these elements can still indicate the characteristics a person bears, and which traits someone from one element shares with others from the same element.

Five Chinese Elements

Element Color Symbol Season Day Planet
Wood Blue Dragon Spring Thursady Jupiter
Fire Red Phoenix Summer Tuesday Mars
Earth Yellow Cauldron Late Summer Saturday Saturn
Metal White Tiger Autumn Friday Venus
Water Black Turtle Winter Wednesday Mercury


There are five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element is strongly related to one another, and there are many mnemonic devices to help remember them, such as:

  • Wood feeds a fire
  • Fire makes ash (earth)
  • Earth contains metal
  • Metal holds water (as in a pail or bucket)
  • Water breeds wood

A few examples of how to interpret this include:

  • Creation: Water gives life to Wood. Wood gives life to Fire. Fire gives life to Earth (ash). Earth gives life to Metal. Metal gives life to Water.
  • Destruction: Wood's roots separate and break open the Earth. Earth absorbs Water. Water smothers Fire. Fire melts Metal. Metal penetrates Wood.

Much like the popular Yin-Yang symbol of Chinese astrology uses opposing force to promote the flow of energy, the five Chinese elements act in tandem, relate to one another, dance with one another, have specific attributes that separate one from the other, yet each depends on all the others to give it life.

Your Element

Your element is determined by the year of your birth. Therefore, it's easy to figure out your element. Just look at the last number in your birth year and match it to the element listed for that number.

  • If the last number in your birth year is 0 or 1, your element is Metal
  • If the last number in your birth year is 2 or 3, your element is Water.
  • If the last number in your birth year is 4 or 5, your element is Wood.
  • If the last number in your birth year is 6 or 7, your element is Fire.
  • If the last number in your birth year is 8 or 9, your element is Earth.

As an example, if you were born in 1989, your element would be Earth.

Number 1 (COMMUNICATION): It is associated with the communication. It relates how an individual reacts and communicates with others.

Number 2 (SENSITIVE & INTUTION): It is associated with sensitive & intuition power. It relates how sensitive and intuitive an individual is.

Number 3 (PLANNING & IMAGINATION): It relates the intellectual capacity of an individual, and the memory and ability to think clearly and logically.

Number 4 (DISCIPLINE & ORGANISED): It relates to neat, tidy and good with details. On a broader level we can say an individual is practical and hardworking too. Also represents order and balance.

Number 5 (BALANCE - Emotional & Mental): It is associated with balance. It relates to balance and emotional stability of an individual. Also relates to freedom.

Number 6 (HOME & FAMILY): It relates to creativity and love for home and family. It also relates an individual to be helpful with people and friendship. These individuals are very insecure for their home and family particularly for their children.

Number 7 (DISAPPOINTMENTS): It relates to sacrifice. Their heart rules over head. They learn through there losses or disappointments of four kinds which are Love, Emotional, Health, and Finance respectively.

Number 8 (DISCIPLINE & ORGANISED): It is associated with discipline & organized. It relates to attention to detail.

Number 9 (HUMANITARIAN): It is associated with humanitarian. It relates to idealism, valor, and ambition.

Repitition of Numbers

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The following is the table of the key words, a particular number comes in the grid how many times and what is says. If you have a repeatative number then it will have below effects -

Number Once Twice Thrice Four Times
1 Introvert Communicative Talkative Compassionate
2 Sensitive Bright Very sensitive Loners
3 Excellent Creative Over imaginative Over imaginative
4 Orderly and stable Pragmatic Hardworking More physical activity
5 Caring Persistent Determined Instantaneous action
6 Good advisers Original High tempered Emotional
7 Learn with experience Spiritual Learn through loss Difficulties in life
8 Scrupulous Adamant Materialistic Ceaselessly in motion
9 Intelligent Critical Givers Brilliant but loners


Here are the numbers with their meanings in more detail -


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One time They cannot express their innermost thoughts.
They can have difficulty understanding other people.
Two times They can communicate well.
They are able to understand another person’s opinion.
Three times They are like a chatter box.
However, they can also be silent and uncommunicative at times.
Four times They cannot express themselves yet very sensitive and compassionate.
They sometimes create misunderstandings.
It is difficult to relax for them.
They are hyper most of the times.
Five times They are the least likely to be comfortable giving speeches to large audiences.
However, they make excellent writers, artists or dancers.
They have a tendency to overindulge in food, wine and lovers.


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One time They are sensitive and can easily have their feelings hurt.
They are fast to recognize cunning people.
Two times They are very bright and intuitive, making them a good psychic.
Three times They are more sensitive and can be reclusive.
Four times They are at times so impatient and finicky that they can be very difficult to handle.
They often prefer to be a loner as people find them a little weird.
Five times They are born complainers and cribbers.


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One time They have an excellent memory and a clear view of his goals.
They are positive and natural born leaders.
Two times They are highly creative and are able to express their feelings very well.
Three times They are highly imaginative, living in their own world and it becomes at times difficult for them to relate with the outside world.
They are a compulsive day dreamer.
Four times They may appear to be paranoid due to their overactive imagination.


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One time They are very neat and tidy in their appearance and in their surroundings.
They are involved in the systemic type of work.
Two times They are highly materialistic.
They love to do their work and are very creative and artistic.
Three times They are athletic and hardworking, but mostly their energies are used in the wrong directions.
Four times They are good at work especially involving their hands.
They are laborious in their efforts and prefer doing jobs which require physical labor.


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One time They need lots of freedom in their relationships or at work. You cannot tie them down.
They are very caring and well balanced and are constructive in their approach and good at motivating others.
They make good leaders.
Two times They are determined and hard working.
Three times They are compulsive talkers who do not think before they speak.
They generally repent what they say without thinking.
They are daring and like to do off the beat things and love to travel to weird places.
Four times They get prone to accidents or also cause one itself.
They become impulsive and do not think before they act.


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One time They are very close to their family and like to maintain pleasant surroundings.
They are good advisers and listeners.
People usually seek their advice.
Two times They are creative but also dominating parents who keep on worrying all the time without any serious reason.
Three times They are very temperamental.
They are short tempered and need to control their foul tempers.
Their creativity needs to be channelized which makes them great exponents in their chosen fields.
Four times They are a misfit as a child as they are highly creative and emotional.
They like to throw tantrums but if given proper guidance in childhood they become geniuses in their chosen fields.


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One time They shall have a lesson by losing something close to him be it a person or object.
Two times They are interested in the spiritual world and life after death.
Three times They lead unfortunate lives surrounded by fraud, deceit and financial losses.
But they are able to withstand all of it by their strong inner self.
Four times They have all the problems in this world pertaining to their health, home and finances.


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One time They are good with details and are conscientious.
They have active minds and love to have varieties.
They do not like doing routine jobs.
Two times They are very incisive and conscientious.
They are more of doers than listeners.
Once they take decisions they stick to it.
Three times They are very materialistic and greedy.
They make excellent businessmen and they want the very best for themselves.
They have all the luxuries that money can buy.
Four times They are very restless and constantly in need of change.
They either travel a lot or are usually behind the bars.


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One time They possess enough intelligence to choose between right and wrong.
It represents learning on the mental level.
Two times They are intellectually inclined and also critical of others as they think they are the only ones with higher intelligence.
Three times They are someone who is a giving and idealistic person.
They generally like to exaggerate a situation.
Four times They are super intelligent and at the same time they live in their own world or are labeled as loners.
If their energies and intelligence are channelized properly they are capable to produce a positive result in our society and make wonderful leaders.


The Nine Houses

Because the numbers changes position in the key system all the time, it is very easy to determine future trends.

Each box in the three-by-three magic square contains a house. Over a period of time, the natal year and natal month numbers move around the chart, giving us the opportunity to experience the different energies each house gives to the main numbers.

In1997, for instance, the universal chart for the year will be the one that contains 3 in the centre position. In 1998, it will be the chart that has a 2 in this position. The year 1999 contains a 1; 2000 a 9; 2001 an 8, and so on.

6 2 4
5 7 9
1 3 8

Naturally, because can work out where our numbers will be in the magic square for any year, we are able to use the Ki system to know but energies will be around us. This knowledge allows us to make important decisions at the right times and to live in harmony with universe.

If you are looking at the early trends, pay particular attention to the house your Natal year number is in.

Favorable and Unfavorable Position

As your natal numbers move around the chart they are going to spend time in each house. Some of these houses will be especially good for you, and you will experience this as a time when everything seems to go your way. At other times, your natal numbers will reside in unfavorable houses, and this is when everything will seem o conspire against you, making it impossible to move ahead.

The easiest way to determine the favorable and unfavorable houses is to look at the element controlling each position. For instance, if your natal year number is 2, 5, or 8 all of which are earth numbers, you will find it easy to move ahead when your natal number is in any of the earth houses. You would also prosper when your natal number was in house 9, as that is a fire house, and fire produces earth. However, you would not fare so well when you natal number was in house 1, as this is a water houses and water can be polluted by earth.

In the same way, wood people (3 & 4) should be cautious when in the houses of fire (9)and metal (6&7),because these can both destroy wood.

It is an interesting exercise to follows your natal numbers through a nine year period and determine the different energies you will experience at each stage.

Magic Square Directions

The magic square also shows directions (figure below). These directions remain constant, of course, but the numbers inside the square change all the time. The positions of our natal year and Natal Month in the chart show us the best directions for us to travel at the time. This is particularly emphasized if the number is inside a positive. When the Natal Year or Natal Month number is inside houses 5 (the center of the chart), travel is not advised.

6 2 4
5 7 9
1 3 8

Directions as Shown by the magic square

The Meaning of the Houses

Each year the basic chart changes, and as a result your Natal Year numbers change positions. The places , or houses they arrive in can be interpreted to give you some idea of the nature of the year. (Naturally, you can also do this on a monthly basis, if you wish.) Each house has a meaning.

When your Natal Year or Month number is in this house you need to be patient and cautious. It is time to think, reflect, and make future plans. It is often a time when money problems arise. Pay attention to details and do not overextend yourself, particularly financially.
Although you will spend some time with friends and loved ones, you will also seek out periods to be by yourself. Make sure that you let your family and friends know what you are doing to avoid any misunderstandings.
Most of your development at this time will be inner development. It is a good time to trust your intuition and to develop this side of your makeup.
Element: Water
Color : White
Direction: North

This time to slow and study progress. Your fortunes will improve, and you will be feeling positive about all aspects of your life. However, the deep thinking that began in House-1 is still continuing, so bide your time and avoid making impulsive decisions. It is not a good time to start on anything new, but you can improve and stabilize existing ventures. Seek advice from other on matter that you are not sure about, Stress is likely, so make sure you allow sufficient time to relax and unwind. Make sure that you keep in touch with close friends an family.
Element: Earth
Color: Black
Direction: South-West

This is a time of new beginnings. Your enthusiasm and energy levels will be high, and your creativity will blossom. You will have a strong desire to make things happens and will be feeling optimistic and positive. Even though you will be impatient to start make sure that your ideas are good and workable before getting them underway. This is an excellent time for travel and for starting new ventures. It is also a good time for love and romance. Avoid nervous tension, exercise and eat wisely.
Element: Wood
Color: Turquoise
Direction: East

When your Natal numbers are in this house you will start to reap the rewards of your hard work. You will have a cler idea of what you want to achieve, and this focus makes it much easier to reach your goals. You will be working on developing things that you began last year, and you will find that you will move forward smoothly. It is also a good time for love and friendships.
You will be able to express yourself well, and will possess a confident and mature outlook. this is time of success.
Element: Wood
Color: Green
Direction: South-East

This house is sometimes referred to as the house of disaster, but this is usually an overstatement. Unexpected happenings occur when your Natal numbers appear in this position, but these can be good as well as bad. During this year you should pause, take stock of your life, and make plans for future progress. Be cautious and well disciplined, and avoid impulsive actions. Undue haste and impatience may cause problems.
This is not a good year for travel. Five is in the centre position and you should stay "centred" this year in other words, as close to home as possible.
Naturally, when you were born your Natal Year number was in House 5. Consequently, it remains your most important house, and every nine years, when you Natal Year number appears in it, you tend to reap what you have sown. This makes it a karmic house, as well. The Ki system, just like the other systems of numerology, works in nine cycles. Naturally, all the other numbers are also in the same positions they were in when you were born. This means that for this year, you evaluate how your life is progressing and look both backward and forward.
Speaking generally, matters go more smoothly in the first half of this year than they do in the second. This is just a true as true with love and romance as it is with other areas of your life.
Element: Earth
Color: Yellow
Direction: Centre

This is a time when you able to move ahead strongly. The tide is going your way, and you should seize the opportunities that present themselves. Hard work done in the past will pay off now. However,do not overwork and allow sufficient time for relaxation. It is a good period for spending time with friends, providing you do not overindulge in food or drink. On the negative side, avoid being petty and arrogant, and realize that the other people may sometimes be right in their views. Avoid disagreements and concentrate on your on goals. It is a waste to spend this fruitful time on small-minded matters.
Element: Metal
Color: White
Direction: North-West

At this time matters will go your way, apparently without any effort. In actually, you will be reapingrewards for things that you did in the past. Although everything appears to happen easily, you will still need to pay attention to details to ensure that you make the most of this time. This is a good period for creativity, for partnerships, and for money. It is not a good time to starting anything new, but it provides an excellent opportunity to capitalize on your past efforts.
Element: Metal
Color: Red
Direction: West

This is a period where you appear to mark time. In fact, you are inwardly progressing, but may not be fully aware of it. It is a good time to carry on with your education, perhaps exploring a subject that you have not had time to properly examine in the past. It is a moderate year financially. You may find a strong desire to improve your physical fitness. All relationships blossom at this time.
By the end of the year there is a strong possibility that you will have changed direction. This could be a change of occupation, home, or way of thinking. However, this will happen so gradually, almost
imperceptibly, that it could be a surprise when it occurs. This change will open up new direction for you and eliminate many past frustrations.

This marks a time when all matters in your life are lit up. On the positive side, this could bring fame, fortune and great success. On the negative side, something you have friend to keep hidden may somehow be revealed, causing distress and embarrassment. If your dealings with others are honest and you have nothing to be ashamed about, you will find this a period of great joy.
You are likely to make new friends and be exposed to new experiences during this year. Make sure that you do one thing at a time, rather than trying to do everything all at once. Long-term relationships fare well this year, provided you pay attention to them. It is not a good year for short-term, superficial relationships.
Element :Fire
Color: Purple
Direction :South

Impact of Missing Numbers

Numbers that are completely missing from the chart indicate lessons that the person has to learn this lifetime. Knowing what numbers our friends and families are missing in their charts allow us to know what they are struggling to learn. This enables us to be more understanding and supportive. Without this knowledge we might criticize others for their performance in certain areas, which never works. By knowing their missing numbers we can help them in their difficult areas and encourage to lead a more successful life.

Every one has at least one number missing from his or her chart.

Missing Numbers

     1        2        3       4       5       6       7       8       9

Number 1
In this century we will find people without the number 1 in their charts. This has been impossible for the thousand years. People missing the number 1 will find it difficult to express their individuality, and will be more concerned with helping and nurturing others. They will be almost entirely without an ego. They will need to develop creative outlets of some sort, as this will allow them to express their emotions more constructively.

Number 2                                                                               TOP
People without number 2 in their charts are lacking sensitivity and intuition. Consequently, they will make many mistakes by ignoring the still, small, quite voice within. They are inclined to be impatient and unpunctual. There is a tendency in these people try to justify their actions, rather than admit they have made a mistake. These people need to learn to achive balance in their lives.

Number 3                                                                               TOP
People without number 3 in their charts lack confidence and find it hard to express themselves. They are inclined to underestimate themselves and be overly self-effacing. They find it hard to think logically when faced with distractions. They need to learn to accept themselves as they are, then move forward gaining in confidence and self-esteem at every step.

Number 4                                                                               TOP
People without number 4 find it difficult to work on a set routine. They are frequently disorganizes and lacking in motivation. Consequently, they seldom achive much untill they have altered the way they look at life. They need to learn to be better organized and to work for what they want. Because the number 4 is the number of dexterity, people lacking it are seldom good with their hands. As they develop more patience and tolerance life becomes easier for them.

Number 5                                                                               TOP
People without number 5 find it difficult to get to goals; they; lack drive and versatility. They need constant motivation from others. These peoples need to learn to set realistic goals and complete them before starting at others. A missing number 5 is very common.

Number 6                                                                               TOP
People without number 6 need to learn to give more to themselves. They tend to hide innermost feelings from others. This usually relates to difficulties with one of their parents ( often father ) in early life. These peoples experience problems in their relationships until they learn to be more open and free.

Number 7                                                                               TOP
People without number 7 are inclined to be inconsiderate of other people's feelings. They are disorganized in their feelings. They are disorganized in their daily life. They have little or no interest in spiritual or metaphysical matters. They find it hard to be self-sufficient and dislike being left on their own. They need to learn to express their inner feelings and become more relaxed around others.

Number 8                                                                               TOP
People without number 8 are poor at handling their financial matters. They can be overtly careless or too trusting and suffer financially as a result. They also lack motivation and leave tasks unfinished. They need to learn to control a natural impulsiveness and think before acting.

Number 9                                                                               TOP
It is impossible for any one born in the twentieth century to be missing this number, but many people born in twenty-first century will not have it. People with missing number 9 tend to overlook the feelings and needs of others. They are detached and oblivious of what is going in the lives of others. They need to learn to give of themselves, and become true humanitarians.

The Arrows of Strength and Weakness

There are fifteen arrows or lines that can appear in the chart. The arrows of strength occur when three numbers appear together in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The arrows of weakness occur when three empty boxes appear together in a row, again horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

These arrows are sometimes known as the Arrows of Pythagoras. It is possible that Pythagoras did use them, but if so, they were lost at least to the Western world until the 1930s when they were rediscovered by Dr. Hettie Templeton and published in her book 'Numbers and Their Influence'.

Arrows do not appear in every chart. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born January 27, 1756) did not have any arrows in his chart. However, most charts do have them and when they appear they provide a valuable clue as to the person's makeup and personality. Some people have more than one arrow in their chart and, providing these are arrows of strength, they indicate significant capabilities and strength of character.

However, it is not always what we are given that counts. I have encountered many people with remarkable charts who have achieved little in life, and also met people with apparently difficult charts who have persevered and overcome their limitations. Later on, we will look at the chart of Indira Gandhi, who is an excellent example of someone with an extremely difficult chart who went on to make her mark on the world.


The Arrows of Strength

The arrows of strength are regarded as positive influences in the chart. However, the mere presence of them does not ensure that the person will make good use of them. They should be regarded as natural talents that still need further development. They indicate the areas where the person can quickly move ahead.

The Positive Arrows occur when three numbers appear together in a row, column or diagonal. These arrows are also called the Arrows Of Strength or the Arrows Of Pythagoras.

Arrows do not appear in every chart. When they do appear, they can provide very accurate insight into a person's personality. Some people have more than 1 positive arrow and this indicates significant capabilities and strength of character.

Having only 2 numbers in a row, column or diagonal indicates an above average ability in that characteristic. Having only 1 number indicates a below average ability. Having no numbers in a row has an entirely different meaning - Negative Arrows.

Remember that having these abilities is not as important as what we do with them.

The Arrows of Strength

A. The Arrow of Determination B. The Arrow of Compassion
C. The Arrow of Intellect D. The Arrow of Emotional Balance
E. The Arrow of Practicality F. The Arrow of the Planner
G. The Arrow of Willpower H. The Arrow of Activity


A. The Arrow of Determination                                                                   TOP

This arrow is made up of the diagonal numbers 1, 5 and 9. It is frequently found, as everyone born during the 1950s possesses it. As its name indicates, it makes people born with it determined and persistent. They are also enterprising, intense, and progressive. They are patient and prepared to wait for whatever it is they have set their minds on.

However, it is not always easy to be patient for long periods of time, and these people need to learn to control their temper. Thisis particularly the case if the number 4 is missing from their chart.

Margaret Thatcher (born October 13, 1925) is a good example of someone with an arrow of determination. She needed to develop patience and persistence in the long years before she achieved power.

3 2 9
2 5 2
111 2 2

This arrow is found in the same position as in the West, and is made up of the numbers 8, 5 and 2. People with this arrow are patient, persistent, and determined. They are happy to bide their time until the moment is right, then act with decisiveness.

No matter what happens to them they never lose sight of their goals.

Someone born May 18, 1926, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of determination.

5 9 2
5 5 5
8 11 6

B. The Arrow of Compassion                                                                     TOP

This arrow is made up of the diagonal numbers 3, 5 and 7. People with this combination develop a strong faith and philosophy of life. This is normally caused by life's experiences; consequently these people often lead sad lives. However, as they mature, they develop an inner serenity and a strong faith that sustains and comforts them. Many people with this arrow have a strong interest in music.

This arrow is sometimes known as the arrow of mysticism. It is interesting to note that everyone born in the twentieth century with an arrow of compassion will also have the arrow of determination.

Elton John (born March 25, 1947) is a good example of someone with an arrow of compassion. His faith and philosophy come across vividly in much of his musical work.

3 5 9
2 5 5
1 4 7

This arrow follows the path of the Arrow of Compassion in the Western chart, and consists of the numbers 4, 5 and 6. People with this arrow are compassionate, caring people who often make a career out of helping others.

They are sensitive, often intuitive, and have an uncanny ability to understand other people's needs. These people can appear to be shy, particularly in the growing-up years. As children, they are well behaved, quite, and gentle.

A person born April 15, 1966, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of emotional balance.

4 9 5
5 5 5
5 11 66

C. The Arrow of Intellect                                                                                TOP

The arrow of intellect is made up of the horizontal row of 3, 6 and 9. These are all the mental numbers and give those who possess them a good mind and excellent memory. These people are inclined to use their intellect at the expense of their emotions.

They may also tend to look down on people who are not their intellectual equals. Apart from this, they are well balanced and enjoy helping others. Home and family are important to them.

George Orwell (born June 25, 1903) is a good example of someone with an arrow of intellect. Orwell also had the arrows of determination and the planner in his chart, so he was gifted with enormous potential. His literary career took off when he published Down and Out in Paris and London in 1933. Today he is best known for his satirical books, but he also wrote more general works and a series of essays on leading authors and their works.

3 6 9
2 5 1
1 1 1

This arrow is in the same position as it is in the Western grid, but the numbers it comprises are 4, 9 and 2. The presence of these three numbers gives intellectual ability and an excellent memory.

This arrow belongs to people who are analytical, articulate, and logical, but who sometimes consider themselves to be superior to others.

Next century we will find a few people who do not have any numbers on the Spiritual or Material Planes. These people will be so overwhelmed by their thoughts that they run the risk of becoming mentally unbalanced. They will find it very hard to relax and unwind, and they will need constant support and help from others.

Someone born April 12, 1919, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of intellect.

4 99 2
1 1 1
1 111 1

D. The Arrow of Emotional Balance                                                                                  TOP

The arrow of emotional balance is composed of the numbers 2, 5 and 8 in the Emotional Plane. People with this combination in their charts are understanding, compassionate and emotionally well balanced. They can easily understand and empathize with other people's points of view. They are also very natural healers.

This is an extremely strong arrow because of the presence of the 5. When people with this arrow decide to do something they don't stop halfway. They achieve their goals.

The celebrated actor Sean Connery (born August 25, 1930) is a good example of someone with an arrow of emotional balance in his chart.

3 1 9
2 5 8
1 1 1

The Arrow of Spirituality - This arrow is particularly interesting as it is made up of the numbers 3, 5 and 7, the same numbers as in the Western version of this same arrow. However, instead of crossing the chart diagonally from the top left to the bottom right, it occupies the central, horizontal row.

The interpretation of this arrow is virtually identical to that used in the West. It emphasizes the feelings, emotions, and spiritual aspects of the people who have it. It indicates a serious approach to life and an inner calm and serenity that seldom appears before middle age.

A person born March 17, 1953, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of spirituality.

1 9 1
33 5 7
1 11 1

E. The Arrow of Practicality                                                                                 TOP

The arrow of practicality is made up of the numbers 1, 4 and 7 on the Practical Plane. Not surprisingly, people with this arrow in their charts are capable with their hands. This may simply mean they work hard, but they can also express it as some form of creativity. These people are usually the "salt of the earth", being down to earth, capable, practical and easy to get along with.

This arrow usually relates to physical talents, but it can also be related to mental dexterity as well. These people are prepared to work long and hard for anything that they believe in.

Winston Churchill (born November 30, 1874) is a good example of a person with the arrow of practicality. Despite his privileged background and upbringing, he always had the "common touch" and related well with others. He also enjoyed working with his hands, constructing enormous brick walls and painting pictures.

3 1 1
1 1 8
111 4 7

The Arrow of Prosperity - This arrow is in the bottom horizontal row, in the same position as the arrow of practicality on the Western chart. It is made up of the numbers 8, 1 and 6.

People with the arrow of prosperity excel in the business and commercial worlds. They are interested in money for its own sake, and are not usually interested in the higher values of life.

People who have the arrow of prosperity, but also have no numbers on the Spiritual Plane, are cold, calculating, and unfeeling. They achieve great material success, but do so by ignoring the feelings and needs of others.

A person born June 18, 1974, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of prosperity.

4 9 1
1 1 7
8 11 6

F. The Arrow of The Planner                                                                                  TOP

The arrow of the planner consists of the first vertical column: numbers 1, 2 and 3. People with this combination have at least one number in each of the Mental, Emotional and Practical Planes. They are well-organized people who enjoy planning ahead and achieving their goals. Their weakness is in being undisciplined with the details. These people express themselves well and enjoy lengthy discussions on subjects that interest them.

They can also be studious and completely immerse themselves in their studies, becoming oblivious to everything around them.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, the famous British composer of musicals (born March 22, 1948), is a good example of someone with the arrow of the planner.

3 1 9
22 1 8
1 4 1

The Arrow of the Planner - This arrow is in the same position in both the solar and lunar charts. However, in the Eastern chart it consists of the numbers 8, 3 and 4.

The basic meaning of this arrow is similar in both charts, but the Chinese idea of a planner is someone who is shrewd, cunning, and not very ethical. Consequently, it is sometimes known, fairly or not, as the "Politician's Arrow."

Someone born May 18, 1943, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of the planner.

4 9 1
3 5 1
8 11 1

G. The Arrow of Willpower                                                                     TOP

The arrow of willpower is a vertical column comprising the numbers 4, 5 and 6. It is an uncommon arrow, but one that gives considerable strength and endurance. People with this arrow in their charts are inclined to be self-centered, dynamic, and unbe lievably persistent. They tend to be unaware of the feelings of others and can unwittingly hurt others in their drive to reach their own goals. However, they make extremely good friends. Once someone with this arrow becomes your friend, nothing will break the friendship.

These people often experience major problems in their lives, but remain positive and optimistic. Invariably, they find resolutions.

Film star Gregory Peck (born April 5, 1916) is a good example of someone with the arrow of willpower.

11 6 9
11 5 11
11 4 11

The Arrow of Willpower - This arrow is in the same position as it is in the Western grid, but contains the numbers 1, 5 and 9. (These numbers make up the arrow of determination in the Western version of the chart.)

People with this arrow are stubborn. persistent, and determined. They are inclined to be argumentative and have strong opinions on a variety of subjects. This arrow is regarded as a symbol of success, because people with it steadily persist until they reach their ultimate goals.

Someone with a lunar birthday of September 15, 1955, would have the arrow of willpower.

11 99 11
11 555 11
11 11 11

H. The Arrow of Activity                                                                        TOP

The arrow of activity comprises the numbers 7, 8 and 9. People with this arrow in their charts need to express themselves through action. They need to be busy, either physically or mentally. They dislike confined spaces and prefer being outdoors with plenty of room around them. They have a tendency to be nervous and express themselves well with words on paper.

Richard Simmons (born July 12, 1948) is an interesting example of someone with the arrow of activity.

1 1 9
2 1 8
11 4 7

The Arrow of Action - This arrow occupies the same position as the arrow of activity in the Western chart. This is not surprising, as one of the keywords for this arrow is action. It consists of the numbers 6, 7 and 2.

People with this arrow need to be busy, and love physical activities. They enjoy exercise and participating in sports. They have tremendous reserves of energy and are happiest when expending it on some physical challenge.

A person born July 12, 1960, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of action.

1 9 2
2 1 7
11 11 6

The Arrows of Weakness

There are 8 arrows of weakness depending on the row missing in the grid, after completing the numbers from your date of birth (as explained earlier).

The Arrows of Weakness

A. The Arrow of Frustration B. The Arrow of Suspicion
C. The Arrow of Loneliness D. The Arrow of Apathy
E. The Arrow of Confusion F. The Arrow of Losses
G. The Arrow of Indecision H. The Arrow of Poor Memory


A. The Arrow of Frustration                                                                   TOP

The arrow of frustrations is a diagonal arrow created by the absence of the numbers 2, 5 and 8.

This arrow indicates many setbacks and frustrations. In the East it is regarded as a sign of consistent failure. People who have this arrow should try to learn from every experience and think carefully before acting.

Someone born on June 19, 1974 in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of frustrations.

4 99 1
0 1 7
1 11 6

B. The Arrow of Suspicion                                                                     TOP

This arrow is created by an absence of the numbers 4, 5 and 6.

This arrow indicates people who are suspicious, cynical, and moody. They are inclined to worry and dwell on the negative side of life. This arrow revealed a “gray person” indicating someone who always lives in the shade and never comes out into the full light of day.

Someone born July 12, 1982 in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of suspicion.

1 9 22
1 1 7
8 11 1

C. The Arrow of Loneliness                                                                                 TOP

This arrow consists of the absence of the numbers 3, 5 and 7 in the centre horizontal row.

This arrow denotes a lack of feelings. People with this arrow are so intent on achieving their goals that they forget their friends and family, and consequently lack joy, love and laughter in their lives. They usually suffer enormously from loneliness in their old age.

Someone born August 28, 1986, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of loneliness.

1 9 2
1 1 1
888 1 6

D. The Arrow of Apathy                                                                                  TOP

This arrow is created when the chart lacks the numbers 2, 7 and 6 in last vertical row.

People with the arrow of apathy lack motivation and fail to grasp opportunities, even when freely handed to them. These people are indecisive, frightened of taking risks, and generally achieve only a fraction of what they could do if they applied themselves.

Someone born May 14, 1983, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of apathy.

4 9 1
3 5 1
8 11 1

E. The Arrow of Confusion                                                                                 TOP

This arrow is caused by a lack of the numbers 4, 3 and 8 in the chart. It occupies the left-hand vertical column.

People with this arrow are not logical, methodical, or organized. They live from day to day, seldom making long-term plans. When they do, they usually sabotage the plans before they bear fruit.

Someone born July 12,1975, in the lunar calendar has the arrow of confusion.

1 9 2
1 5 77
1 11 1

F. The Arrow of Losses                                                                                  TOP

This arrow is created by an absence of the numbers 8, 1 and 6 in the bottom horizontal row.

Consequently, nobody has had this arrow in their charts for the last thousand years, but it will appear again in the twenty-first century. These people will try to make money by participating in get-rich -quick schemes. They will constantly fail in these, and will not realize until middle age that if they had put the same amount of effort into a single, worthwhile goal they would have achieved success.

People born April 23, 2035, in the lunar calendar will have the arrow of losses.

4 1 22
33 5 1
11 1 1

G. The Arrow of Indecision                                                                     TOP

This arrow is created by an absence of the number 9, 5 and 1 in the centre vertical row.

No one has had this arrow for the last one thousand years, but we will start to see it in the twenty-first century.

People with this arrow have a desperate desire to be accepted and liked. Consequently, they can be easily led and swayed by others. They will find it extremely hard to stand up for what they believe in as they want to please everyone and are unable to express views that other people might not accept. Someone born on July 8th 2002 would have the above arrow.

1 1 22
1 1 7
8 1 6

H. The Arrow of Poor Memory                                                                        TOP

This arrow is created by an absence of the numbers 4, 9 and 2 in the top horizontal row.

This arrow will not be found until the thirty-first century. Everyone born in the last century has had a 9 in his or her chart and everyone born in the next one thousand years will have a 2.

People with this arrow start out in life with strong intellectual capabilities that gradually weaken as the person matures. These people are also frequently overwhelmed by the vivid nature of their thoughts and can suffer from mental imbalance. Someone born on May 6th 3087 would have arrow of poor memory.

1 1 1
3 5 7
8 1 6

The Four Small Arrows

In the Far East, there are also four small arrows created by joining the four middle numbers of the outside horizontal and vertical rows. These are the small arrows joining the numbers 1 and 3, 3 and 9, 9 and 7, and 7 and 1.

A. The Arrow of Detail and Deceit

This is the arrow created when the chart contains both a 1 and a 3. People with this combination enjoy the details of things. In fact, if there is more than one of each number the person is inclined to be a perfectionist.

There is a negative side to this arrow. People with it are inclined to be dishonest when it suits them. They may lie about something or conceal the truth to protect themselves. In China this is sometimes known as the Criminal Line, but in my experience it belongs more to people who lie, rather than people who commit robberies or crimes of violence.

Someone born March 13, 1967, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of detail and deceit.

1 9 1
33 1 7
1 11 6

B. The Arrow of Litigation

This arrow is created when the chart contains both the numbers 3 and 9. People with this combination are inclined to argue and become involved in disputes of all kinds. If these get too serious they have to be settled in a court of law, which is why this combination is known as the arrow of litigation.

Someone born July 3, 1985, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of litigation.

1 9 1
3 5 7
8 1 1

C. The Arrow of Peace of Mind

This arrow is created when the chart contains both a 9 and a 7.

People with this combination are positive, confident, and have a strong faith. The logic of the 9 helps the spirituality of the 7, and vice versa. These people can face up to difficult situations with equanimity, confident that everything will work out for the best.

Someone born July 8, 1966, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of peace of mind.

1 9 1
1 1 7
8 1 66

D. Arrow of Science

People with charts that contain the numbers 1 and 7 are interested in the mysteries of the world we live in.

They enjoy searching for the hidden truths and can become so involved with their studies that they get lost in research. They are usually interested in the sciences (frequently those that concern the oceans), which is how this arrow got its name.

Someone born May 27, 1974, in the lunar calendar would have the arrow of science.

4 9 2
1 5 7
1 1 1

How Numbers Influence Your Earnings (Lo Shu Grid Case Study)

How Much Money Will You Earn This Year?

Will You Earn a lot Of Money This Year? Let’s see how Lo Shu Grid Numerology can guide us to find out that.

Now let us discuss the procedure. Draw the Lo Shu Grid as shown above with 3×3 squares.

Rule To See How Much Money Will You Earn This Year?

Primary Wealth Yoga Indicator - 4, 5, 6 forming a diagonal sequence to give huge earning in that particular year.

Secondary Wealth Yoga Indicator - 2, 5, 8 forming a diagonal sequence in the grid to give earning in that particular year which is less powerful than Primary Wealth Yoga.

Each Number in ‘Lo Shu Grid’ has their significance.

2 = Overall happiness.

4 = Wealth and prosperity.

5 = Well-being and stability.

6 = Spirituality, Presence of helpful people, foreign travel.

8 = Education, information and knowledge.

To predict whether you will earn a lot of money in a particular year or not, you need to write down the year first.

Let us take one example here.

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) – 24/05/1990

Desired Prediction Year – 2016

So in this case, in the original date of birth you will replace ‘year of birth’ by ‘desired prediction year’ i.e. 1990 to be replaced by 2016.

Now we have got some numbers from above example. They are:

24/05/2016 = 2 ,4, 0, 5, 2, 0, 1, 6

Next we have to calculate two important numbers, they are:

  1. Active Number = 2+4 (Birth Date) = 6
  2. Passive Number (With changed year number of present year) = 2+4+5+2+1+6 (Birth DD/ Birth MM/ Desired YYYY) = 20 =2

For a person Active number will always remain same, but the Passive Number will keep changing as per the desired year.

Now place these numbers in respective boxes as shown in the picture

See in above chart 4, 5 and 6 is forming a diagonal line without any number gap. This is called diagonal Primary Wealth Yoga Indicator Group. If such a diagonal number group is present, then that year the person will/ has earned a lot of money. This diagonal group is also called Primary Wealth Yoga Indicator in ‘Lo Shu Grid’. There is also a Secondary Wealth Yoga Indicator in ‘Lo Shu Grid’ which will be a diagonal group of number 2, 5, 8.  

If any number is missing to form the wealth indication (Primary or Secondary Wealth Yoga Indicator) then the person will face problem that number related part of life. They are as following:

2 = Emotional imbalance or turmoil and wrong decision.

4 = Lack of opportunity, money flow got stuck, unable to recovery of money sometimes even debt.

5 = Lack of stability due to sudden major change in life

6 = Hidden and open enemies

8 = Wrong investment on the basis of wrong information

Remedies For Wealth and Money Problem:

We need to take the help of Vastu, Feng Shui and Astrology related remedies here.

First let’s discuss about Astrological remedies:

Every number of ‘Lo Shu Grid’ represents a planet in astrology. Following are the list of respective planets and their remedies according to astrology:

2= Moon = Pearl

4 = Rahu = Gomed

5 = Mercury = Emerald

6 = Venus = Diamond, White Zircon

8 = Saturn = Blue Sapphire, Amethyst

Remedies according to Vastu and Feng Shui:

Number 2 in ‘Lo Shu Grid’ = Represents Southwest direction, Element is: Earth, and the Color is: Yellow.

If number 2 is missing while creating Secondary Wealth Yoga then do the following:

If this is relationship which is making your mind unstable and you are unable to concentrate on financial improvement then place both of your (your partner and you) picture in a yellow, golden or black frame here.

If it is due to incapability of taking right decision at the right time thus creating hindrances to develop or show your skill then place a ‘Brass Eagle’ here.

Number 4 in ‘Lo Shu Grid’ = Represents Southeast direction, Element is: Wood, and Colors is: Dark Green, Brown.

If number 4 is missing while creating Primary Wealth Yoga then place 4 ‘Long Bamboo Sticks’ in a White / Brown Flower Vase in this direction.

Number 5 in ‘Lo Shu Grid’ = Represents Center position of the home, Element is: Earth. Colors: Yellow

If number 5 is missing while creating Primary and Secondary Wealth Yoga then hang crystal balls in this direction, preferably white or yellow.

Number 6 in ‘Lo Shu Grid’ = Represents Northwest direction, Element is: Metal. Colors: Grey.

If number 6 is missing while creating Primary Wealth Yoga then place a ‘Pair Of Metal Elephants’ in this direction.

Number 8 in ‘Lo Shu Grid’ = Represents Northeast direction, Element: very small amount of Earth. Colors: very light yellow.

If number 8 is missing while creating Secondary Wealth Yoga then place an OM symbol here in golden frame.

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