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Lal Kitab - Effects of Ketu (Natal Chart Reading)


Own house: 6
Best houses : 3, 6, 9, 10, 12
Weak houses: 8, 7, 11
Colour: Black white
Enemy planets: Moon, Mars
Friendly planets: Venus, Rahu
Neutral planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Sun
Exalted: 5, 9, 12
Debilitated: 6, 8
Time: Early in the morning (Sun rise)
Day: Sunday
Disease: Joints, Urine, Feet, Legs
Substitute: Venus + Saturn (Exalted) Moon + Saturn (Debilitated)

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Ketu In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Ketu is positioned in the first house of your D/1 natal chart, it gives wheatish complexion and beautiful face. There will be spark in the eyes.

Nature: With calm & cool temperament you will do your work quietly without letting know to others. You will be firm & stubborn in your decisions.

You will be of sacrificing nature and won’t hesitate to sacrifice for those who love you and care for you. You won’t deter by the difficulties rather you help those who are in trouble. But you won’t bear anyone’s criticism and take offense if others point out your short comings. You have firm belief in God but not dedicated to religion & don’t participate in religious activities. You will try to bring changes in orthodox and conservative norms to Modern ones.

Education & Career: You will be the master of many trades. You will have interest in music and love for literature. Life up to 30 year of age will be struggling for you. You have to face challenges even for small matters in life. After that there will not be look back. You will have continues progress till the age of 55 years. You can make your career in medical, education, teaching, stationary etc fields.

Family Life: You will have love for your family members but you will earn their hatred because of your offensive nature. Father will be caring and affectionate toward you but distance from mother will be faced. It is quite possible that you may spend your early childhood away from parents at maternal uncle house. People from outside family will be helpful to you. You get married and will be blessed with son between 26-30 years of age as your first child.

Health: Generally your health remains good. If Ketu is afflicted it causes migraine pain, heart diseases, weak eye sight, etc diseases for you. Wearing spectacles at the young age is common with Ketu in first house.

Inauspicious Ketu may also cause pain in legs & Knees which appear after your marriage. Sudden injury, trouble to son, or sudden death of father etc are also the other tragic incidents which native may face with this placement of Ketu in natal chart.

You might leave your house/ family in search of truth and to satisfy your curiosity to know more about religion. For this reason you will wander in lonely places, forests and mountains but you won’t find peace in mind. Ultimately you have to come back to you family to start a new life again.

An inauspicious Ketu may deprive you from the love of your birth mother. Your own mother may expire just after your birth and you may have to be brought up by step mother. You may loose your first child either in pregnancy or at the time of birth. If birth of child takes place the child does not be alive more than one year. The next born child too will not attain success in education & career field.


Remedies for Ketu In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Recite ‘Om Ganpataye Namah’

2. Wear gold ring.

3. Impose saffron tilak.

4. Give bread and chapatti to dogs.

5. Install water fountain in North East direction of the house.


Ketu In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits. If the position of Ketu is in second house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native is of average height and with strong built up. He/she would like to use strong scented perfumes.

Nature: Ketu in second house makes one a cultured person. You will have complete faith in religion, you will be committed to your words and fulfill your promises at any cost.

Second house signifies one’s wealth, property, family and verbal traits also. If Ketu is in second house the native uses harsh and bitter words in his/her conversation. One tends to speak loudly in order to make others understand his/her things; in the process the significance of native’s words is lost.

Being very ambitious in life perseverance and hard work are the tools which native uses to achieve his/her targets. You will trust others easily. You are a day dreamer and making castles in the air will be in your nature.

The other traits which are found in your nature are instability in thoughts, moody temperament; you will change your opinions in no time. You will attract others by your mischievous and playful activities, and won’t allow getting angry anyone.

You would love both vegetarian and non vegetarian food and could be an excellent cook.

Such native are very sharp & intelligent and do well in field of education & career. You will respect your Guru & follow them, as you are very religious & grounded person, who is been brought up in traditional manner.

You can be an expert in Mantra Siddhi, and performing rituals as per Vedas and Shastras.

Astro consultant, chanting of Mantra, Tantra & Yagya Hawan, working in bank and dealing with insurance and life insurance policy are the fields which you can choose as your profession.

If you are in job, you may get the high post and won’t face much difficulty in your career.

Travel & Tourism etc business will also be beneficial for you. Salesmanship and business of export and import etc works may also suit you.

Family Life: A balanced and harmonious family life is enjoyed by the native. You will be loved and favorite of many. Your family will be well cultured. People will be inspired by your family and will quote the example of your family. You will have joint family which may include your parents, siblings and others blood relations too. Your mother is not very healthy and may face health problems in life.

Your wife will be a decent lady. Your family life will be good your children will be educated & committed.

Your relations with in laws side will be very strong. Your wife’s sister & brother will be respectful to you. Your wife will belong to a respectable family. You may be gifted a good amount of wealth & house from your parents in law.

Health: Seasonal ailments may affect you occasionally like coughing, fever, tonsils and nausea etc diseases.

It Ketu is afflicted either by conjunction or aspect by malefic planets it casts inauspicious results. It may bring bad name for the family. You may get addictions of theft & intoxication. Speak foul language, abuses and hurting others by words is common in such natives. There will be frequent changes of home and business. You will face loss of wealth. You may face theft while you travel, and deceit by known person in foreign land.

You would like to show off and will not even hesitate to put your life at stake in competition.

Inauspicious Ketu may cause more harm to you if your wife’s sister or aunt stay with you. In these case false allegations of black money, smuggling might be faced. Performing religious activities will also cause harm to you. You may be thrown out from a big company you are working with or may be transferred to a distant lonely place.


Remedies for Ketu In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Pay obeisance to religious places.


3. Don’t trade in milk and milk products.

4. Wrap silver or rice in a white cloth and keep it at your home, this will change inauspicious moon into auspicious and yield good results.

5. Serve a mare, you will derive untold benefits. Because a mare is an animal of the moon. Therefore by serving it you derive untold benefits of health and wealth.


Ketu In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in third house of D/1 natal chart blesses one with good height, intelligence, attractive & cheerful appearance. Eyes will be sharp and one will have thick growth of hair on your scalp.

Nature: You will be a very lucky and blessed person. God will bestow help on you. You tend to advice others without even asking. You won’t have any ill feelings towards anyone. But making some benefit for yourself in any circumstances is your forte.

In the beginning, your behavior will be very good with others but gradually there will be changes in your behavior. Your mental state & views are difficult to understand. At the moment you seem happy & cheerful the very next moment you seem angry. Your situation will be like a rolling stone who sees only his benefits.

You will be smart enough in gossips & spreading rumors. You will enjoy in back biting like ladies.

There will always be ups & downs in your life which means there will be not be stability in your life.

Others may tag you as a cheater or selfish person, but the plus point in your personality is that you would never like to give physical hurt to anyone.

Profession & Career: You will spend your life on foreign land away from your native place. You will have sharp intelligence but you will not use your mind in creative activities. You will realize your responsibilities only when you grow up.

Profession like tour & travel, sale/ purchase of vehicles, and brokerage in sale/ purchase of property will be beneficial for you.

Other professions related to tobacco, weapons, religious items, tourist guide, sports items, stationary items etc will also suit you. You will keep meeting with new business opportunities from time to time.

Family Life: You will be an obedient child of your parents. You will have great warmth & affection for your brothers. Without caring much of your own needs you will take care of others. Your brothers will be famous you will give them your whole hearted support- both emotionally and financially.

Your marital life will not be cordial due to your family. Your wife would not like you to have relations with your parents & siblings but you won’t listen to her, which will cause discords in the family and even divorce may happen on account of this reason.

Health: Your health will be good. But your first priority is wealth, and in attaining this motive you may neglect your health. You will not care of your diet, exercise and working schedule, which may cause you various diseases like diabetes, and gastric problems etc.

Ketu, if either is aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it casts inauspicious results. In that case one may suffer with boils, acne, ear problems & diseases in spinal cord etc. Malefic Ketu will make a person wanderer who will keep on wandering meaninglessly like a saint. You will always be in confusion and would easily believe others.

You will have to face legal hassles/many civil cases and in the process have to make visits to police/ thana/ court etc. There may be imprisonment too for you either in the case of divorce or any other reason. Your bad name & evils will roam around and reach first before you where ever you go. Rumors will go hand in hand with you. To ward off the negative effects of malefic Ketu there are some remedies & precautions.


Remedies for Ketu In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Must distribute sweetmeats and kheer made out of milk on festival days.

2. Bring some water from the cremation ground and keep it in a corner of your home. If no water is available in the crematorium then you may fill a bottle with water at home and carry it to the crematorium, keep it there for some time and bring it back and carefully place it in your home. This will help you to lessen the ill-effects of moon in your life.

3. Either gift an elder something or give away silver in alms.

4. Take the blessings of mother or her older sister in-law in the family

5. Refrain from black-magic and tantra.


Ketu In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in fourth house of natal chart makes a native tall & strong built up. Your complexion will be fair but you always remain tensed up.

Nature: You would like to help others, and enjoy in making contacts with others. You would be a responsible person & know how to fulfill your commitments. Many times you get so involved in helping others that you even spend golden period of your life for the sake of others.

You would be capable in facing any kind of difficult situation. You won’t leave your courage & deter from the wildest storm in your life. You won’t leave any work incomplete which you have started. As you are full of patience and mental balance there are rare chances of spoiling your works.

You find yourself a lonely person in this world. It won’t be in your nature to get closer with others. That is the reason your friend circle will be limited. You will lack emotions and sentiments.

Career & Profession: You will be an educated and capable person. You will face many obstacles in your higher education. After some time again you will be able to achieve your educational goals.

You make frequent changes in your profession. Job related to communication field will be beneficial for you as you are capable to convince others by your communication. Career in fields of politics and law will also suit you as well.

Other professions which suit you are agriculture, and related to machinery, iron, wood, property, Navy & fish rearing etc.

You should keep your ears & eyes open and smart enough in your career, else other will take advantage of your simplicity.

Family Life: Ketu in fourth house makes Moon eclipsed that may affect your mother’s health. She might be a patient of heart disease. Moon in fourth house will cause restlessness and one finds it difficult to enjoy domestic happiness in life.

Happiness in marital life will also get affected. You will either remain bachelor all through life or there may be chances to loose your life partner at the early stage of life.

If at all marriage takes place, there will be difficulty in conception of the child or child bearing, or one may face lack of son progeny in life. You alone would not be responsible for this reason rather the medical issues of your partner would cause lack of child in the family. If you make this reason a big issue your family life would be spoiled.

Health: Health will generally remain good. If Ketu is afflicted in your chart it may cause stomach related diseases, whole in heart, diabetic and lever etc problems. You may get mentally shock which may cause you to lose your mental balance.

If Ketu gets afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, in that case one may be face lack of happiness from mothers’ side & hurdles in higher education. Domestic happiness will also be affected. There may be theft of vehicle and instability in profession.

Other influences which may arise due to afflicted Ketu are the floor of the house will be patchy & broken or it will be red in color. You will feel restlessness in mind. Your initial years of life will be full of struggles and difficulties. You will face lack of wealth & won’t be able to make good bank balance.


Remedies for Ketu In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Gift silk clothes to your mother or an elderly lady and receive blessings from the moon. Fill the water from a natural spring or river in a container and place it in your house for not less than ten years –this turns moon in your favour.

2. Distribute liquid medicine to poor and needy if someone at home is permanently ill.

3. Do not keep illegitimate relationships

4. Refrain from using black and blue colours.


Ketu In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in fifth house of D/1 natal chart makes the native hairy. His/ her body will have lots of hair. Neck will be beautiful; there will be moles on your arms and under your shoulders. Native will be of medium height with innocent look on face.

Nature: Ketu in fifth house makes the person enterprising. You will have respect for your elders/ senior person in the family and will enjoy very creative and religious life. You would like to spend your life coolly & quietly. You will be honored by learned people of the society.

Your precious time will be spent in cultural empowerment; you yourself will take active part in cultural activities.

You will be a thoughtful & systematic person. There will be balance in your behavior. If you find that others are getting hurt by your action, immediately you will improve your behavior.

You will be far away from selfishness. You will work for society & community with pure feeling and for your mental satisfaction and not to gain your selfish motives. And this will make you star in other’s eyes.

Profession & Career: Due to your Straight forwardness and lack of business acumen you won’t be able to achieve material success and in your professional career. It will be your honesty & hard work which will occasionally give you gains but not up to that level for which you deserve.

You will have to change your fields of profession many a times. You will go for business and job as well. You will take firm decisions in life and follow them with determination. You will have cordial relations with your seniors and subordinates that will enable you to win their favor.

Family Life: You will enjoy a balanced and happy marital life. You may face difficulty in child birth or your own decision of not having child might cause childlessness in your life.

Ketu in fifth house gives very good results if the native keeps his/ her conduct in check in youth time. One is blessed with worthy progeny and children will also get auspicious results.

Health: Cancer, Asthma & epilepsy etc diseases may trouble the native. There may be disease of hernia or ulcer in food pipe too.

It Ketu gets afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets the instability in mind will remain which will draw you towards tantric activities . You will be a lazy person, you will tend to disobey or disrespect your elders. You will ignore their advice and won’t listen to them.

If, Jupiter is also weak in the chart results of Ketu will get more afflicted. One will face curse of childlessness, and dogs only cry in the house instead of your child. If you have child, she/ he will suffer from asthma disease. Your family life will also get disturbed.

Inauspicious Ketu will give financial crunch too. One will lack clarity of vision and thoughts.


Remedies for Ketu In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Gift away silver

2. Fill up rainwater in a bottle and keep it carefully in your house.

3. Show great care and regard to elderly ladies who are akin to your mother.

4. Visit to Lord Ganapati temple and chant Ganesh Mantra ‘ Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’.

5. Feed the dogs with milk & bread.


Ketu In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in sixth house makes the native attractive & good looking.

Nature: Sixth house Ketu gives you attraction and cheerful temperament. It bestows auspicious results if one leads a spiritualistic life. The native achieves this accomplishment when he/she leaves everything, all materialistic things in life and wants renunciation. In that case, when one is attracted towards the supernatural powers instead of living entities on earth. Ketu in this house makes one accomplishes the most desired wish. But this happens only when one is completely free from family financial tension, leaves the materialistic world and has a different outlook.

You will become very proud in this condition. You will be an egoistic person who considers himself very smart and under estimates others. You will get angry very fast on small issue instead of solving that with cool & quiet mind. You will not give importance to other’s views. Ketu in this house makes you a virtuous person and one becomes popular on account of these virtues in the society.

Profession & Career: Sixth house is Mercury house. So Ketu sitting in this house works like Mercury. It enhances ones intelligence and makes one a learned person. The native receives prestige, awards and rewards in the society.

Professions related to machines and other technical works will give you success. Insurance and life insurance policy etc works also suit to such native. You may choose economics or account subjects as your field of career.


1. Job, or brokerage work will be more beneficial than business. You will grow in this line.

2. You will be of criticizing nature which will make you arrogant. You can gain much benefits from government and the people around you if you have a check on your these habits.

Family Life: You will have joint and a very big family in which there will be unity among the family members. You will enjoy having meals & all materialistic pleasures in company of your family members.

You will get married with the educated & cultured partner who will work in harmony with your family. But she/he may suffer from some diseases don’t ignore the health of your spouse. Taking timely consultation and medication from the doctor will be in your favor in this case.

Health: Diseases in lower abdomen from naval to lower parts of body trouble you. There will be chances of skin diseases, boil and ache etc too.

If Ketu gets afflicted due to the association or aspect of malefic planets it makes one’s wife a diseased person. Serious ailments related to urinary system may trouble her.

An afflicted Ketu may give troubles at the time of child birth especially when the son is born. If, your mother sees the male grandchild takes birth in her lifetime, she will enjoy happiness of birth of grandchild in family for 40 days only, after that either your mother or son will suffer from some disease or tragedy may take place in the family.

Inauspicious Ketu will make the environment tensed up due to the behavior of one member in the family. In the court case too, the native will face defeat.


Remedies for Ketu In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Pet a dog at home.

2. Those are suffering from health problems like lungs diseases Channa dal should be immersed in flowing water.

3. Serve your brothers & sisters.

4. Donate Lemons at religious places.

5. Worship lord shiva


Ketu In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in seventh house of D/1 natal chart signifies Venusians’ traits in the personality. As per kal Purush Kundli seventh house is ruled by Venus planet. One’s complexion, behavior, nature and physical traits will be influenced by Venus. You will be an attractive person.

Nature: Ketu in seventh house makes the person man of principles. He will never tell lies, ever committed and always be an optimistic person.

Native will have cool temperament and would like to make the atmosphere cool around him. You would be an expert to make the environment lively with your sweet and balanced nature.

Enemies will not dare to stand against you. You will be a motivating influence for others too. You set an example for your family. You and your wife will be praised for moral values.

Career & Profession: You will be an intelligent and qualified person. Both job as well as business suits you well.

Professions that suit you are teaching, and relating to computer, Stationary, television, Salesmanship, Receptionist, and business of ladies related items etc.

You would like to travel a lot. That is why travel & tourism etc work will also be beneficial for you; partnership business will prove favourable for you. You will be an ardently hard working & creative person. Your mind will have new creative ideas everyday which will help you to start your desired work and earn pretty well. You will be a good counselor. Financially you will remain sound.

Family Life: Ketu in seventh house blesses one with beautiful and competent spouse. Either the spouse or someone from the family will be in government job.

Your child will prove lucky for you. Your wealth will increase from all corners once you have a child. You will be tagged as ‘Rich’ man in the society.

You will face lack of happiness from your elder brother & sisters but relations will remain good. You will be a concerned person for the welfare of your family & perform your family responsibilities with commitment.

You may have two marriages. To investigate or know about the nature & health of your spouse after marriage is must.

Health: If Ketu is without any malefic influence it will make you sharp minded. If it is afflicted in that case you may suffer from secret diseases. Problems in child birth, cancer etc diseases are the possibilities. There may be chances of being poisoned or committing suicide too.

You may jump from height or get injuries in air travel accident.


Remedies for Ketu In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Worship lord Ganesha daily.


Ketu In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits : The position of Ketu in eight house of D/1 natal chart makes the person of whitish complexion. You will have long fingers in hands and big soles in the feet. The native won’t be a handsome person, rather lacks physical attraction.

Nature : One will be of religious nature. You would like to follow on the path of truth & religion. The intuitive powers of such natives are very strong.

Intelligence & farsightedness will be in abundance in your personality. You won’t do any work against the ethics. You will have interest in meditation, Tantra, Mantra activities & worshipping God. Astrology & related subjects will also interest you.

You would like to do yoga, exercise and morning walk before the sun rises. You will be an industrious person and a strict disciplinarian who would like to complete all your work in time.

Career Profession : You won’t be able to achieve higher education as your mind will have interest in other things than studies.

Whether you are educated or not but you will display remarkable intelligence time to time. You will also raise your voice against corruption.

In your opinion, those who are culprit should be punished whether they are your friend, relative or enemy.

You may start business of Land/ property/ commodity etc. other business related to iron, mines and machinery will also be beneficial for you.

You can do well in the fields of Astrology, spiritualism, and studies of Vedas. Business of fodder for the animals, cactus plants etc will also suit you.

Family Life : You will have very big joint family, which includes your uncles /aunts, parents and siblings and other family members.

You will have strong fascination for opposite sex, as you will be romantic by heart. You would leave your studies and enjoy parties & entertainment activities.

If you get married before the age of 27, you will have to face many obstacles.

Health : Skin diseases, urine and secret diseases may trouble you. Superficial activities like black magic, etc may be troublesome for the native.

Inauspicious Ketu may cause injury in the foot. Fear of dog bite, diabetes, or blood disorder, and limb damage will be the other possibilities.

If Ketu is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, your wife will face multiple miscarriages. The child will die in the womb. If the child birth takes place, injuries and diseases like sour throat, bronchitis may trouble the child one after another. Your house may get affected by magic and ghosts etc. Professionally you may face sudden downfall. Charges of misappropriation of money and civil cases will also be faced.

Ketu in eight houses makes the person tensed & restless. One faces financial insecurity. The native tends to get easily excited and speak harsh words.


Remedies for Ketu In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

No Remedies Required.


Ketu In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in ninth house in D/1 natal chart gives physical luster to the native. He will be the most attractive person in the family.

Nature: You will have sweet nature and love0 to stay alone. You would like to lead a life of principles. You will be efficient enough to face any difficult situation in life.

You are a religious person and would participate enthusiastically in all religious work. You would love to visit religious places and pilgrimages.

You will be an optimistic person leaving good or bad on God. You will neither have tension for future nor sincere enough in your endeavors.

Career Profession: You would be well educated & a scholar person. Though master of many fields you will keep changing your professions and stay away from your birth place, most probably at foreign land. You will attain high position and would not like to earn money by illegal or foul means. You will be endowed with great courage.

You will be self confident person. You will dedicate yourself with honesty & integrity to those who depend on you.

You will be a distinct personality. You are endowed with outward & internal strength which will motivate you to accomplish your work with ease.

You would like to counsel others. You will shine in all areas of life especially in the field of arts, writing and social services work.

Family Life: You will grow up under the able guidance of your parents and teachers. You feel proud in serving them. Though you will attain ancestral property but you would like to be self efficient and self made person. Marital life will be satisfactory. Your wife will have all traits of a good house maker. Marital life will be satisfactory.

Your children will bring good name for the family. Your sons will earn new identity for you and if you move ahead in life with advice of your wife or son, it will prove beneficial for you and no one can stop you to achieve the heights.

Health: You may face major health issues in older age. Your father will suffer from long incurable disease like typhoid, jaundice; cancer etc and you are also likely to suffer from these diseases. No matter of what serious disease you suffer, it will not be shown on your face. No change in your facial expression and attraction could be noticed in that stage.

If Ketu is afflicted due to the influence of malefic planets either by aspect or conjunction you will get addiction of alcohol which will be difficult for you to leave. It’s better that you should not pick up any addiction.

Malefic Ketu will cause difference of opinions with father and lack of happiness from your brothers.


Remedies for Ketu In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wear emerald in gold ring.

2. Don’t use green color curtains or clothes in your furniture if Mercury is inauspicious in the chart.

3. Feed the cow with green fodder and jaggery for consecutive 43 days to ward off the inauspiciousness of Mercury.

4. Donate milk, rice, sugar, turmeric, channa daal & banana fruits etc in temple.

5. Gift Toffees to small children.


Ketu In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in tenth house makes the native lean & thin physically. Big eyes, wide teeth, and prominent nose are the other features. The native has thin yet oval face.

There are moles on the knees. The males have very thin hair in their beard. That person is the most attractive one in the family.

Nature: The native is loving to all as he speaks sweetly. There are set principles in his/ her life, yet an unknown fear always stay in mind. Sometimes, native suffers due to excess of fear but in that state too he/ she is capable to face any difficult situation. Such native is capable to clear all hindrances and achieve the targets. Honesty & selflessness are the other qualities which make him strong. They are hesitant to make new friends. Such natives are neither worried for the future nor they are serious about the present.

Career & Profession: Ketu in tenth house makes the person versatile. The native is master in many traits. He/she has interest in arts, machines, cloth business, tailoring, mechanical, cooking etc works. He attains special discretion in these fields.

Generally, native keeps changing his profession due to his varied interests in various fields. He would not like to restrict himself in one field only.

If Saturn is well placed in the chart, Ketu in tenth house gives ample opportunities to the native to grow. Such native is capable to earn gold from the clay. He may be a good sport person, and earn good name in the fields of sports. Such natives could be leaders of any party due to the organizational capabilities. If Jupiter is well placed in the chart and Ketu is in tenth house, such native achieves higher position and status in the society. Technical & financial fields prove beneficial for the native. The native stays away from the native place & earns money. That is the reason; such native should stay in other state or foreign land for their earning.

Family Life: Generally, Such natives who have Ketu in the tenth house of D/1 chart are self made person; they don’t get any benefits from their parents.

Marital life of such natives is generally satisfactory. They are not very romantic person and take less interest in matter of hearts. They take god care of their family & near & dear ones. They are not interested to make relation with opposite sex rather they remain very alert in their communication with them. They are friendlier with opposite sex members who are older to them.

They are generally seen careless in matters of health & that is the reason they face serious health problems in life. They are expert in hiding their pain even though suffering with acute health problems in life. TB, Paralysis, stomach diseases, knee injury, skin diseases, fracture and arthritis etc. fire accidents, injuries through weapons are also seen in their childhood period.

If Ketu is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, it gets afflicted and casts inauspicious results. Such natives will have knowledge in various fields but it won’t help to earn bread & butter for the native. As such native will be like jack of many trades master of none. His own brother well troubles the native. One’s progeny will get affected; in that case children of such native either stay away from home or don’t survive. Wife gets sick or expires at the time of child birth. There is also a possibility of divorce. Marital life gets disturbed. Addiction of alcohol may ruin the life.

Native has fear from government officials as malefic Ketu in tenth house weakens the yoga of taking government favor. Legal hassle or court matters may be possible. They face difficulties in the business and one losses his hard earned wealth in foreign land.


Remedies for Ketu In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do worship for Goddess Durga.

2. Chant this mantra daily 108 times.

3. Feed the disabled person with Moong dal kichadi.

4. Avid extra marital relations.


Ketu In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in eleventh house makes the native tall and attractive person. One will have sharp eyes.

Nature: You will have good personality you will be endowed with tremendous courage. You will be a social worker and won’t like to sit ideally not for a moment. You will perform quality work.

You will gain honour & respect from others. Rock climbing, mountaineering etc adventures will attract you since your childhood. You will be an expert in indoor games too like chess. You will take interest in physical & mental both sports.

You will accomplish all your work with great patience after a great thought, hasty decisions are absolutely no for you.

Career & Profession: You will be of sharp mind but weak in matters of heart. Means you are a very practical person. You will have the insight to know every subject.

Your interests of subject are knowledge of language & sports. Politics will be your favorite subject. You may be selected captain at school/ college level, and later years of life you will spend your life in the service of your nation and society and occupy a higher position.

You may utilize your knowledge in very appropriate manner in quiz contest. Technical, information, technology, & building construction etc works may prove quite beneficial for you.

Ketu in eleventh house gives Rajyoga to the native. He may be honored and awarded by government or prestigious person of the society.

If Ketu is without any malefic effect it blesses one with abundant wealth. Ketu in this position may not give you ancestral property but you would be able to make your property on your own. You will be affectionate to your paternal and maternal uncles. You will have great respect for your elder brothers & sisters and attain their love & affection too.

You are likely to have love marriage. In that case you will be able take approval of your parent and family members, there will be grand celebration of your marriage, in laws side will also shower their affection for you. You will have special corner in your heart for your mother and sister in law. You will be helpful & caring for them.

Health: An afflicted Ketu may cause diseases like cervical problem, pain in spinal cord & back of thighs.

If Ketu is aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it will become afflicted and casts inauspicious results. The health of mother may be affected or there will be danger to her life at the time of child birth especially at the time of birth of son. Your own mother may also get affected. She may suffer eye problems, like weak vision or short sight or other diseases etc.

There will be lack of enthusiasm in your life that shall make you a lazy person. Inauspicious Ketu may cast negative effect on your property and children as well.


Remedies for Ketu In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Offer water to Sun.

2. Donate a goat as it is the signification animal of Mercury. Donating goat is the best remedy to remove the negative effects of Mercury.

3. Soak whole green Moong dal at night and feed the birds with it next morning.

4. Clean your teeth with alum.

5. Offer a silver umbrella to Goddess Durga.


Ketu In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Ketu in 12th house of D/1 natal chart indicates mediocre height. One will have dark complexion with dark and quiet eyes which will always be seen inquisitive in search of something new.

Nature: Ketu is said to be the follower of Jupiter, So Ketu in this house works like Jupiter and enhances ones spiritual inclinations. In search of renunciation you may get into divinity. Your views and thoughts are colored with spiritualism. Your position would be like a saint who sits on a luxurious couch wears precious clothes, and ornaments and enjoys all luxurious things in life. That means you would like to enjoy materialistic spiritualistic both the worlds who wants to full fill all lust and desires at one side and other side would have desires to leave everything in order to meet divinity.

You will be a responsible person and would always be dutiful to all your responsibilities.

Career & Profession: Ketu signifies travels in 12th house. Journey to foreign land and benefits through the travels are all in Ketu’s domain.

You may do very well and shine your destiny by hard work in foreign land than your own native place.

You will be master in many traders, and take no time to learn anything new.

You may make good career in astrology & spiritualistic fields. God will always be with you and fulfill all your desires no matter whether you are hard working or not.

You will make a mark of yourself by your outstanding performance and virtues like forgiving etc. You will not lose your determination and heart even at the time of your downfall.

Family Life: Ketu signifies son progeny that is the reason son plays important role for your destiny. Your sons will be helpful and co-operative towards you.

But you will not get any support from brother side. In some of the matters you brothers may be cause of tension and misery. If you do partnership business with the brothers it will result in failure and money loss.

Ketu in 12th house signifies a whole meaningful life. It makes the positive and harmonious environment at home. Ketu is very powerful in this house. Auspicious Ketu blesses all comforts of luxurious life and property.

Health: You may suffer diseases in eyes, head and upper part of forehead. You are in the habit of not telling your problem to anyone, you are yourself a doctor and take medicine without consulting any doctor which will gradually take a serious turn.

If Ketu is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted and casts its inauspiciousness. In that case the native hates dogs and other animal and do harm to them. If you injure the animals you may have to pay the cost. Your children will suffer; your health or children health will get affected. If you construct your house on the land which you bought from the person who is childless your own children will become purposeless and mischievous and cause tension to you.

The in-auspiciousness of afflicted Ketu will make you wander aimlessly leaving your responsibilities and family behind in search of peace of mind, truth and God. There may be several trial of suicide on your part too.


Remedies for Ketu In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Serve your sister, aunt and daughter.

2. Wear a gold chain on Wednesday for wealth / property.

3. Put Kesar Tilak.

4. Fill a brass vessel with Gangajal and keep it at home.

5. Fill a small silver box with rice grains and keep at home.

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