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Lal Kitab - Effects of Rahu (Natal Chart Reading)


Own House: 12
Best Houses: 3, 4, 6
Weak Houses: 1, 2, 5, 7, 12
Colour: Blue
Enemy Planets: Sun, Mars, Venus
Friendly Planets: Saturn, Mercury, Ketu
Neutral Planets: Jupiter, Moon
Work: Related with Electricity
Exalted: 3, 6
Debilitated: 8, 9, 11
Time: Noon
Day: Thursday evening
Disease: Fever
Substitute : Mars + Saturn (Superior) Sun + Saturn (Inferior)

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Rahu In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in first house: Your Rahu is in the first house so you will be tall, fair and will have some spot on your face.

Nature : you will be lazy by nature. You would not like suggestions given by others. You would be intelligent but you will not take interest in study. If you will angry while talking to others, you will not be able to express it. You will be mischivious by nature and you will not find yourself stable. You would like to do gossiping and roaming with friends. You would have some symptomes due to the effect of Rahu like blinking of eyes, or shaking your head or legs.

Means of Education and Employement: You would be very intelligent but you will not be able to utilize your intelligency in study. You will complete your education with average marks. You will not be able to get any Government job. You will not be able to complete any assignment or assigned task as leaving work incomplete would be your tendency. Your work will be determined by the house in which Sun or Mars sits. Rahu sits in first house which eclipses Sun. As a result of this, individual will get fear from Government machinery. So it is suggested that don’t do any work, which is against the society.

Family life: You would have traditional family. The house in which you got birth will be infront of a house where, a childless couple will stay or that house is ruined. You will get full affectionate from your parents but you will be at some distance from them because of either your service or your father’s service. You will get massive popularity in the society but if your Rahu is in bad omen then your reputation will be tarnished. You will not give respect to your wife and it would be your habit to deride while talking. You would have ideological differences with your wife but still she will be with you in all odds. Most probably, you will get female children.

Health: There is the possibility that you may suffer from paralysis, heart disease, weak eyeshight, weak bones, and spitting in frequent intervals.

Sinister: If Rahu is not in your favour then you will get bad health and will become angry frequently. Domestic quarrels will be there. You would have differences with your wife and father. You will have to face some troubles in the business. You will be able to get ample wealth and popularity but suddenly, all wealth and reputation will go or stolen. You will face problems in getting child. There will be fear of expenditure and accidents.


Remedies for Rahu In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Make good relations with brothers.

2. Serve little girls.

3. Worship God Hanuman.

4. Don’t give space to your married sister and aunt at home as it makes the Mars unfavorable.

5. Don’t live in south facing home.


Rahu In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in second house: As your Rahu is in the second house, your complexion will be dark and you will be attractive.

Behaviour Due to the presence of Rahu in second house, planets of Jupiter/Venus debt has been made. That’s why Rahu which is sitting here will destroy the results of Jupiter and Venus. Due to Rahu, waff will be in your talks. Sometime, you will become soft and sometime you will be hyper. Anything to say about you will be uncertain. You will speak loudly and will not talk without rebuke. You will like to play those games that may give you a lot of money for example gambling, playing cards. You will have special interest in eating and singing. You will love sweet and spicy food. You will be concern about your benefits but you will not care about other’s profit or loss.

Education and Employment: if Jupiter and Venus planets would be in a good position then you will be able to have higher education. If the condition of Jupiter or Venus would be low then you will not be able to complete your education. Due to the positive results of Rahu, you will be able to earn money for your livelihood. You can work related to share market, brokerage, race horses etc. Also, you may work related to betel, tobacco and narcotics. You would be rash to start every work but you will leave that work incomplete and will start another one. Your income will remain uncertain.

Family life:In your family, you will get less support from your siblings of same age group. Though not your fault, your family members would keep wrong perception towards you. The health of your life partner will not remain good. Ego will exist in your married life. You both will carry your attitude or ego due to which conflicts will be there. Because of your rude behavior, conflicts will increase or you may have to embarrasse in front of the society. Any of your family members can grab your family share, due to which you may have to go to the police station, court etc.

Health:Your health would not be good during childhood. You may get much injury. You may suffer from headach, blisters in mouth, may have pain in shoulders, if Rahu would be unlucky then you may have some defect in your leg.

Sinister: If the results of Rahu would be slow or unlucky then you will have a lot of spit in your mouth. You will talk loudly or with rebuke. You will not follow your family advices and you will handedness. The people, who will advice you, will become your enemy. You will not be able to avoid drugs and robbery. Lying would be in your nature. You will not be able to tolerate opposition of your family and wife. You may be avicted from the property. You will be interested in bad company and wrong work.


Remedies for Rahu In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Keep concrete silver at home, whether it is in small quantity.

2. Do respect of your wife.

3. Place four square pieces of copper in the ground outside the house for the mental peace of wife.

4. Collect wealth from every family member and perform Yajna in any temple.


Rahu In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in third house: Your Rahu is in the third house, due to which you will be taller or wider body else you will be too thin or will be of normal proportions.

Nature: You will be much more self-confident and fearless in nature. You will be much proudy and you wouldn’t have big friend circle. You will experience joy in making fun of people. You would have evil nature as well as you will be quite by nature. You would like to follow present trend or fashion. You would have the capability to take work from others according to your preference. You will be intelligent. You will not be a scary person. You will be able to achieve your goal. You would not like to go court for settlement. You would make good relations with the smoothie people.

Education and Employment: Because of your education and achievements of science, you will get wealth, fame and prestige. You may do work related to wood, tools and writing. Business of raw coal will be beneficial for you. You may earn good income in the business of travel agency, vehicles, musical instruments, ear-related equipment, etc. You will be able to earn the most wealth and you will be known as a very rich person in the society.

Family life: You will not be able to stay with your brothers due to fight and quarrel. Your brother may die due to shock or he may be missing. You will give love and respect to your family. You would prefer settlement without going to the court. The existence of Rahu in the third house is not favourable for brothers as two brothers will not be able to grow together. You may have step mother and your father's condition may worse in the age of 21. You should not marry before the age of 27 otherwise, you will not be able to get happy married life.

Health: You may have cough and blood sugar disorders. You may suffer from asthma and tuberculosis in the ears.

Sinister: If Rahu is unlucky and if inauspicious Instrumental is placed at your home then Rahu’s result would be untoward. As a result of this, you will become talkative and characterless.Your ego would generate enemies. You will be never satisfied with your wife and will make relations with other woman and will suffer from many diseases. You will not be able to complete your studies. You will lose land in disputes. You will not be able to get any kind of support or benefit from your father and your beloved would become your enemy. You would have to do work hard to earn a living.


Remedies for Rahu In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Burn candle in temple, Gurudwara or Church on every Sunday.

2. Consume Trifla in any form.

3. Avoid unbridled sexual desire. Obey intelligent and knowledgable people.

4. Offer the coconut water to God Shiva.

5. Always keep a strong tablet of silver or gold with you.


Rahu In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in fourth house: Generally, the person, who belongs to fourth house of Rahu, has different shape, sometimes seems to be thin or sometimes fatty. It is tough to say anything on the texture of such type of person as Rahu is a shadow planet.

Nature: Rahu sitting in the fourth house called as dharmi. The person is extremely expensive. But this expense takes place for auspicious works. This type of person fulfills his/her responsibility with honesty. The person becomes centre of attraction in public meetings with the help of attractive talks. The person helps everyone. The person is supersticious and he/she doesn’t believe anyone easily as he/she got ditched in the past. The person is naïve by nature. He/she has a habit to talk elderly and giving advice to others. Person’s Behavior always changes.

Medium of Education and Employment: You have the capability to gather information on every subject but still you don’t get fame or success. You don’t concentrate on one work. Changes in location and work take place because of Rahu. The person starts many works at a time but could not complete any work. The person will always do the job by staying away from the house or family. Such kind of person maintains composure during mental trouble or misfortune and this type of nature is attractive and respectfull. And because of this behavior everybody likes the person. He/she will be appointed in transport, shipping, and communication department or any other related business. The person may also earn money in the role of bookseller and financial broker.

Family life : If the person gets early married then he/she may have to face conflicts or will have to stay away from his/her family. Person will have to face some predestined problems. But he/she will not tell his/her problem to anyone as Rahu sits quite in the fourth house and don’t act. Person stays far away from his mother after marriage. He/she doesn’t get support from his father for a long time. The person doesn’t maintain much relation with siblings.

Health: There is no possibility to speak anything about person’s health. If the person is ill then he/she should consult to the doctor without any ignorance. Person may suffer from paralysis, heart problem, tooth disease, womb or cough.

Sinister: Though Rahu does not act in the fourth house, but if leave it then it destroys everything. If enemy planets are watching Rahu or the person changes the roof of the house or constructs the bathroom, then Rahu becomes evil. Thus, there is a possibility of mental illness of any family member. Also, the person may go to prison or mental hospital. To rob the house and suddenly crashes occurrence are the mischief of Rahu. Also, decent person involves in bad deeds. Repeatedly fetching of land or house is the sign of evil Rahu. Not getting success in any business, if a friend or relative does not support, be unknown from all are the ominous signals of Rahu.

Note: If you have already got constructed by breaking roof of home or bathroom and are facing untoward result then keep pure water filled bronze ware at your home because bronze is the asset of Jupiter and Jupiter can remove the evil effect of Rahu.


Remedies for Rahu In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do not take electricity assets from in-laws house after marriage.

2. Fall soil of elephent’leg in the well.

3. Keep good relation with the mother.

4. Don’t get married before the age of 27 years old.


Rahu In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in fifth house: As your Rahu is in the fifth house, you would have strong body, oval face and wheattish complexion.

Health : You will be proudy and dominant over friends. You will utilize religion for your benefit. You would like roaming, wandering and drees up properly. You will be arrogant and intelligent. You will be very creative and imaginary. You will consider yourself omnipotent. You will not be able to understand worldly matters. If you will not obey other’s suggestions, you may have to endure losses. You will be kind hearted and like reform.

Medium of Education and Employment: You will face problem in education due to the financial and physical problems. You will not be able to get education as per your capability like you have the ability to become a lawyer but you study medical subjects. Also, if you have the ability to become a doctor, you study engineering. As a result of this, you will not be able to get success in profession. If you will be pessimistic due to not utilizing your prudence, you may face problems. You can utilize your knowledge in writing, modification and creating poetry. You may become a congenital talented poet, novelist, dramatist, lawyer, astrologer or sage. You will have the ability to express imagination and emotions in the words by writing. When you will finish your education, you would not be able to utilize it in your career. You will be able to earn popularity for a short span of time but after sometime people will forget you.

Family Life: Due to the existence of Rahu in fifth house, planet of Jupiter/sun debt becomes. As a result of this, Rahu will spoil the happiness of the family. You may have relations with several women and may be you will do love marriage. You marriage may be in haste and can break instantly. Due to Rahu, you may have two marriages. You may get less happiness from your child. Due to rahu, you may have sarpshish dosh, due to which you would face problems in having child.

Health : You may suffer from heart disease, physical weakness, less count of sperm, eye problem and chest problem.

Sinister : Rahu definitely gives negative results by sitting in the fifth house. If you will ignore the religion, change your family priest, cut the banyan tree or demolish any temple near by home, then Rahu will give bad results. Your wife may die or leave you. You will have to face child loss that means your wife would have child death in the womb. You will not be able to become father after putting a lot of efforts. Sometimes, these situations happen with your grandchildren, due to which your generation will not sustain.


Remedies for Rahu In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Find remedies for ketu debt or pitra debt.

2. Ask your family priest to resolve the sarpshish dosh.

3. Keep silver plate on the threshold of the house for getting child.

4. Keep elephant of silver in your house.

5. Go for another marriage (with proper rituals).


Rahu In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in sixth house: Your Rahu is in the sixth house, so you would be tall and attractive. You would have a mark on your abdomen near the navel by birth.

Nature : Rahu in sixth house makes you intelligent and courageous. You will be very lucky and philanthropic. You will be able to tackle any kind of problem. Rahu sitting here will remove your troubles like a prisoner gets escape from death penalty. You will be very talkative and think unnecessary. You will make an issue of small matters. You will go abroad or will get work from abroad. You will love to eat food and you will be gourmand.

Medium of Education and Employment: Rahu in sixth house makes you intelligent. You will get wealth and popularity by your intelligency. You would have interest in sports like cricket, polo, hockey, kabaddi and wrestling etc. Also, you will be able to earn a lot from these games. You can earn a lot of money by doing work in the field of philosophy, religion, materialistic knowledge, and Ayurveda and medicianal plants.

Family life : You will live in a big and combined family. You will get affection and complete support from parents. You might not live with your parents after marriage. If your brothers and friends will hurt, then you will hurt more than them. There would be all kinds of luxurious items available in your house. Any obstacle can not stop your growth path for a long time. Your family would be happy, reputed and ideal.

Health : However Rahu in sixth house protects from all diseases and abstacles but dryness in mouth, mental disease etc can happen. You may have to face nuisance of epilepsy.

Sinister : if Rahu will give bad results then you may face problems created by ghosts. You will confront your parents. You will lose your children. Money will be destroyed. Any work will give you negative results. Suddenly, you will lose wealth and you will know this later. You will defeat your enemies by following wrong ways. You will try to earn money by corruption, black marketing, and lottery etc. Due to evil Rahu, your disease will not be traced lately or will get the wrong treatment. You will not be able to get success in court matters and you may have to change your job or profession repeatedly.


Remedies for Rahu In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t go for any work, if sneeze comes.

2. Find solutions of Venus debt.

3. Bear the expenditure of the marriage of any poor girl.

4. Keep a brick of silver at your house.

5. Put holy water and a silver cubic in a transparent circular plastic box and keep it at your house.


Rahu In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in seventh house: Your Rahu is in the seventh house, due to which you have a speciality that your feet’s appears to be little bend and knees appears to be in upward direction. Your physique would be perfect and attractive for ladies.

Nature: You will be peace loving person and would be ideologically very neat and clean. Neither you will take interest in possessing another’s property nor will you allow anyone to possess your property. You will not like criticism and it will be very tough to calm you when you will angry. You will be good friend of needy persons and an enemy for bad people. You will not hesitate to take revenge from your opponents. Your childhood will be full of problems. Education and Employement: You will have extra ordinary intelligence and capability to do any task. Even after 25 years of age, you will be facing a lot of economical and mental problems. You should not hope for success in your profession till the age of 30 years. After that, you will get a pleasant time. You will be able to earn through professions like goldsmith, chemist and traveling agent. If there is a combination of Venus or Moon, you can become an artist, actor or laborer in a cloth mill. If Mars is with you, then you can become an astrologer or translator. If there is a combination of Sun and Mars, you can become a mechanical engineer.

Family life: Marital life would not be very conducive for you. Outsiders will think that you both are happy and balanced but internally, you both will not be happy. You will have doubt on your wife.

Health : Generaly, your health will be normal but human body suffers from diseases. Thus, you may suffer from abdomen disease, heart problem, piles, and sciatica. Doctors will not be able to diagnose your disease easily, so you will change your doctors very frequently.

Sinister: Seventh house is the permanent house of Venus and it becomes debt planet due to the presence of Rahu. Rahu sitting here is like prenatal curse. It creates a lot of troubles for the women. Dissatisfaction at home remains constant. People suffer from financial losses. Situations are always unstable and first wife can die or give divorce and your relationship will not be good with the second wife as well. Only physical relations are the purpose of such kind of marriages. You may suffer because of suspension from service, you may have to live at other’s house and relations with widow can tarnish your reputation.


Remedies for Rahu In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wear Gomed stone to avoid diseases.

2. Cloths once wear do not wear again without wash.

3. Sprinkle the urine of cow at home everyday.

4. Donate any asset which runs from battery like toy or battery.


Rahu In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in eighth house: As your Rahu is in the eighth house; you will have a normal physique and will try to become powerful.

Nature : You will be lazy and you would like to sleep in day and wake up in night. Your nights will be restless. You wiil have interest in black magic and secret rituals. You would like to roam around the roads and graveyards without any particular reason. You would like to quarrel due to small issues and to be abusive. You will show very strange behavior like sometimes, you will be very amicable and sometimes very strange. Also, you will not know that why you behave like that. You will be the owner of conspiracy and dirty thinking. You will lead your family and will try to fulfill your all promises at any how.

Education and Employement: You would like to do new tasks. After beginning, your passion will go down. You may have to face a lot of troubles in your life. You can do work related to jail, Cemeteries land, business related to black materials, carbon magnet and work related to woolen items. You will not be able to do any work consistently.

Family Life: Your family life will be in good condition. If you would have wealth then your relatives, friends, wife and children will respect you and will not leave you otherwise, they all will leave you alone. Also, either you would have a lot of fascination towards all or you will not have any infatuation at all and leaving everything, you will be marching towards Sanyasa. It is also possible that your family may donate you in childhood to any Gurukul, monastery or Dharmaguru.

Health:You may suffer from venereal disease, hemorrhoids, headache, paralysis, cancer or incurable diseases. If you go to the shelter of religion, your health will be better.

Sinister: However, Rahu is inauspicious in the eighth house but it will change your nature. You will be irascible. You will have to face financial strain. You would have health problems and mental stress. Family happiness will decrease. You would have to face legal troubles. All amenities would be interrupted. Sometimes, you may suffer from homological death. Long trips, loss of wealth or fear of injury from the ride will happen.


Remedies for Rahu In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. You must keep the dog.

2. Avoid bare the head and must wear cap.

3. Offer water to Shivalinga.

4. Serve or help the disabled.

5. Put sesame oil lamp in the house.


Rahu In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in ninth house: Your Rahu is in the ninth house, due to which you will be tall and would have dark complextion.

Nature: You would be desperate for happiness and you will be the person, who would believe in meditation. You would be faithful for everyone. You will keep everyone’s secret with you and will give right advice to them. You may become a good guide. You will be interested in scriptures and you can practice for that. You will be the worshiper of God Shiva and you will be attracted towards tantra-mantra of Nathpnth. You will get the support of good master. You would like to serve society. You will be truthful and believe in justice.

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be intelligent and highly qualified. You will score good marks in all subjects except maths. You will have strong command over English language. You will be teacher, scholar modifier, who gives the appropriate knowledge of the society. You will see dreams like birds flying. Saturn business will not give you bad results. Saturn’s work will give you good results. Start business of assets used for ENT.

Family life: Due to the presence of Rahu in ninth house, you will be the only son of your father or would be elder or younger. You will have elder or younger sisters. If sisters are not there, Rahu is antidote of brother. Brothers do not stay good life but sisters have good life. You will not think about caste while making relations with women. There is a possibility that you will marry the girl of another caste. You may marry the girl who would be elder than you or could be divorcee. Your love would remain unstable. You will have the feeling of ownership towards women. There are possibilities that your son may die after birth. You may live in abroad and there is a possibility of marriage with the foreign girl. You may have to take the responsibility for the sustenance of brothers. Due to Rahu, two brothers can not progress together but after separation, both will progress. You will be happy after the birth of child and will lead the family. You will be able to maintain unity among all the family members with the help of your ideas.

Health: You may suffer from hearing problem, back pain, cervical, thyroid, pain in arms.

Sinister: Due to the evil Rahu, you will become atheist. Stealing from the temple and begging for food in the name of religion will be your habit. You will speak lie or there may be a religious charge on you. There is the possibility that you can change your religion. Making fun of God and religion will be in your habit. Your initial life would be full of struggle. There will be disputes between your parents and you would have lack of happiness from their side. You would have troubles in order to get wealth and good luck. Your expenses will be higher. Sibling’s happiness may be less. There are not much chances of getting child related happiness. You would have health problems.


Remedies for Rahu In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Tie onion and garlic in a green cloth and flow them in the river or bury in deserted land on Wednesday.

2. Feed elephant with radish.

3. You should give some part of your income to your sister or daughter.

4. Have food in the kitchen.

5. Give millet to birds.


Rahu In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in tenth house: Your Rahu is in the tenth house, so you will be lean, short, have scary face, unattractive. You will be selfish and would have strange behavior.

Nature: You would be friendly and cheerful. You will be determined by nature as you will surely do, whatever you will decide to do. You would have regular and friendly nature. You will be ascetic and altruistic. You will be much interested in meditation. You will be interested in worshipping God Shiva, Kal Bhairva and reading Hanuman Chalisa. You will get peace by doing all this. You will be successful in all competitions and any competitor will not be able to sustain in front of you. You would be very talkative and articulate.

Means of Education and Employment: You would have troubles in getting education. There will be trouble in the last year of your education. Despite of having good command over all subjects, there will be trouble in getting certificate. Due to the favourable presence of Rahu, you will be renowned, intelligent and hardworking. You will have much knowledge of poetry writing and law.You can do job in police department, railways, insurance company or bank etc. Your financial situation remains unstable. You don’t get trust of people. You will be benefited in independent profession or in the business without capital. Here, the situation of Rahu would be according to Saturn. If Saturn will be favouable then Rahu will also give positive results.

Family life: You will use rented house and vehicle. Your parents will suffer from physical or economic problems since your birth. Your mother will suffer from heart disease or any other disease for lifetime. You will not be able to get much love from your father. It may take time to become a householder. If you will get married before 27 years of age then there are chances of divorse. Thus, you should not get married before the age of 27 years. You may get success in the field of politics.

Health: Your health will be good but you should keep control on your appetite. You would easily be affected through black magic and vampire barrier.

Sinister: The situations of Rahu will depend upon Saturn. Due to the presense of untoward situation, you will have to face tough and struggling life. Your body will suffer pain. There will be uncertainity in the business. You will change many works. You will always have lack of profit and much expense. Your father may have to take pention due to incapacitate or your parents may die during childhood. You may get scepter. You may have to leave your country to seek refuge abroad.


Remedies for Rahu In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do not do work related to iron and coal.

2. Give heartily respect to your family.

3. Wear blue sapphire ring in gold in the middle finger.

4. Bow your head bare footed in temple or at some other religious place. (This will reduce the effect of Saturn because a bad man would not lie in the second house of Saturn i.e. temple).

5. Present your wife beautiful clothes and gifts. (The second house is of family by which a Saturn affected individual may try to adjust with his wife).


Rahu In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in eleventh house: Rahu is in the eleventh house, due to this you'll be soft-bodied and would have wide forehead and attractive eyes. You will seem like belong to the royal family.

Nature: You will believe in the truth that means will not hesitate to give your life for the truth. You will make your own rules for yourself and shall follow them strongly. You will do selfless service of others. You will follow religious faith and beliefs from heart. You will be headstrong by nature. Once you will take the decision that would not withdraw. You will be brilliant and competent in almost every aspect of life. You would have both good and bad nature. When you will be excited then you will be very brutal but anger will calm down soon. You will not believe in showoff.

Education and Employment: You would have difficult time in the field of occupation till the age of 34 years. After this stage, you will be able to get sustainable growth. You may achieve fame in the field of astrology, psychology and medicine. You will be able to get higher education.

Family life: Generally, you will have to face the problems posed by loved ones. But still, you will meet their desires without any demand. You will not be able to get well wishes form your elder brother or sister. There would be more daughters in your offspring as the number of son will be less than the number of daughter. After the death of your elder brother, you may have to take the responsibility of his entire family. Due to the prenatal curse, there will be obstacles in child birth at your home. There are the possibilities of death of son, abortion or the disease of sterility etc.

Health: You may suffer from urine problem, shortness of breath and diabetes. Also, you may have the problem of chest pain.

Sinister:Because of bad results of Rahu, you will spend the money in races, lotteries, betting, gambling, etc. Suddenly, you will have the desire to become messrs. you will be caught while taking bribe. Suddenly, you will get much wealth but suddenly, the whole wealth will be caught by thieves or Government department. You will be selfish, greddy and short tempered. You would not have more friends. You may have face loss from friends and you will not be able to get any support from any friend. Obstacles will always be in the way of your good fortune.


Remedies for Rahu In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Insert 4 liters of milk in a well every day.

2. Do not use milk or products made from milk at night.

3. Serve food to a poor worker.

4. Do not wear black or blue clothes on Monday.

5. Feed crows with chapati having milk or curd.


Rahu In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in twelfth house: As your Rahu is in the twelfth house, you will be middle sized in respect of height and body. You will have wide body.

Nature: You will be very sharp minded and live in dreamy world. Your insight would be very sharp. You will be able to realize future incidents in present. You may have to suffer from mental harassment because you will inculcate small things told by someone. You will enjoy tasty food. In dressing, you would not have any special choice. You will not be able to trust on closed ones easily. But, when you will trust on someone then it would not be easy to take you far from that person. Very little failure of your’s planning or thinking would make you sad.

Medium of Education and Employment: You will have to leave your family to go in North for livelihood. You will have good luck in other state as Rahu sitting here does not give benefit at birthplace. Despite of studying and living in abroad, you will believe that your culture is best. You will be famous and mighty. You will be able to achieve glory. You would have many pleasures, due to which you would not have to look at others. You will be interested in consumption. You will earn more as well as spend more. You will start earning income in the age of 21 or 23 years.

Family life: If Rahu would be in your favour then your family life would be very good. You will get married in a rich family. Your in –laws house will be near to your house. You can work along with your in laws. You will not be able to get help from your family as per your expectations. You will not have good relation with your elder siblings but you will enjoy healthy relation with your younger siblings. You will spend a lot to show sublimity. You will have one or two child. Your wife may remain ill even then you will have women happiness. You may live away from your family in abroad for livelihood.

Health: The main problem you would have is insomnia otherwise your health will be fine. If Saturn is evil and you want to become hermit through yoga practices then you will become handicapped. If you would want to achieve Siddhi through eyes then you will be blind. If you will try to achieve through mind then you will become mad. In the same way, if will try to achieve by standing on one leg then will become lame.

Sinister: Due to the existence of evil Rahu in the twelfth house, you will be roisterer and would like to make use of secret tips. You will not concentrate towards policy immorality. As a result of this, you will have to suffer from economic crises or problems repeatedly. Also, you may have to suffer from money loss or accidentally casualty in abroad. You will have the fear of injury. You will be worried about family. However, income will be limited, expenses will be more.


Remedies for Rahu In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Keep almonds or chuare on the place of money.

2. Follow wife’s advice.

3. Serve or distribute salty food items rather than sweets on the child’s birthday.

4. Give milk or bread to the dog.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Lal Kitab (Red Book).

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