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Lal Kitab - Effects of Mars (Natal Chart Reading)


Own House: 3
Best Houses : 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12
Weak Houses: 4, 8
Colour: Red
Enemy Planets: Ketu, Mercury
Friendly Planets: Jupiter, Moon, Sun
Neutral Planets: Venus, Saturn
Work: Police or Army
Exalted: 10
Debilitated: 4
Time: Noon
Day: Tuesday
Disease: Blood ailment
Substitute: Sun + Mercury (Mars auspicious), Sun + Saturn (Mars inauspicious)

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Mars In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: If Mars is at right position, your mind gets powered and makes you successful businessman. You may get job in government sector or in army and you will be very enthusiastic. You may become a good wrestler, football player or weight lifter but you will not like to play chess and cricket. As you have been ruled by the planet Mars in the first house, you will get fruitful results in the fields like chemist, surgeons, dentists, mechanical engineering and you should work related to iron, wood as furniture making and construction as you will get success in this as well.

If you start some work with the support of others then definitely after some hurdles, you will be able to get success as your Mars is very strong and your mates would not cheat you. Due the presence of Mars in the first house, you will be physically strong and will do your work according to a plan. As a result of this, you will achieve heights in your life.

Family and Social Life: The presence of Mars shows good relationship among brothers, but it may affect your relation with your father. You may have some disputes with your father, due to which, your mother will not support you and you may get far apart from your parents and sisters.

Because of the wrong position of Mars planet in the seventh house, your wife may get affected to some extent and there will be hindrances in making a satisfied married life but it’s not very much essential that she would die or get harmed. But, you would not be able to make nice relationships with your other relatives due to the existence of Mars in the first house.

Health: As the planet Mars in the first house, whatever you eat, your digestion will be good and you will digest easily. You will enjoy having food and eating properly. You may suffer from high blood pressure problem and your teeth may get defected soon. You remain mentally disturbed and you will not be able to find the reason behind that disturbance and grief. Be cautious while travelling or driving as you may get injured regularly and this may harm your face.

Sinister: If your planet Mars is weak then you will have a habit of speaking lies and also will do some robbing. Your concern will be towards bad things like black magic and you would like to earn money by doing bad deeds. Along with this, you will not remain on your words.

You will not get the joy of having brother, either you don’t have a brother or if have then he might be suffering from mental illness or would be physically challenged.

Your wife would have fear from fire or you yourself will bring her in fire due to dowry and your narrow minded nature. The wrong position of planet may also make you suspicious.


Remedies for Mars In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

No Remedies Required.


Mars In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in second house:As your Mars is in the second house, you will be beautiful and will have good height. You will have medium fair color, thin legs and long arms.

Nature: Your nature will like a narrow minded person and you will find doubt in everything. You will behave others with calmly and will expect the same from them but, usually it does not happen. Due to your impartial nature, the people surrounding you will feel happy in your company. But you should be alert while meeting your friends and companions; otherwise you may get cheated through them.

You will not get mental satisfaction and will get excited by small things. Up to the age of 32, your life would be full of mistakes and challenges. Your situation will like a boat which is stuck into storm and your mind will vibrate in the absence of a good decision.

Assets for Education and Employment: You will get quality education. You may become a good financial advisor. You will give advice to others for control of their expenses but you will not be able to control over your budget. You may become mechanical Engineer or may get qualified in the field of textile, chemical, sound, electrical, law, eye specialist and cinema. If you are from the second house of mars, possibility may arise that you may not satisfied through money even when you earn lots of money as you do not come in the category of miser and enjoy the life. You may become a good lawyer as you are good at debates. If you will work in areas like electricity and water then you will be able to get great success.

Family Life: Though there are some difficulties but you will get satisfaction in your marriage life as well as you will be able to maintain good relations with the family members. You may become financially stable after your marriage from your wife’s side. You will get benefits of money or land from your law’s side. Because of the presence of Mars in the second house, it may happen that couple will get separated. It may happen because of any reason like you may go to different city due to the transfer in job and you may not be able to bring your wife with you.

Health: If your Mars is weak then you may get hurted several times. You may feel ill and may get piles and other diseases as well. You may get infection in your throat and suffer from tonsils.

Sinister: If your Mars is unfavorable, you will always involve with females and will get attracted towards them. Also, you will spend much money on other women. Due to the evil Mars, you will spend too much money in food stuffs and clothing and as soon as you get money, you will be ignited to spend it.

The second house is the factor of voice and presence of Mars in the second house has big impact on voice. If Mercury is sitting with Mars, you may become habitual of speaking lies and such type of people always praise themselves. If this behavior does not exist, then you may use abusive language while talking to others. Due to the aggressive nature of Mars, you may not keep free yourself from the habit of playing gamble. As a result of this, you will have to go through financial crisis.


Remedies for Mars In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Do blood donation on your birthday.

2. Neither wear red and maroon clothes nor do your interior decoration with red paint.


Mars In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in third house: In the third house, Mars is the friend of Sun, when it is accompanied by sun, Mars become good. If a person is having Mars is his ruling planet then power, energy, courage, anger etc features are some of his quality traits.

Physical Characteristics:If Mars is in the third house, you will have the quality of both Mars and Mercury. The Mars affected people are of medium sized, their bones are strong, colour is fair, and hair is having curls and red colour. Vision is quite strong and confident. Their personality is having patience and most of them have hair on their body.

Nature: They are enthusiastic and courageous. They do not think for others. They are self confident and do not compromise with others. They do not rely on facts and do not value others. If their Mars is weak then they themselves destroy their money and happiness. They can go to any extent in order to get appreciated.

Medium for study and employment: If in the third house, Mars is near to propitious planets, the individual gets good education, good at sports, and have knowledge of many languages as well as have hold on Mathematics. The individual would get benefit from government. People having good Mars are mostly work in government sector, or they work as police, surgeon, and mechanical engineer. They may be leaders or drivers as well. If the persons have interest in business, then they may do the business of property dealing. They may deal in tourism or may become poet.

Social Life: In the third house of Mars, the individuals have peaceful relation with their siblings. They will support their younger brothers and sister and will also get supported through them. If their Mars is week then they may not get the support from their mother. The individual would spend happily and cheerfully their family and social life.

Health: The individual have nature of eating different varieties of food. The individual have a flair for food, they must be cautious for this, as there should be limits for everything. The individuals may suffer from blood related disease, bone illness, high or low blood pressure, high fever, and may get teeth troubles. If their mars is week then those individual may be cruel by nature. The habits of theft, robbing is in the people of third house. Because of these habits, everyone hates them. They used to disturb their siblings and have a curse to destroy them. Their family gets spoiled and education remains incomplete. In business, these people used to take money from others and never repay them. They are habitual of drinking, and also they attempt rapes. The women may get abortion if their Mars is in the wrong position.


Remedies for Mars In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Keep some sugar in pocket and try to take it on regular intervals.

2. If you are getting bad effects of Mars then drain the things like honey or anisum in outside your house sewer for 43 days and in this way, you will be able to remove the bad effects of Mars.

3. Have control on your voice.

4. Take a piece of square shaped silver in your pocket or in your chain. (Silver represents moon and square shape is for Mars so it gives strength to Mars.)

5. Try not to indulge in brothers’ disputes.


Mars In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in fourth house: As your Mars is in the fourth house, you will be thin, dwarf and possess bad behavior. Your physique would be strange even then you will have attraction powers.

Nature: Because of your Mars in the fourth house, you will remain in some strange fear and you will be unable to explain your fear to others. It may happen several times that you may express your anger or love towards others but the people may get misunderstood by your nature. This happens because you may not express your emotions in the proper way and as a result of this, you will become mentally disturbed. Due to the placement of Mars in the fourth house, you may always have some kind of trouble that may spoil your life. The astrologers speak about the people having fourth house that they do lots of mistakes in life as well as they misuse of their intelligence.

Family Life: As per your Mars in fourth house, you may not get the cheer of having mother or she may die in your young age. Because of Mars, your grandmother’s house will also get affected. You may not get parental property due to the bad effects of Mars, either if you have but you will not be able to use it properly. It may affect your married life and you may get disputes with your partner.

Education and employment: Due to the good position of Mars in the fourth house, you will get quality education and you will be in the circle of good people.

You may do engineering, farming, and geographical study. You may do job or business related to vehicles. In your fourth house, you may get disturb in your budget and may harm by your friends.

You may find hindrances in getting your share in your parental property. So you should stay somewhere else rather than your own home to make your future bright.

Health: Due to the existence of Mars in the fourth house, you may remain ill during your childhood and may get infection in stomach. If your Mars is in the right place then besides you, your mother will get physical problems.

Sinister: If your Mars is in wrong position in the fourth house, then it will be sinister for mother but fortunate for father. You may suffer financial instability, and may not get joy in your relationship. You may have fear of getting injured by the vehicle. Because of your Mars is in the fourth house, you will be Manglik and you will not be able to stay happiest married life. If you will do business in partnership then you will get cheated by your partner and your expenses would be high.

Because of the bad impact of Mars, you may have fear that your house may get burn or because of fire your home, factory or office may get burnt. You may face many accidents in your life and as a result, you may get engaged in difficulties.


Remedies for Mars In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Make your relationship strong with in laws.

2. Keep fasting on Tuesday or worship Lord Hanuman.

3. Try to chant the mantra for mars i.e. “Om kram krim krau sah bhaumaye” 108 times on Tuesday or Saturday.

4. Do not live in south direction, as it would harm you. As in south, Mars is strong and here evil Mars will harm you.

5. Try to make joyous relations with your siblings.

6. Keep red handkerchief in your pocket if your brother is alive and you have bad relation with him. (Red colour is the symbol of Mars and due to this; you get support from your brother and friends.)


Mars In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in fifth house: Your Mars is in the fifth house, which is the house of Mars friend Surya. Due to this, you will have dark complexion and you will have a mark of injury on your face. You would be tall, strong, sport lover and pride human.

Behavior: You would have anger nature. You would like to command on people. Your favoured god would be Ganesha. You will be desperate for love. You will expect proposal from your partner means whom you would like you would not propose and you would expect proposal from fellow. You would be hard working, aggressive and excited lover. You would be karmayogi seeker, worshipper of yogsadhna, spiritual sacrificer and you would be the man who is interested in boxing, karate and race like outdoor sports. You would be the man who would like to spend money for own happiness. Also, you would be an arrogant person who would embarrass partner.

Education and Employment: As the placement of Mars in the fifth house, you will be interested in outdoor sports. Your initial education will remain weak but after sometime you will either become famous player or will start concentrating on studies. Due to the presence of favorable Mars in the 5rd house, you would be intelligent but you will have sharp senses. You will be able to get success in the field of medical science.

Lucky Mars provide success to the people in the medical field and such doctors are usually eligible to treat the illness related to stomach. These doctors treat their patients with love, mercy and sympathy. The existence of Mars in this house gives message of success to the lawyers as well. Fifth Mars look at 11th expression from its 7th eye. As a result of this, obstruction persists in the earnings but doesn’t affect much.

Family life: Fifth house is of our pre-birth. Because of the existence of Mars in home, you will have differences with your father and due to this, there will be self-conflict or mental anguish persists in your life because of your father or child. And, this situation will repeat in your home. Due to the presence of lucky Mars in fifth home, you will get the success in love and you will have happy life with wife and children but you will find difficulties in giving birth to the first child. You have summation of delayed child and you would have to spend much on your child. Your wife might have to be in the supervision of doctors or hospital.

Due to the existence of Mars in the fifth house, you would have positive behavior with your mother and siblings as well as you will get financial support from them. Also, you would have larger friend circle and you will be connected to them in some form.

Health: Because of the presence of Mars in your fifth house, your health will be good. You will feel much appetite. If any person will sit with you to have food, he/she will be shocked to see your eating speed. The presence of Mars in fifth house sees 8th house from 4th eye, which indicates that your age will increase. If your Mars would be weak, you might face stomach related and blood flow related problems. Sinister: If Mars would be giving bad results then you will not be able to become a good player as well as you will not be able to get success in studies. You will not follow the guidelines of your family as you will not do whatever they will say. Thinking differences will always persist between you and your family. You will get involve in friendship with wrong people and because of that you might go to the police station as well. Along with this, you might go to the jail. Also, you would be at risk to get injured through a sharp weapon. If you would go for love marriage then you might have to leave your home. As a result of this, you will have to face financial problems. Your marriage can break too. Because of evil Mars, you may give birth to a dead child. Apart from this, there is the possibility that your wife may have to face abortion again and again.

Due to the presence of evil Mars in the fifth house, if you would do work related speculation or lottery then you will not be able to get victory. Because of defeating, you will be trapped in marsh and it would be much difficult for you to cross the particular situation.


Remedies for Mars In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t keep your house flooring red in colour.

2. Don’t put elephant teeth in your house. Elephant symbolizes Rahu and Rahu is the enemy of Mars. Try to make distance from drinking and do not support evil spirits and punks.

3. You should take one spoon of honey on the daily basis to reduce the sins of Mars.

4. Wear pearl stone in your ring to get love of mother.

5. Do not buy property for farming.


Mars In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in sixth house: As your Mars is in sixth house, you would be lean in childhood and in the middle age you would become obese. You will be recognized separately in the crowd. You might have a mole or wart on your face.

Behavior: You will be intelligent and peaceful. You will be pure from heart and because of this; you will be able to operate religious institutions or you may ensure your participation in this field. You will be honest in nature. You will never misuse the money of religious institutions. As your Mars is in the sixth house, your enemies are numerous and powerful. They will try to create difficulties for you but they will not be able to do anything against you. You will have some inborn power, due to which, whatever you will see in dream or whatever you will think that will fulfill.

You will not care about other’s feelings. Despite such kind of harsh schedule, you will be sociable and generous towards poor persons. Usually, people will think that you are arrogant person. You will speak in any aspect without thinking and will realize your mistake at the last moment, but at that time you will not be able to correct your mistake.

Medium of education and employment: You do not have much interruptions or conflicts in life. As you will be a hard worker, you will be able to sort out the problems or conflicts. Sixth house is somewhere related to our job as well. Due to the presence of Mars in this house, you might get great success in the military or police field. If you would go for medicines related business, then you might get success in this field too.

Because of your deep knowledge, you may become a good astrologer. You would have excellent writing skills and because of this capability, you can do work related to reporter, writer etc. Sixth Mars looks at twelfth house through its seventh eye. As a result of this, you would have much expense but you will be benefited from foreign trade.

Family life: Though on one side, you will love your parents and siblings but on the other side, you will doubt on their behavior. You will get less love and benefits from your father. One thing also been noticed that your father would be isolated from you but he would be famous in his area. You would get benefits from your mother as well as maternal’s side. Mars in 6th house indicates happiness coming from brother’s side. Usually, you will not be able to live happy married life. It means your marriage will be lasting but will always have some disputes. You would be happy with your children but you will be worried for your children’s health.

Health: You might have to face headache. There are the possibilities of meningitis and inflammation of the kidneys. In addition to this, you may suffer from stomach related disease.

Sinister: If Mars would be weak then you will become lazy but you will be able to play conspiracy. You will face problems due to some family conflicts. You would get loss in business and you would be instant anger. Marriage life indicates lack of happiness.


Remedies for Mars In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Don’t do business in partnership.

2. If Mars is too much sinister then mars related things like honey, aniseeds, chhohara should not be kept inside the house and should bury outside your home.

3. Take a medicinal bath in order to make your Mars calm. Mix milk, jaymasi, red flower, Gangajal, nagkesr and jayapusp in water for medicinal bath.

4. Never play gambling, speculation and lottery.

5. Never fight with father and do work with father’s advice.


Mars In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in seventh house: Due to the presence of Mars in the seventh house, you would be beautiful, tall, attractive, money spender, cloth jewelry and perfume lover.

Behavior: you would be a hot tempered person. You will not be able to tolerate your evil. You will always be in false pride, due to which you will not be able to get great success in your life. Your smile would easily be able to steal people’s heart. You will get respect from others. You will not believe in bluffing people. You will love artificial life. You will face ups and downs many times in your life. Sometime, you will be at peak and sometimes, you will be on floor. You will accept all this as your destiny. You would believe in work only.

You will help others without any selfishness. You will be open in front of others as you will represent your thoughts in front of them. But you will not get support from others.

Education and Employment: As your Mars is in the seventh house, you will not get lack of education and you will be a brilliant student. You can study commerce or science. You can do responsible job work like banking or education sector.
You may work in engineering department too. If you will do building construction related work then you can be more successful. You can do work related to home decoration or other interior work. You will not have to face financial problems.
If you want to work in partnership then it would also get success but the partner shouldn’t be a female. Also, you will get positive results in religious work.

Family life: Your mars is present in 7th house, due to which you may be an elder child of your family. Your parents will love you a lot. You would have younger siblings. Perhaps, you would not share good relation with your sister but you would maintain it. You would have lots of friends but close friend would be 1 or 2. The placement of Mars in the seventh house makes you Manglik, due to which, you would be furious with your wife and would not listen to her. You both will fight, which would lead you to worst situation. You would have to marry with Manglik girl. Your wife and mother will not share good relation. You will be in tension due to their conflicts and at last, you would have to choose one of them. If sensibly you will save your married life then you would be able to live happy married life. You will give birth to a child on time. Your child would be intelligent. You would share happiness in terms of vehicle and home.

Health: You may suffer from bladder- related illness, sperm defects, hernia and other infectious diseases. Your wife would remain sick and because of this, you would have to visit hospital often. Also, you might have to face serious accident and you may get injury in lack. There is a possibility that you will die due to some sort of incident or shock.

Sinister Because of evil Mars, you would have physical relations with wretched ladies and they would lead you to loss. And because of such ladies, you would not respect your wife and there would be controversies between you and your wife. You would face many worst incidents but you would not learn anything from those situations. Your partner will ditch you. Your ongoing work will stop. You will drown in debt. In this type of situation, you would flutter for money to a great extent.


Remedies for Mars In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Read hanuman chalisa and sundar kand.

2. Serve sweet food in andhvidhyalaya on 27 Tuesdays.

3. Put copper vessel filled with water near to your head side on Monday night and pour the water into the plant next day. (Do this on every Monday for good health)

4. Wear coral stone.

5. Grow plants with red flowers.


Mars In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

The position of Mars in eighth house in the annual chart makes the native full of life, enthusiastic & enterprising person. He will not feel lack of initiative & courage throughout the year. Injustice & wrong things will not be tolerated by the native. One has to put lot of efforts to accomplish the works. Intelligence and sweet tongue only help the native in his/ her endeavors. The curiosity to know the deep knowledge and mysteries of life will be ignited. The native will enjoy the status of being head of the family. He will earn from landed property. Pending disputes of property will get settled in favor of native.

If Mars to either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets in eighth house it casts inauspiciousness. The native may suffer from the blood diseases, diabetes and piles etc problems. Arthritis and bones diseases will also trouble the native. Tandoor(oven) at home brings negativity, so one should not keep it at home. Celebrations at home will make Mars inauspicious so that should also be avoided. There will be hurdles and difficult sailings in business.


Remedies for Mars In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

No Remedies Required.


Mars In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: Mars is a planet to respect justice. And mars in ninth house gives special intelligence to a person. You can be a good politician. You will get benefits from your power. You will be interested in meditation, horse riding, fields sports, yoga etc.

Your money will be more spend on luxurious items. Your time will be good between 28 to 33 years of age. You will get fame and with your hard work you will gain money and reputation.

Family Life : Being mars in ninth house you will obey your brother and father. You will always b e blessed by them. You will get love from your family completely.

Mars in ninth house gives family happiness and peace. There would not be sudden trouble. It is also good in respect of financial condition. You will always be with your brother and sister and serve your parents and your destiny will always be with you. Health You may have to face memory loss problems. You may face stomach problems, blood disorders. Otherwise you will be physically fit.

Sinister Due to weakness of the Mars firstly you will disobey your parents. You will now obey your elders. And to lie will be our habit. To leave your house or village you will roam arroud. To leave your religion you will become atheist.

Due to unlucky mars there will be relation with some other woman and you may be victim of many secret diseases.

Many times due to weak mars your wife will also affected by this and her health will be affected.


Remedies for Mars In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

No Remedies Required.


Mars In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be a hard working student and you education can be completed away from your home in a hostel. You will get engineering education but select the other mode for you business or livelihood.

Being Mars in tenth house there is great chance to get great success in your business. And also this is good indication to get government job and apply in politics’ career. Being in tenth house this Mars makes you performing and mighty also.

Mars make you wealthy and property owner.

Mars in tenth house is very lucky for advocates. And generally these advocates get success in their cases. In the same way if you become surgeon in medical then also this Mars helps you a more. And if you work in other organization then also many people work under you. In all Mars in tenth house never takes you a money lack situation.

Family Life : Mars of tenth house from its seventh eye looks at the fourth house. Due to that you will get happiness of mother, land and vehicle. But there will be some shortage and that’s why you will be unsatisfied.

Mars here from its eight eye looks at the fifth house which gives you happiness from your son definitely and also you son will be royal.

You will get good success in your life and your relations will be good with your father.

In all Mars in tenth house give you fame and respect in society.

Health You will be an active person and till 25th years of age there will not be any serious disease to you but after that you may face cervical, pain in knees, urine related disease.

Sinister If Mars’ result is bad then your wife would be arrogant and try to keep you in her control which creates ideological difference between you. You wife would not be able to adjust with your family and this makes a bad effect on your children also. And some time with the bad effects of Mars your son born late. You always be in a tension related to your son.

Many times with the bad effects of Mars you may have to face unnecessary dishonor. There may be a chance to go to prison due to theft etc.

Due to bad Mars a person sells home’s gold for any reason.


Remedies for Mars In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

No Remedies Required.


Mars In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: Mostly Mars in eleventh house makes a person scientist and historical. Because it is your inborn quality to keep anything secret. And due to this you are completely eligible for personal secretary in secret department.

In whatever field you get education, your wisdom is out of doubt. Being perfect in debate you are perfect for the profession advocate.

You can also enter in Defense department, Military department, Ayush Department etc.

If you do your own business then it will be harmful to trust blindly on any person.

Family Life : In your family you will play a role of administrator. Your relatives will create a lot of problems and obstacles. But you will be dedicated completely for your siblings. Due to good position of planets you will get good property as succession.

You will not gain any good benefit from the side of your sasural. But due to good qualities of your wife you will ignore this thing. Your wife will be as of Luxmi.

Your child department will be weak and with the help of medicated treatment you will get child.

Your luck will be with you after marriage only.

Health Being Mars in eleventh your health will not be very good. But you would not take care of your health. When your illness reaches at the highest point only then you try to take treatment for that. You may have to face dry cough like disease. But yet you will not be ill for long.


Bad effects of Mars impacts directly on your peace of mind. Your behavior will be like mean or greedy type. Your family members will be upset from you and execrate you in their heart.

Due to bad Mars your income will also not be good. And you have to live your life in poverty. If you are in government sector and do any work under table (illegal work), then you will be caught which gives you dishonor and nothing else. You will be in debts even after well income. Except this the bad effect of Mars will also show it’s bad impact on your house and your father.


Remedies for Mars In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

No Remedies Required.


Mars In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be brilliant and will also be interested in sports and will get fame in sports also. If you make your career related field with sports then you will be more successful than others.

You will also be interested in writing, astrology, poetry, social science and technology.

You may be involve in business in import – export like international organizations, prison – prison guard organization, old people hermitage.

You will also be benefited from iceman yoga.

Family Life : Being mars in twelfth house your family life will be ok. Mars is looking at your seventh house from its eight eye which indicates that there will be delay in your marriage. You are a manglik so you should marry to a manglik girl.

Your wife will be dwarf and fatty and also a wrangler otherwise she will be ill. Mars looks at the third house from its fourth eye which indicates that you will get complete support from your siblings.

You will also get respect from your brother-in-law and sister-in-law. There will also be good relationship with your neighbors and they will help you in your needs.

You will get great benefit from your sasural’s side and get property also from there.

Health You may have disease like mental problem, pain in half head, accidental disorders etc.


Due to bad Mars you may be proved blemish by other’s lying. Due to bad company you may go to prison or may involve in a big problem. There may be a chance of relationship with other woman because being mars in twelfth house there may a lack in your character.

You can also be get arrested by your wife because of teasing her for dowry. Due to bad mars you yourself destroy you by doing non-sense thing which also destroys woman’s happiness.

Mostly these people don’t have elder brother. If so then he lives in bad condition. Or there is minimum chances to get son child.


Remedies for Mars In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

No Remedies Required.

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