A Multi Disciplinary Approach To Vaastu Energy


Vastu Energy

‘Miracles do not happen in contradiction to Nature but only to that which is known to Nature.’ - Saint Augustine 

Energy is defined as capacity of doing work, but we are not talking about in terms of the energy units like ‘Ergs’ and ‘Joules’ what we read in schools. We see ‘Energy’ in the flowers, when they blossoms. The seeds also sprout on their own which is due to ‘Energy’. There are two types of Energy in Nature and they are named as ‘Positive Energy’ and ‘Negative Energy’, i.e. ‘Constructive’ or ‘Destructive’ Energy existing in Universe. This positive energy makes the seed to sprout. Starting from microbes to the elephant, they use this ‘Energy’. Similarly, the planets move on their own with some energy but it is said the energy utilized for this rotation is negligible compared to our Universal Energy available in Space.

There are some ‘Destructive Energies’ also prevailing in the Universe, which do not allow the seed to sprout and human to prosper. The worms, bacteria, virus do this destructive work. Now we are referring to some harmful energy in Vastu in form of radiations, those are emanating from Earth and from Cosmos. These energies work on the Structures (‘Matter’) and Humans or Animals (‘Bio-Energy Fields’).

Building-Biology (ENERGY)

Our building is not just a place of dwelling but it is like another layer of skin connecting us with the energies of outer world. People live in it either partially (offices & factories) or full time (homes). It provides security, protects our belongings. Further, it is in the form of a geometrical figure, similar to a ‘YANTRA’ working as a ‘PowerHouse’. It should provide good health and support in attaining prosperity. It must help us physically, mentally and spiritually. Here prosperity means, should providing sufficient financial support to sustain, making us free from external problems and guarantee peace to the dwellers.

(a) Human Life and ‘Building Biology’

 It means to say that we have many objects around us, which can be compared to the ‘life’ or the living cells in our body, having an enormous impact with our body chemicals and physical aspects of matter. This cannot be seen with a naked eye but can be experienced with time like the good and bad effects of them affecting wellbeing of a human body. Similarly, a ‘building’ is not a simply a structure, but it has ‘energy’ (‘Ojass’ or ‘Prana’) must have the support of following factors like good environment; materials used in its construction like rock, wood, and covering items etc.; articles placed in it, must have mutual acceptance with the persons living in it. It is called compatibility.

(b) Geo-Biology

 The existing Earth's magnetic field, gravity, sunlight are helping out biology, while the geological structures underneath the buildings, consisting of harmful mineral give harmful radiations, faults, fractures, presence of water channels, conscious bones in rocky structures which effect residents living directly above them these radiations (which breaks the chemical bondage) with their ‘Negative Aura Energy’ may clash with our energy body. It means this affects our Cell Energy. Incurable diseases like Cancer, T.B, Heart Attacks occurred due to blockages of energy in the cell and it's functions. The remains of the dead and their bones sometimes believed  by some as ‘Conscious’ may influence the human bio-energetic field, causing psychic problems. The occurrence of unpredictable uneventful deaths, murders brings total turmoil in the peace of the residents.

(c) ‘Bau-Biologie’ or Building Biology 

It is a term used by German Vastu specialists to describe a movement, to promote the use of healthy building principles as a means for better living working place relating to health of the occupants. Primarily it is a study of pattern of the house, building and its contents vis-à-vis their interaction with the human energy field. It is a field of building science investigating the indoor environment for a variety of irritants. Such environment can produce negative or stressful results or positive or restful effects affecting mental and physical health of the occupants. Some un-natural structural irregularities, broken items, metallic items, electrical EMF gadgets, skin or hides or their heads used as decorative pieces may give Infra-red radiation. Their negative energies may result in unidentifiable nausea, headache and allergies etc.


Roles of Energies in Vastu Shastra

(‘Pranic’, ‘Jaivic’ & Solar Energy)

Cosmic Energy (‘Pranic’ Energy)

As we know our Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees towards the North-East direction and it is moving from West to East direction. For an example, when we run we feel the air is coming against our direction. We feel the air. Similar thing happens to the movement of Earth towards the North-East direction vis-à-vis the Cosmic Energy (‘Pranic’ Energy), which comes in from the North-East direction.

This is the reason that much focus is paid towards the North-East direction. If this zone is blocked then the breadwinner will face many difficulties in life. No obstruction should be along the North-East zone; like bathroom, toilet, storeroom, staircase, master bedroom or even kitchen should not be placed there. Only prayer room is allowed there.

This area must be kept clean and tidy and preferably lightweight or no weight at all. Keep windows open here in the morning for the beneficial morning Sun. Use this place for meditation and prayers. Face North or East always when praying. In addition, keep a bowl of water (clean water) and place it at the corner of the North-East zone.

North-East zone represents the water element in Vastu. Respect this zone as if it’s the heart of the house. This room can be used if you are not well and wish to get well fast and to recharge yourself when your are stressed out.

Why there are some cases of houses being burgled or robbed by thieves while some are not; certain people get robbed; some dogs attack people easily and some dogs don't and keep their distance? This may be connected to the energy level of people and their homes. When a person’s energy level or ‘Prana’ energy level is low, dogs can sense it and they may attack. If a house energy level is low, thieves might sense it and notice it. How can they sense it? It comes down to their intuition and instinct and their feeling towards it. That is why that in some houses we sense good vibes and in some, we don't.

How do we know if a person’s energy level is high or low?

When you observe them talking negatively about people and themselves, gossiping and always complaining matters. They are never happy about themselves and the environment. Such persons are generally having very low energy level; so they will continue to attract negative things in their lives.

How do we measure a house energy level is high or low?

Firstly, observe the North-East direction of the house. If there is an obstruction, then the house has low ‘Prana’ energy. Next, observe the South-West zone. If there are no obstructions for the openings, then the ‘Prana’ energy has exited from this zone. South-West zone should always be closed, heavy and with fewer openings, then the energy can be stored. 

As a conclusion, leave North-East zone free and open and keep South-West zone closed and heavy and observe the results.

Magnetic Field (‘Jaivic’ Energy)

Magnetic field of Earth flows from North to South. We as humans can only observe this energy when we sleep. If we get bad dreams, cannot sleep at night, or sleeping in excess then we may be or are sleeping with our heads towards North. Our body is receptive to the North-South Magnetic flow is due to IRON in our blood. Our head reacts as the North Pole and legs as South Pole.
When we sleep with our heads towards North, our head and the North Pole repels each other, and we get disturbed sleep. Sometimes we may even get migraine and headaches sleeping towards this direction.

The best direction to sleep is towards South. When North and South Pole is against each other, it attracts and we get sound and blissful sleep. We do not really have to sleep directly towards South; it can be South-East or South-West too but never towards North-East or North-West.

Solar Energy 

The source of solar energy is only from the Sun. It is the source of Vitamin D as well. The morning Sun is very beneficial to our human bodies. It is best to get morning exposures during sunrise timings. As per the Hindu religion, praying the morning Sun God and chanting sacred ‘Gayatri Mantra’ facing East, would be quite beneficial. Expose yourself towards the morning Sun as much as possible. Take a bath in the morning exposing to the beneficial morning Sun with better absorption of Vitamin D.

The best location for kitchen is in the South-East zone which is the fire zone. Cook facing East. The best time to cook is from 9am to 12pm. The Sun will be at the South-East zone to benefit the Positive Ultra-Violet Rays from the Sun. After 12pm until Sunset, the immense heat of the Sun, which is not beneficial to us at all should be avoided. After 12pm, the position of the Sun will be at South then South-West then sets at West. This is the reason why our walls at home should be thicker along the Southern and Western zone. This is to prevent the harmful UV rays of the Sun into our living premises.

As we can see, Vastu Shastra is not a belief or a superstition. It is a pure Science of the Cosmos. Nothing to be ‘believed’ or ‘worshipped’. Every principles and techniques has its scientific explanation behind it; and it can be observed regardless of religion or beliefs.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vastu Shastra

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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