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Lal Kitab - Effects of Sun (Annual Predictions)


Permanent House: 1
Best Houses: 1, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12
Weak Houses: 6, 7, 10
Colour: Yellow (copper)
Inimical Planets: Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Venus
Friendly Planets: Moon, Jupiter, Mars
Neutral Planet: Mercury
Nature of Work: Government accounts and warrior
Exalted House: 1
Debilitated House: 7
Time: Morning 8 to 10
Day: Sunday
Disease: Fever, Eye problem, Headache
Substitute: Mercury + Venus

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Lal Kitab Effects of Sun (Annual Predictions) - CLICK HERE

Sun In First House (Annual Predictions)

Sun is considered to be the king of all the planets or and the first house in the horoscope. If the Sun is auspicious this year, many good results could be experienced. The person who has well placed Sun in the chart will get benefits from government machinery/ departments and the politicians as well. The native will be endowed with remarkable courage. Your enemies will keep their mouth shut. You will gain through immovable property like plot/ house. Business will keep on flourishing throughout the year. The native will be filled with surmountable courage.

A great new spark of entering into politics will be ignited to those natives who have their Sun unaffected in the chart. Contrary to this, the conjunction or aspect of malefic planet with the Sun may create many hurdles in government/ state related works. Business will bear loses. Such native may face health/ court problems and has to spend lot of amount in order to come out of these hassles. His/ her moral will be down.


Remedies for Sun In First House (Annual Predictions)

1. Serve father or father like figure.

2. Establish a place for water.


Precautions for Sun In First House (Annual Predictions)

1. Don’t tell lie.

2. The native neither should be very harsh nor soft in approach.


Sun In Second House (Annual Predictions)

Sun placed in second house in the chart is called religious Sun as this house is called temple/ a sacred place. Sun placed in this house has tremendous strength equal to many arms. Such native will progress on account of his/ her hard work. He/ she will shine and help others too. The happiness through new vehicle, construction of religious buildings and charity houses is likely. Status in the society shall enhance from economical point of view too the year will be excellent.

Contrary to this, malefic aspects or conjunction with Sun, may result in bad health A meaningless journey to a religious place is possible. Afflicted Sun may cause trouble in the eyes, heart or throat. There will be marital discord. Property disputes might turn against you and the economic crises may also be felt.


Remedies for Sun In Second House (Annual Predictions)

1. Donate coconut oil / almonds to worship house.

2. Immerse a copper coin in water.

3. Touch the feet of mother or mother like figure and take her blessings.

4. Make your character strong.


Precautions for Sun In Second House (Annual Predictions)

1. Don’t involve yourself in ancestral property dispute in this year.


Sun In Third House (Annual Predictions)

Those who have strong Sun in the third house of their chart, This year will be prosperous. Auspicious ceremonies will be organized at home. Co-operation from friends and younger siblings will boost their moral, and your involvement & affection will be more towards them. Short journeys are likely which will give your happiness. If you are in service, promotion is expected, business will flourish. Your interest towards astrology & mysterious sciences shall increase.

The aspect & conjunction of malefic planet may cause unnecessary tiffs or separation with the friends / siblings. During the transit period of Moon in 12th & 8th houses in this year, there could be theft in the house in broad day light. Many adverse situations are generated and faced.


Remedies for Sun In Third House (Annual Predictions)

1. Donate rice & milk etc.

2. Offer water to rising Sun in which sugar is to be added.

3. Always consume some sweet and drink some water before you leave for an important work.

4. Your picket should have some toffee or sweet.

5. Take blessings from mother/ grand mother.

6. Never keep on unserviceable electric item at house.


Precautions for Sun In Third House (Annual Predictions)

1. Don’t take food grains on credit free of cost.

2. Character should be strong.


Sun In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in the fourth house is the annual/ yearly chart is on indication that there will be happiness and prosperity throughout the year. There will be special affection from mother/ aunty (mother’s sister). Guests will keep coming to your house throughout the year. Wealth, name & fame shall enhance. Journeys related to government works will be fruitful. Property/ land related issues which were not getting accomplished will get completed in this year.

But, if Sun posited in fourth house is conjuncted or aspected by malefies, your all works will get delayed & disturbed. There may be theft or lose of gold. The native should not expected child of birth in the family during that year, if Sun posited in fourth house is aspected either by Saturn posited in seventh house or any other malefic.

What not to do:-

1. Don’t accomplish any work for Saturn.
2. Don’t consume alcohol and non-veg food.
3. Don’t receive any item of electricity / Iron as gift from in- laws side.


Remedies for Sun In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Serve old/elderly person.

2. Wear a copper coin in the neck.

3. Feed at least four blind people.

4. Wear golden chain.


Precautions for Sun In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

1. If any planet posited in 10th house, That should be propitiated.

2. Don’t accomplish any work for Saturn.

3. Don’t consume alcohol and non-veg food.


Sun In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in V house in the yearly / annual chart is considered very auspicious & gets the title of master of family’s growth & prosperity. It is an indication that the fate of the native will get flourish from all the sides. There will be new spark and creativity in life. If the native is student his/her knowledge will be enhanced. If the native is an adult there will be happiness from the children’s side . When Saturn is also posited in eleventh chart, there will be remarkable progress. Family support, unexpected financial gains are likely.

But, if Sun posited in fifth house is either conjuncted or aspected by malefies, the native will be worried on account of children, and there will be increase in temperament/ anger and aggression. The difference of opinion with the loved ones/ friends is quite possible. There may be lose of prestige too in that year.

Remedial Measures: -

1. Propitiate malefic planets
2. Don’t have fights with women.
3. Control anger and aggression.


Remedies for Sun In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Immerse yellow items of Lord Jupiter like – turmeric, Gram daal, yellow flower and saffron in the flowing water.

2. Keep your promises.

3. Serve red-faced monkeys.


Precautions for Sun In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Don’t receive any item of electricity / Iron as gift from in- laws side.

2. Don’t have fights with women.


Sun In Sixth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in sixth house in annual chart gives a spend thrift attitude. Sun in sixth house makes the native aggressive like ball of fire, But it bestows the native with good health, & both physically & mentally. There will be financial gains in business related to land/ property. If the native has interest in politics, success in this field is likely in this year. Foreign travel/ foreigners both will be fruitful. Enemies can’t stand against you if you are a part of litigation . There will be chances of winning the trial.

But, Six house Sun if aspected or conjuncted by malefies, gets spoiled, and the results will be contrary mentioned above. The litigation might be thrust on him/her. There will be hurdles in all accomplishments. Diseases like- Asthma, Blood pressure might trouble & he may be incurred under heavy debts.


Remedies for Sun In Sixth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Dig earth & burry six square pieces of copper.

2. Take a small box of Silver and full it with water.

3. Present gifts to friends related to polities / government.

4. Offer water to Sun God everyday


Precautions for Sun In Sixth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Control anger and aggression.

2. Don’t take money on debt.


Sun In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

Seventh house Sun in annual/ yearly chart is good for business, and for service as well. The native will gain benefits in business and if in job promotion is likely. Social status & prestige, shall enhances. Colleagues and friends will be co-operative. The native will be kind hearted & donate liberally. Sun in seventh house is very auspicious for father and brings prosperity for him. But same Sun, if aspected or conjuncted by malefic, spouse will remain sick. Loss in partnership/ business is likely. Suspension might be faced if such native is in job & works in progress might get with held.


Remedies for Sun In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

1. Consume some sweet first & drink some water before you start any auspicious work.

2. Don’t eat Jaggery throughout the year as it mars the sexual power/ virility.

3. Burry 07 square pieces of copper in the earth.

4. Don’t go for marriage this year even if there are chances. You can postpone it for the next year.


Precautions for Sun In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

1. Don’t start a new venture during this year.

2. Propitiate the malefic planets.


Sun In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in the eighth house in the yearly/ annual chart is an indication that the native will start behaving like a saint. There will be benefits is terms of wealth from the in-laws side. The native well behave in more mature way and will be able to influence others. A positive aura will surround that person to that extent that on ailing person who is almost breathing last won’t find final abode in the presence of such native. Sun in eight house makes the person spiritually awakened. The native will want to learn deep rooted knowledge.

If Sun is aspected or conjuncted by the malefic planets, The native will live in isolation away from family or society. There may be humiliating allegation from the in- laws side or the native might be tortured on account of dowry. The female strata of society might be.


Remedies for Sun In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

1. One should not live in south facing house.

2. Respect and help the people from in – laws side.

3. One must donate 800 gm wheat and 800 gm Jaggery to a worship place on Sunday.

4. One should not live at in- laws place.


Precautions for Sun In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Avoid partnership business during the year, if you are already doing partnership should be under surveillance.

2. Stay away from females.


Sun In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in ninth house in annual/ yearly chart gives a happy & tension free life during that year. The mental stability of the native gets enhanced. Such a person might be appointed on a higher post in a religious organization. The enemies won’t be able to stand against such person. There will be all round happiness and one attain victory in all endeavors one gets blessing from fathers and Guru/teacher. There will be enhancement in knowledge, one takes interest in new subjects. One’s father will also get benefits from land/ property.

If the same Sun is aspected orconjuncted by the malefic planets. One’s eyes get affected. There may be debts in the family. The native will stay away from birth place in an alian land and lead a struggleful life. Conflicts with fathers, loss in travel or difference of opinions with sister/ brother in-laws are likely.


Remedies for Sun In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Never accept gift/ donation of milk / rice/ silver

2. Put copper nails on the legs of the bed where you sleep.

3. Do not do pilgrims.

4. Always keep some dry fruits in big brass vessels.


Precautions for Sun In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Serve a cow or your brother or brother like person.

2. Avoid bad deeds.

3. If possible leave on open courtyard/ living space in your house.


Sun In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in tenth house is considered very auspicious as it attains all powers in this house. But the native becomes psychic too. One gets benefits and prospers in this year. Government related works get accomplished. The will be happiness through vehicles. Show pieces, clothes are beneficial too. Co-operation and support from the father/ senior person is likely.

If, Sun posited in Tenth house is conjuneted or aspected by malefic planets there may be one or other tension keep troubling through out the year. Doing any pooja propitiation for Saturn would be harmful. If Moon is posited in fifth house in the yearly chart, One’s mother or oneself might get threatens to life. There will be separation / distances or difference of opinions with father. The native may face inauspicious results if he/ she exaggerate short coming / tensions in front of others or beg their help.


Remedies for Sun In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Worship lord shiva.


Precautions for Sun In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Don’t wear black and blue colors in your dresses.

2. One should not do any pooja/ worshipping for lord Saturn in that year.

3. Keep your head covered with white or pink colored cap.


Sun In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in eleventh house is very auspicious and is an indication that one’s all desires will get accomplished during that year. Support from friends, love and affection from elder siblings is likely. There will be child birth (Son) in the in that year or Son will be obedient to you. Your relations with high officials or government person will get strengthened and you shall get favour and benefits from them. The native shall be happy, prosperous wealthy and lead a disease free life.

But Sun in eleventh house if aspected or conjuncted by malefic planets gets affliction. Such native will incurr loses on account of friends. Father will face loses in travel. Afficted Sun is inauspicious for elder brother & progeny. The children of such native will spoil the wealth. Such native will become abusive. Investment in share market will also give you financial lose.


Remedies for Sun In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

1. Buy a goat from a butcher and make her free.

2. Donate copper in that year.

3. Use pillow which is filled with sand for 43 days.

4. Wear Ruby gemstone ring in copper.


Precautions for Sun In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

1. Serve/ help your elder brother or brother like figure.

2. Don’t spend money or bear unwanted expenses for friends.

3. Take care of your Son’s health.


Sun In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

The positions of Sun in the twelfth house in the yearly / annual chart is not considered auspicious. As Sun posited in this house motivates the native to take other’s troubles on one’s shoulders. If the same native is careful, Sun in 12th house can be beneficial to him/ her too. The enemies won’t get activated. One will get benefits from the foreign land/ or through hospital related works.

The native would like loneliness/ isolation. Handicrafts etc works will also be beneficial. The business will grow if Mercury planet is worshipped.

If Sun posited in 12th house is aspected or canjuneted by malefics, it also becomes malefic. And afflicted Sun may affect the eyesight of the native. The native might incurr loses at foreign land. One might be involved in theft/ bribe or forgery. Betrayal and deceit is also faced.


Remedies for Sun In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Never bring any electrical item to home on credit or free.

2. Feed the Red ants with mixture of rice, white sesame seeds & grind sugar.

3. Keep fast on Sunday.

4. Help / Respect / Serve the government officials.


Precautions for Sun In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Avoid false witness.

2. Don’t do any business related to Saturn/ Rahu.

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