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Why am I disturbed?



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Why am I disturbed?

Living in a house which has its entrance facing the Northeast? That could be the reason for your financial problem, mental disturbance

- Rameshwar Prasad, Vastu Consultant, Delhi, India.

Q. The entrance to my house faces the northeast or east direction and the master bedroom is towards the southeast direction. I have of late been very disturbed mentally and have had some problems where finances and my career are concerned. 

– Milind Agarwal, Delhi 

A. It is preferable to have the front door facing the northeast direction instead of the southeast. You can go for this house if the main gate is from east and there is a driveway in the northeast. 

Q. I want to plant some sacred plants, bilva patra and peepal ( banyan) at home. Where should I put them? 

- Rajni Jha, New Delhi 

A. One does not recommend planting a peepal near a residence. Bilva is ok. Other acceptable plants are jackfruit, plantain, pomegranate, grape, neem, lime, tulsi , and mango. If not on this list, then other plants are probably unacceptable. Trees with insects, worms, honeybees, owls and serpents, should be avoided. Sweet smelling flowering plants like jasmine, lotus etc, are considered good. 

Q. Please recommend some simple ways to get rid of negative energies inside a house. 

- Brajesh, Noida 

A. Bless the home and treat it like a dear friend. Anoint it with good scents and decorate it with flowers. Play sacred chants regularly on your music system. 

Q. Is it considered good to put a kitchen sink in the southeast? 

- Tanushree Goel, Greater Noida 

A. A sink is not that important but a burner location and cooking direction is. These should be in the southeast side with a person facing east while cooking. Don’t have the burner and sink on same platform. 

Q. Can staircase be in an anticlockwise direction?

- Kanwar Ahluwalia, Gurgaon 

A. A staircase needs to circulate clockwise as it goes up. 

Q. My house is southwest- facing. Please tell me what’s good about this house.

- Tarun Thukral, Delhi 

A. A house that faces southwest will have less coherence with the earth energy grid and the solar energy influences. This means less abundant energy feeding the occupants. It could also have an influence of too much heat on various levels, body, mind and heart. However, this is not necessarily the case all the time and the exact orientation must be analysed. 

Q. Why are east- facing houses preferred over west facing houses? What are the effects of Vaastu on westfacing houses? 

- Mahesh Lamba, New Delhi 

A. All directions give different outputs. East facing: Physical comfort, mental peace. West facing: Material prosperity. North facing: Money. South facing: salvation and redemption. 

Q. We have a nice bedroom with large windows and a balcony leading from it. We want to place a dressing table with a mirror in it. Which is the best direction for it?

- Anu Dhingra, New Delhi 

A. Normally exposed mirrors are not good in the bedroom if you use a night lamp at night while you sleep. If the lamp isn’t used then the dressing table can be put on the north or east wall. It should at no cost be in front of the bed or facing the bed.

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