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Avoid negative energies

The northwestern side is not ideal for the master bedroom but can work as a guest room. Also, money should be kept in the southwestern part of a house

- Rameshwar Prasad, Vastu Consultant, Delhi, India.

Q. My residential plot has six corners because it cuts from the southwest in a square formation and faces the West. The rain water flows from the western side. Is the plot good enough? 

- Reena Kapoor, Greater Noida 

A. A plot with six corners and a southwest corner cut is not good. It can be corrected by making a rectangular boundary. The plot should be level or sloping to the north, northeast or east. The water flow should be on the northeast. A West facing house is fine but keep the main gate on the northwestern side. 

Q. I am a computer professional. I want to know how Vaastu works. 

- Shobhit Arya, Delhi 

A. Vaastu helps in achieving harmony between external energies such as heat, light and sound, which we are constantly receiving from our surroundings and internal energies that are commonly routed through our diet, sleeping habits and above all our thought process. A dissonance in internal energies reflects on our physical and mental unrest. When the internal and external are balanced, health, wealth and happiness unfold. 

Q. I own a garment factory. Is it necessary to correct all the defects in the place? 

- Karan Khandelwal, Noida 

A. No it isn’t necessary to correct all defects but prominent defects need to be corrected to enable a positive flow of energy. The other defects can remain if a structure has a positive presence. It will have a good effect notwithstanding a few minor defects here and there. 

Q. Can we have a master bedroom in the northwest direction and is there any problem if the toilet faces the Eastern direction? 

- Mahesh Chopra, Noida 

A. The northwest is not ideal for a master bedroom. It’s good for a guest room. The toilet can face east but not the south. 

Q. Is it ok to have a fixed glass panel which allows light but not air in the southwest corner of a house? 

- Inderjeet Singh, Gurgaon 

A. That’s fine, but, if it’s in the extreme corner it's not ideal. 

Q. I have kept a wardrobe on the south wall of my bedroom. We keep jewellery and cash in it. The room has a mirror facing towards north. Is this the correct position or are changes required? 

- Partho Sen, Delhi 

A. You should remove the mirror from the front of panel and shift it inside on the back of the panel so that after use you can close it. Precious items should be kept in the southwestern part of this wardrobe. 

Q. The main gate of our plot is in the southeast, the driveway is in the northeast. The main door faces the northeast. Does it improve prosperity? 

A. As per Vaastu , the placement of the gate, plot, driveway and entry is fine. Put some green plants near the main gate and keep your driveway neat and clean. You will get better results.

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