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Ayurvedic Testing System

Ayurvedic Test

We use several techniques. One of them is Ayurvedic Testing System to find your mind-body type or dosha. With this information, we help our clients to make healthy choices in the design of their home and workspace to improve their body, mind and lifestyle.

When you read each of the questions, please don't think that one answer is better than another. Accurate test results come from honest reflection. If you truly believe that more than one answer to a question applies to you, list them both.

If you share your bedroom with a roommate or partner or share your workspace with a co-worker, this person should also take the test. If you both discover that you have different doshas, we factors these differences into the organization and design of your space.

Personal Ayurvedic Test

  1. Do you (a) get angry quickly and get over your anger just as quickly? Do you (b) seethe with anger and express it with sharp, penetrating words? Do you (c) find a way to control your anger?
  2. Do you (a) generally sleep lightly and wake up easily in the night? Do you (b) normally experience a fairly sound sleep? Do you (c) usually enjoy a deep, heavy sleep?
  3. Do you (a) make a decision and quickly change it? Do you (b) make a firm decision and put it into action? Do you (c) take a long time to make up your mind?
  4. Is your memory (a) totally unreliable, (b) pretty good, (c) terrific - the envy of everyone?
  5. Is your physical endurance: (a) limited, (b) moderate, or (c) tremendous?
  6. Is your build (a) slender or willowy, (b) medium-sized, (c) or do you have big, sturdy bones?
  7. Do you (a) love to talk and find it hard to be quiet? Do you (b) speak with intensity and usually say exactly what you think? Do you (c) exhibit restraint and choose your words with great care?
  8. Does your desire for water (a) change constantly, or is it generally (b) high, or (c) low?
  9. Is your mood (a) unpredictable, (b) often intense, or (c) calm and steady?
  10. Does your energy (a) come in bursts? Do you (b) efficiently manage your energy so that it gets you through the day? Is your energy level (c) slow but steady?
  11. Do you (a) tend to jump into an activity and lose interest along the way? Do you (b) hate wasting time and work efficiently to achieve your goal? Do you (c) work at a slow but deliberate pace?
  12. If you had to choose one word to describe yourself in a social setting, would it be (a) vivacious, (b) intense, or (c) relaxed?

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