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Sun Sign Forecast For Scorpio in 2017

For natives born between October 24 to November 22

(These predictions are Solar-based. Readers are requested to take date of birth into considering when reading these predictions.)

Hindi Name: Vrishchik
Date of Birth: 24th October to 22nd November
Ruling Planet: Mangal (MARS)
Nakshatras: Anuradha, Jyeshtha
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45
Lucky Days: Tuesday, Sunday
Lucky Colours: Red, Blue, Orange
Lucky Stones: Moonga, Pearl, Sapphire, Gomeda

Scorpio is the eighth and one of the strongest zodiac signs. Sun enters this sign on October 24th and leaves on November 22nd approximately. This is a mystical and secretive sign that is more sudden and forceful. They are influenced by the magnificent planet Mars which is most decisive in designing their path of success. A compassionate sign of Mars, Scorpio explains the mysteries of life swinging from light to the darkness. In mystic thoughts, this sign defines the entry of life-and-death. Because of this reason, longevity has strong links with this sign and its owner Mars.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017

This is going to be nothing short of a brilliant year for you Scorpios. There is nothing almost that can or will go wrong in this year.

Your energy will be optimum; you will have the push and the endeavor to surge ahead. Social life will be roaring, and you will be so focused on getting your career on fast track and minting money that love and romance will take a back seat and will not be your first priority.

Health will also remain stable over the period of 2017. The native born Scorpio will have the option of making changes that they want to bring in their lives this year. You will have the courage and the grit to face whatever problems you encounter over a period of this year.

Barring a couple of small things, the universe in 2017 conspires to make it a year for the Scorpios to remember. Let us take a look at the various genres of life that is in store for the Scorpios in 2017.

Love and Relationship

Venus, you love planet makes a turn around and stays in Gemini for a period of 4 months, making the period a pretty unusual one. The relationship that you get into at this period, from April to August will be a relationship where both you and your other half are striving to heal yourselves or mend a situation somewhere.

At the beginning of the month you and your partner will be trying to know and understand each other. With the advent of July and August, there will be differences of opinion, however by the end of the year you will reach your decision. The married couples who were facing problems this year will get separated in 2017 or they will take the situation in stride and go their own way and lead separate lives.

Those who are single and young will get to someone and start meeting them romantically, but this brief relationship will be a tempestuous one and will not last long. This year is not really a year in terms of love for the natives of Scorpio.

Career and Business

Now this is an area where Scorpio s will rise and shine. Saturn is in Cancer, your third house and will stay put for the next 7 years and starts a period of reward and recognition.

These will automatically be translated to increased compensation as well. Your work and worth will be recognized by the higher officials or the seniors and the colleagues around you and the work culture will be conducive. The first half of the year, especially January and February are complete work oriented month and you will be devoted completely to work.  During april and May there should be no missed opportunities when it comes to work. However, it is advisable to control your over-exuberance in matters of career decisions and that you should take decisions after much thought. Chances of an increment in your workplace can be seen after the month of September. Recognition in profession is foreseen. Chiron the planet is in your third solar house. This is the house of writing and creativity and career in these aspects will be in top form. However as there are indications of having opportunities fairly regularly, you will be better advised to take decisions carefully and not get carries away.

Health and Wellness

Health for the Scorpios in 2017 will remain good. However natives of Scorpio above the age of 40 may face certain small stomach related ailments. But having said that there are no major disruptions seen in the health front, also note that you should not take health for granted too.  Rather pay heed to your health condition in the second half of this year, after august. Most of your ailments, small or big will stem from the stress. You are overtly stressed now trying to balance a successful career and family life. For achieving inner wellness, it is suggested that you talk less this year and meditate and listen to others more. January to August are health periods to be looked after, so do take care of the same. Avoid being overtly stressed. There could be problems related to stomach and knee. Be careful about sudden injuries.

Money and Finance

This will be a superbly auspicious financial year for the natives of Scorpio. Jupiter, your planet of money is in an exalted position and sits in the fortunate house, which is the ninth house; thereby bringing immense potential of increased earnings and finance looking rosy in 2017. This money will not only be for an exalted living, the money coming is 2017 for the Scorpio s will be literally huge. Jupiter moves into an even better position on August and wealth flow increases even more. This trine not only signifies money, but also increased recognition and respect in your chosen field of work. In the second half of the year, there could be extravagance due to your partner’s overspending. Pay heed to that.

Family and Relatives

Family and Relatives sector for Scorpio is a mixed bag this year. There would be some misunderstanding, but they will blow over. There is going to be a lot of focus on children this year. Natives born under this sign, who are of child bearing age may do so, the rest may take lot of interest in raising one. There is a possibility of many of the Scorpio s moving into a larger accommodation, or a new living space as Jupiter is now in your 4th house. Parental figures will be extremely supportive and those who are working from home will do well with their help and support. You may also come across some people with whom you will be able to forge a bond instantly. They probably are your spiritual family and you will be well with them. There could be some tension related to the ill health of a family member, but will soon blow over. A fairly good year.

Travel and Vacation

The travel and vacation sector looks good. There will be some international and domestic travel as well. There would be some opportunities for the natives of this sign to spend some pleasurable time with their family. The professional travels will prove to be beneficial for the Scorpios. However, there could be difficulties in procuring Visa.

Education and Studies

There is a possibility of the natives of this sign taking on additional training and a higher specific education to enhance their career. The students need to put in a  lot of effort in the first half of the year. The scenario changes in the second half of the year and the toil of the first half yield results in the second half of this year. Students pursuing science and technology will do better than others.

Areas of Growth

2017 sees a phenomenal growth in your social area. You will be able to relax in your natural settings, in your new found social connectivity area. You will make new friends, join various groups and generally work well within a social milieu. There is a  tremendous amount of deep personal growth noticed this year. The way you express yourself will also undergo a change. Along with all this you are pursuing newer skill based education or some kind of training for your personal and career centric goals. With all these around there is a steep growth in your career and finance too. Thus the areas of growth in 2017 are all co-related and all bodes well and works in synchronization.

Areas of Challenge

This year do not take your health for granted as, health can all of a sudden buckle under stress and work pressure. A major challenging area is your communication this year, because there may be times when you speak out of turn and thus catch people on the wrong. Decisions too when need to be taken, should be taken very very cautiously and with much deliberation.  There could also be times when you will want to get into your own shell and procrastinate, but getting into that zone and not coming out will be very critical for your life. Balance out your life evenly this year.

Areas of Excitement

Getting socially super active will be definitely be an extremely exciting thing to do this year. Friendships and social circles will bring a lot of joy and excitement to you. The effective transformation of your career and finance swelling up are bound to make you extremely happy. The increase in your stature in the professional arena will cause much excitement and an adrenaline rush. There is also an indication of moving into a bigger quarter this year.

Areas of Change

It is advisable for the natives of Scorpio s not to let success get to your head this year. There will also be challenges in relationships, which post overcoming successfully you will emerge as a new being. Keep in mind not to also set aside relatives and close people as with changed scenarios in life you may need them. The maturity and change that will come upon you will let you move up in life slowly and steadily. Thus change for the better this year, towards a more healthy and successful clutter free life.

  • Favorable Months – January, February, April, August, November, December
  • Unfavorable Months – March, May, June, July, September, October
  • Favorable Colors – Red and Violet
  • Lucky Numbers – 1, 4, 2 and 7


    Scorpio Monthly horoscope 2017

    Let us have a look at how the monthly horoscope of those born under the sign of Scorpio in 2017 looks like.

    • January – Money matters and fortune are important in this month. Earning will come from your people who admire you. . Both health and beauty industries have probability in profits. Publishers and travelers are looking interesting in terms of money. Love seems healthy. There will be many opportunities for joint or partnership business. Personal initiative and bold action make a difference in your life.
    • February – Favorable time for job seekers. You need to take rest for bettering your health condition.  Your healing potential looks powerful now. Earning moment came through by family members or family business. Cherishing and emotional support became important in love. Much of life is trial and mistakes.
    • March – In this month your career and future goals will be stronger. Good relationships and good services with others are more important. A peaceful mind is very important. True love is the air. Health will be overall good.
    • April – Very soon you will be able to put your ideas into action. Keeping energy levels as high as possible .New job offers for job seekers. You could change your career path. Wealth and power are charming for single ones. Do your best to avoid disagreement with family, as it may affect physical health.
    • May – It is the time to one of the delighted and most active social moment of the year. Avoid stubbornness.try to make good happen in natural ways. With less effort you achieve more. Cheer itself is a healing tonic this month. Singles will meet significant others .Finances are more convoluted these days. This is a time for analyzing your financial plans.
    • June – Family and home members are still important but now the moment is to analyze your ambitions. Social skills are important than others. Financial deals will now moving forward which were on hold. This is a month to get rid from mental physical and emotional excess. Educational and foreign tour will come soon. Singles will find their foreigner beloved ones Health will be fine but have to take care of feet and head.
    • July – While you have energy to do your work, you have to handle other responsibilities too. Huge career increase is going to happen soon.
    • August – Love is complicated this month. Health needs watching for the rest of the year. Push forward boldly towards your career goals. Career will still strong. Singles seem more interested in friendship.
    • September– This is wonderful month of going religiously and involved in charitable projects. Singles will find dear ones. This is a prosperous month for business person.
    • October – Fresher’s get new and better jobs in this month. There are many possible scenarios as to what could happen. New regimes, exercises or practices become necessary. If you change your jobs, then new and better ones will come with more money. Wealth is ardently seeking you.
    • November – Prosperity is still very strong now. But there is more work involved with it like more responsibility and greater burdens. Invest in yourself, your image, your talents and skills. Money seems to come from areas outside your normal job
    • December – Career and financial opportunities are seeking you. Nothing much that you need to do. Siblings and Relatives seem to be having a rough time in this month. The person who is a good communicator is the most attractive.


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