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Moon Sign Forecast For Cancer in 2017

Cancer - Kark [Moon Placed In Cancer]

Nakshatra - Punarvasu last quarter, Pushya, Aslesha

Indian Star Sign: Punarvasu 3,4; Pushami 1,2,3,4; Aslesha 1,2,3,4 padas

Name starts with Sounds (Hi, Hu, He, Ho, Da, Di, Du, De, Do)

Rashi Lord - Moon
Rashi gem - Pearl
Favorable color - white
Favorable day - Monday
Favorable number - 2
Favorable dates - 2/11/20


Cancerians are ruled by Moon . You are emotional and are easily carried by their sentiments. You are a hard workers and responsible and generally lead comfortable life. Cancerians are fickle minded and get disturbed very soon. You have good imagination. And have potential to be good authors, philosophers and poets. You are extremely emotional and sensitive, you are very caring, family oriented and helpful. On the flip side you could be clingy, possessive and prone to self pity. You try to avoid confrontations at all costs and are likely to retreat into your crabby shell and sulk. You hate being corrected.

In general Kataka rasi people will be much attached to their children and family. They are good conversationalists, self-reliant, honest and unbending.

Annual Forecast 2017

  • Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Cancerians will not experience the effects of Sadhe Sati and Dhaiyya this year.
  • Suggestion: Avoid being too emotional.
  • Positive side: You are quite social.
  • Negative side: You trust other people quite easily.
  • Auspicious number(s): 2, 7, 11, 16, 20 and 25
  • Auspicious color(s): Orange, Yellow and White
  • Auspicious direction: North
  • Auspicious thing(s): Rice, Flour and Kheer

Jupiter in 3rd house till mid September and then in 4th house, Rahu in 2nd house and Ketu in 8th house till mid September, Saturn in 5th and 6th houses throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

Lord of your sign Moon is located in the 7th House of your chart Capricorn, the house of partnerships, efforts and new initiative. You would act in a different manner and the negativity and the pessimism of the past will give way to a high amount of energy, confidence and at the same time a very fix attitude with a somewhat difficult temperament. Jupiter, the lord of your 6th house as well as 9th house is located in 3rd house, in this year’s chart, the house of judgement, creativity etc.
This indicates good decision making regarding finances.
Mars, Venus, Ketu in your 8th house indicate blood related diseases and disinterest in spiritual activities.
This year you would see the movement of Saturn from your 5th house to 6th house that is from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This signifies a major shift in your thinking. The negative and the unpleasant thoughts in your mind will give way to a very positive and aggressive temperament. You will work well, you will make things happen, you would be very aggressive at work and result oriented and at the same time you will also be very active in personal life and various matters connected with you.

Family will criticize you for making your job as first priority.

2017 with respect to different aspects in your life

Health : During the first half of the year, you may be too proactive or you may work very hard. This will definitely affect your health. You being a water sign, you must be careful against water borne disease or you may be so busy that your diet and life style may go haywire. So consciously you must maintain a minimum health regime of diet, exercise and rest. Also in your 3rd house, both Rahu and Moon the lord of your sign are conjoined this year, right in the beginning of the year you may suffer from a heavy bout of depression. However, from July onwards everything will get back to normal and you will recover the healthy balance in your life once again. During the first half of the year, because of Rahu and Moon conjunction in the 3rd house of efforts, it could be one step forward followed by 2 steps backwards but by June onwards you will learn to manage the contradictions between Rahu and Moon in your action and efforts.

Finance: Jupiter is located in 3rd house and expenses may shoot up during this year; you should keep up a tight control on unnecessary expenses and wasteful expenditures. You may not be able to accumulate wealth, this year as per your plan because there may be some unexpected & unavoidable expenses which you cannot avoid. But for those who are involved in speculative activities, like gambling , lottery or speculation in stock market etc will be lucky during this year.

Education : From February to May, Jupiter will be in a retrograde state due to which concentration levels will be low.
Examination results will be as expected.
Higher education may not be possible this year.

Career : This will be a normal year for you, professionally. But for some, the year can bring some unexpected success especially through foreign connection or you may get some new opportunities from a foreign country. However, this will not be a very favourable year for partnership and strategic alliance in your business and profession. You should make every effort to keep harmony in your existing partnership , while you initiate new efforts in your business and profession.

Family : Beyond September 2017 there will be a marked change in your personality. You might be in a no nonsense phase and unwilling to adjust with people. While this will be good for your self-confidence but it could destroy relationships around you. You might have difficulty in marriage as well as family matters so do not overdo this aspect. Be careful, be flexible, listen to others and remain reasonable and open to suggestions. If you are able to do this, you will do very well as you will have high energy and a very good level of confidence during this period starting from September 2017 and will continue for one and a half year. Passions and desires would be high and you might find yourself in some new situations for various parts of the year. Be careful till April 2017 as you could experience some sort of a mistake or error in relationships.

Travel : For re-location, make use of November as it has all the positive positioning of planets.
Long distance travelling, holidays to seashores, swimming etc are not advised.

Romance & Married life : 5th House is the house of love and romance which is Scorpio for Cancer and Saturn is located in Scorpio during this year. In general, love and romance will be very favourable for Cancerian people during this year but Saturn will encourage having short term romance or affairs. 7th house is the house of Spouse and partnership for Cancer which is Capricorn for Cancer people.
You will be submissive to your partner for most of the year.

Remedies :

  1. Serve a black cow or offer fodder at a cow ranch yourself.
  2. Worship Lord Shiva or Hanuman regularly.
  3. On Saturdays, donate fried food items to the needy ones.
  4. Keep a dog at home. Follow social norms and moral values on Mondays and Saturdays.
  5. On Wednesday, offer Prasad (holy food) at a Durga temple.
  6. On Friday, distribute Kheer (sweet rice porridge) or white sweets among little girls.

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