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According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, each colour symbolizes a different element ( fire, earth, water, Wind & Space). The colours of your office space, business logo, marketing materials & business card  will affect the success of your business. If you pick the right colours to represent your business, you have more success. A choice of colours depends  on the type of your business. For example, the colour green or blue are very calming. So if your business is related to pharmaceuticals, these colours are highly recommended. You may incorporate these colours in your logo and on any communications you mail out. To decide which colours to use, spend some time thinking about the true nature of your business. When you decide on what the "essence" of your business is, you must pick a corresponding colour to enhance the right vastu element. High-tech electronic multi-tasking offices can be balanced with mild  green on the walls and wood furnishings.

Welcome to the World of LOGO ANALYSIS. The analysis is different.
Analysis is made whether your corporate logos will give wings to your company’s plans for success.

Your logo is the first point of contact between you and your audience. It identifies your product or services to your customer and distinguishes you from your competition. Your logo is extremely important in helping your company create and maintain its brand in today's marketplace and is the key to successful branding and marketing. Feng shui can make a significant difference to your business.

Reasons to Design Logos using Vastu and Feng Shui Principles

To Raise the vibration of your logo and brand
2. To Energize your logo to become a magnet for opportunities and prosperity
3. To Optimize your logo for growth and success
4. To Increase your luck factor
5. To Synchronize your auspicious element with your brand
6. To Give you an advantage over your competitors
7. To Avoid negative subliminal influences
8. To Add value to your brand

Decoding their design and colors evaluation is made to analyze whether the logos will unlock your company fortunes and rocket you out of the ordinary and send you right to the top.

So what’s the difference in analysis?

The difference is the Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui and Vastu connections..

Logos are analyzed keeping in mind the Astrological, Numerological, Feng Shui and Vastu influences that will bear upon your company as a result of the circumstantial realities of time and place.

The highlight is whether your logo is a usual one or is that a logo which is not just a graphical symbol of your corporation’s aspirations but your shield against misfortune. Are they your silent lucky mascot for winning over and over again?

LOGOS Designs for Winning... Everytime..

We have in a manner of speaking - cracked the colour codes complying to Astrology, Numerology and Vastu tenets that can make your corporate logo into a wonderful tool for advancing the prospects of your company. By fine tuning logos to Numero-Astro-Vastu-Feng Shui principles, We Have swung the fortunes of many companies for the better.

Our many years of research have revealed the influence exerted by Numerology, Astrology and Vastu upon logos. We read logo design in consonance with the date of incorporation of the company, it's area of operation and - in the case of listed companies- the first trades of their stocks on their stock exchange.

According to our concept logos are not good or bad : rather they are either lucky or unlucky. A logo can be rendered “ weak “ by inappropriate design, shape or colour and such a logo will keep erecting obstacles to prevent the smooth functioning of your company. On the other hand, a “strong” logo will pro actively deflect pitfalls and solicit success, growth and longevity of the company.

From the vastu angle a bad logo is an unlucky logo not a badly designed one, and a good logo is a lucky logo. By improving logo design, Vastu does not mean making it look smarter or dazzling. It means fixing the Numerological, Astrological and / or Vastu disharmonies that the logo design is causing to the company’s prospects.

For companies that are merely surviving or for companies who don’t mind being counted in the “also ran” category the matter of Vastu remedy in logo design is a non issue.

As per vastu you must know the "element" of your business. Depending on it you should select color & size/shape of your visiting card or logo. Can you imagine the "element" of money ? It is a liquid.!!! We say " liquid cash" hence it have "water" element. So you should use blue/black color as it represent water. Why Coco-Cola advertises are in Red ( Fire) color ? Simply because they want to be on Top Of The World. No one can neglect fire.!! So get your visiting card or office files designed as per vastu norms and enjoy abundance of wealth. 

Some Vastu Tips For Logo and Visting Card:

1. Card should be tearable.

2. Matter should be in capital/block letters.

3. Name of the card holder (individual or company) should be in red colour, preferably embossed.

4. Address should be in blue colour

5. Telephone and mobile numbers as also email address should be in blue or red colour

6. Monogram/logo should be in red colour

7. All matter should be centralized

8. Central space of the card should be blank

Off-site Advice on the Profile and Colour of Your Existing Company Logo can also be discussed.

Information Needed from you

Furnish us with:-

The type of your business – Manufacturing, trading, service provider, education etc.

If it is a partnership or sole proprietorship, please provide each partner's - proprietors date, time and place of birth.

All your available logo designs in colour.

Who will make the recommendations?

We will analyse and give you a report about the logo whether it is suitable or can be rejuvenated with minor changes or a completely new logo must be made.


If you have designed and selected a new logo , we can have a look at it and give our recommendations on the profile of the shape of the logo and colour scheme.

Tips for Logo Design
1. Avoid
negative images and associations.

2. Colour is key. Enhance your logo with colours that are missing from the vibration of your company's name (use numerology to find out what colours are missing).

3. Use five elements sequence to enhance your brand - use the colour or shape of the element to represent the category of your business. Or use the control cycle, for example, if your business is communication you could use colour yellow/orange to control it (communication = blue) as Orange did with their square orange logo.

4. Start paying attention to logos and brands around you and learn what works and what doesn't work.

5. Logos always work in their context. Don't assess logos from just purely feng shui principles.

6. When you are designing a brand new logo - start from a favicon level. If it works on small scale (16x16 pix) it will work on larger one too. It's good if it works in black and white or as a tattoo so if reduced down small or photocopied it can still be recognizable.

(Favicon is a tiny thumbnail image that appears at the start of a website's url. Images should be 16 pixles by 16 pixels in size and called favicon.ico when uploaded to your website's root folder. Favicons look professional and help visitors to find your url easily when listed alongside other website bookmarks.)

7. Use classical vastu, feng shui to calculate your auspicious image.

8. A well designed logo gives direction, faith, energy and meaning. It also adds value to your brand equity - invest in your logo if you are serious about your business.

9. Use a font that resonates with your brand, your values and business objectives.

10. If in doubt ask an expert for advice.

11. If you want to break the rules, learn them first and have a strong clear virtual concept and intention before you start designing a logo - remember image precedes matter.

In case you plan to create and design your own new logo, we can provide you with a guideline as to the type, colour and shape and you can do the rest yourself.

Alternately we can do create and design a new logo for you.

Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Numerology


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