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 Many different cultures have utilized the power of crystals for as long as humans have inhabited the earth. The oldest legend leads us all the way back to Atlantis where this civilization used crystals as beacons of light that would communicate telepathically to their universal forefathers. It is said that the reason this evolved civilization was destroyed was the misuse of the awesome power crystals hold for egocentric purposes. Survivors of Atlantis continued to perpetuate the knowledge of crystals in Egypt, South America, and Tibet. They built pyramids using the crystalline theories. The perfect geometric shape duplicates the laws of crystal physics and channels high frequency universal energy onto the planet. It is believed that the Great Pyramid in Egypt was originally capped with a giant crystal to assist in the grounding of this cosmic force.

 It is written in Exodus in the Bible that a breastplate made of 12 precious jewels, combined specifically together in four rows, worn over the heart would endow Aaron with the power of God. It is not known what 12 stones were used in the construction, however, it is recorded as having incredible spiritual powers. 

Kings in ancient India were advised to collect the very best gems to protect themselves from harm. As early as 400 B.C., astrologists made elaborate observations on the origins and power of stones. In fact, they advised people struck with misfortunes to wear different crystals to counteract the negative effects of the planets.

Gems and crystals have long been associated with royalty. They were laid in swords, embedded in thrones, and worn in crowns. When the tomb of King Tut of Egypt was opened, the amount of gems and crystals was astonishing.

 Mayan and American Indians have used crystals for the diagnosis as well as the treatment of disease. Mexican Indians believed that if you lived a good life, your soul went into a crystal when you died. If someone was fortunate enough to find that crystal, it would speak directly to their heart, heal, guide, and make their dreams come true. 

The power and potential of crystals cannot be overstated. They can be used in meditation to develop the intuition and learn from the higher senses. I must issue a warning that true intentions or humanitarianly pure intentions must be used when working with crystals or some believe the power can be turned against the user. The following is a list of a few of my favorite crystals to work with. From time to time I will add or update this page as I have has time to experiment with certain crystals in my healing practice, so you should check back periodically. 

Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Reiki


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