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The Aura
THE WORDS "AURA" and "color" are inevitably associated. For those able to see or perceive auras, they almost always appear in various colors. The colors have meanings, depending on where they are located in relation to the body. The meanings tend to vary somewhat, depending on which authority is being consulted. To some degree, every "seer" of auras will, with experience, develop their own interpretations of what they see.

What is an aura, exactly? Most definitions state that it is an energy field surrounding the body of a person, animal, or even an inanimate object. Sensitives say that this energy field emanates from within and is projected out from the body or object, and that it encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. The aura is made up of a number of layers of energy, each progressively denser the closer it gets to the body. The aura may extend up to three feet or farther from the body. It can likewise be seen as a shimmering mist moving around the exterior of the person, or even as puffballs of colored light escaping from the skin. It also appears as shafts of white, dark, or colored light streaming out from the body. Each of the chakras has its equivalent energy level represented in the aura.

The health of the person under observation can be judged on the purity of the colors. Vibrant, clear colors are a sign of health; dull, muddied colors are indicative of poor health. Disease often shows as black patches or spots, usually in the area where it is present in the physical body. Often the seer will have a strong intuitive  sense of where the problem is specifically located if the aura overall is dark.

Emotional states also present colors in the aura; but unlike disease, unless treated, these colors pass as the emotional state changes. Reds and blacks are often associated with anger; a greenish-brown usually indicates  jealousy; and gray can suggest depression and fear. Other, more permanent colors are seen to emanate from certain types of personalities: orange from the proud and ambitious person; crimson from those with a passionate, loving nature; yellow from the intellectual; dark blue from the very spiritual; and light blue from those  possessing noble ideals. The combination of red and green indicates a woman who does too much for others at the expense of herself.

Traits also have their commonly seen colors: dull brown from the avaricious; grayish-green from the cunning and deceitful; and grayish-brown from the selfish, A clear green indicates a talented healer. No matter what front the outer person puts on, the aura reveals the inner truth of that person. All of us have a sensitivity to the emanations of others, whether we are conscious of it or not. Thus, when we meet someone who we instinctively sense is not what they seem, in part at least, we are reading their aura. Our so-called invisible" auras always go before us and greet each other before do so on the conscious plane.


THE CHAKRAS ARE the seven points in the body where energy is focused. The main chakras are positioned from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head, although there are many other chakra points throughout the body. The whole concept of chakras and energy focus is part of an understanding that the mind, body, and spirit exist as part of a field of energy, the energy of the earth and the cosmos; yet, within that field of energy, it exists as an individual being in its own right. Various religions and philosophies give names to these different yet interconnected levels and dimensions of energy. If energy comes in many shapes and forms, heat, light, inertia, momentum, and so on, then the idea follows that we, as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings, embody many different levels of energy that we can consciously control through appropriate means.

CHAKRA ----------------GLANDS---------------COLOR 

Crown chakra                   Pineal                      PURPLE                                                          Brow chakra                     Pituitary                  INDIGO                                              Throat chakra                  Thyroid                   BLUE                                                     Heart chakra                     Thymus                  GREEN                                                    Solar plexus chakra         Spleen                     YELLOW
Sacral chakra                   Adrenals                 ORANGE                                                      Root chakra                    Ovaries/testes         RED

Within the levels of energy we embody there exists a spectrum of energies, not unlike, and in fact related to, color. At its extremes are the denser, purely physical energies that relate to the world of matter and reproduction, related  to red and often described as "dense." At the "highest" level are the energies of the spirit: lighter, subtle, refined, easily overlooked in the hurly-burly of everyday life, and related to purple. Between these are five other levels, each relating to a  different facet of life. The energies of red, orange, and yellow are considered coarser, with the energies of blue, indigo, and purple more ethereal. In the middle, and neutral, is green.

Each of these levels relates to an organ of the body; and has a corresponding color. The colors follow the spectrum, with the longest, slowest wavelength of red connected to the lowest level of body energy; The connections continue upward, with purple representing the faster, highest spiritual energies.


The chakras are often described as a rotating wheel or vortex of energy, and in the following exercise, you may find it helpful to visualize them as such. Because of the powerful connection between colors and the chakras, by applying the appropriate color, their functioning is LEFT Energizing the chakras can be accomplished with
a simple hands-on visualization technique.
The position of the chakras is shown in the accompanying chart, and the colors and their corresponding glands are                shown opposite. The spine chakras also embody various human attributes, which can be strengthened or given emphasis through raising the energy of the associated chakra. The associated attributes are:

RED root chakra: sexuality, survival, reproduction 

ORANGE sacral chakra: "gut level" emotion, creativity 

YELLOW solar plexus chakra: self-esteem, relationships,  social identity 

GREEN heart chakra: love, self-acceptance, acceptance of others

BLUE throat chakra: self-expression, voicing opinions 

INDIGO brow chakra: intuition, insight 

PURPLE crown chakra: cosmic connection, spiritual opening, and understanding  improved and balanced. 

This principle can be used to give an overall boost to the system, to focus healing on a specific area of the body, or to strengthen the dimension of life associated with a particular chakra. The method is simplicity itself.

1. Close your eyes and visualize the color corresponding to the chakra you wish to enliven.

 2. Now place both hands over your eyes and visualize that  particular color flowing into the palms of your hands and energizing them.

3. Place both hands over the chakra area down the front of the body and visualize the color flowing into the body, directing the color through to the spinal chakra point.

4. Repeat the same procedure for any or all of the remaining chakras, usually for three minutes at a time, to align, restore, harmonize, and balance, as desired.  

Light is the mask of the Creator. All life of earth depends on light from the Sun, a source of life and energy. Color is the different qualities of light. Light is the masculine or positive force in Nature, color is the feminine or negative force.

The soul always lives in color. Color is as necessary to the soul as air is to the body. When we take away the motion of light or color, we have no awareness of the appearance of matter. We receive all knowledge of the Universe through this electromagnetic radiation. White light contains the energies of all elements and chemicals found in the sun. This white light of the sun is absorbed from the atmosphere by the physical body and is split into component color energies, which in turn flow to different parts of the body to vitalize them. Light is a force stimulating growth; every living thing depends upon it to build and maintain its form. Light brings about chemical changes in the body. Therefore, light whose source is solar energy is one of Nature's greatest healing forces.

 In 1665, Isaac Newton beamed sunlight through a prism and found the presence of the seven basic colors. The human body is also a prism that reflects this white light. Color therapy is the science of using different colors to change or maintain vibrations of the body to that frequency which signifies good health and harmony. Healing by means of color was the first type of therapy used by humans; it is Nature's own method for keeping the body in balance with the rhythms of life. Color expresses the way we think. Our emotions and actions affect the electromagnetic field which surrounds us and is reflected in our aura.

Color can help to restore balance when a blockage of imbalance of this energy has resulted in disease. The use of color can help to restore vitality to the etheric body through the projection of specific color rays, which are then absorbed by the chakra centers. The pituitary gland transforms these colors into revitalizing energies to rebuild the centers that are lacking in energy. Color healing shows us how to make light work for us. The use of color is one of the many natural tools available to help us walk in balance with Nature.

Life is color; each organ has a specific color. Each color has intelligence and polarity, knows its functional role and works selectively. Color is a vibratory energy that can activate a particular organ, gland and system in the body. The application of the correct frequency of the electro-magnetic force field will change the altered function of the body and help return it to its original patterns. It is this energy, which is the result of applying color, that is important in the healing process. This method of healing will create harmony and balance in the mind and in the body. Color therapy is very effective because it helps to maintain this balance.

 Color healing is not only a physical, but also a spiritual force and thus forms a link between our physical bodies and the finer forces of vibrations, higher levels of consciousness or spiritual growth. Color is the bridge beween our inner and outer bodies. The vibrations of color are energy of the Life-Force itself and are here to aid us in our growth and progress toward the oneness which is our ultimate purpose. The more intimate our color experiences become, the more attuned we will become with the Universe.

We have a quota of ultraviolet that most of us do not fulfill because so many modern products cut out that portion of the spectrum and because we do not spend enough time outdoors. We can increase our exposure to full-spectrum light by simply being being out in the Sun more.

Light automatically replaces darkness

Primary Colors Red Blue Yellow
Color Opposites Red Blue
Orange Indigo
Yellow Violet
Green is neutral
Warm Colors Increased activity and circulation. Will stimulate the function.
Red The warmest color and longest wave length in the visible spectrum.
Orange The seal of the Soul.
Yellow Gives a feeling of well being.
Cool Colors Decreases activity and circulation. Will retard the function.
Blue Sedates, suppresses, and inhibits.
Indigo The coolest color and the most difficult to visualize.
Violet The shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum. The color of transformation.
Toning Color Helps promote the function.
Green Self-regulating. A balancer.

Rainbow Body

The body is a crystal that takes in the white light of the Sun and reflects the seven colors of the rainbow back to the Universe through the Chakras. The pituitary gland is a prism that breaks down the light (energy), refracts it and distributes it to the body through the Chakras.

Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful Spiritual World


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