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          Fabric Window

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  Fabrics For Window
While undertaking fabric window treatment there are certain terms that you will come across again and again. It is good to have a clear idea as to what these terms mean. Given below are a list of terms and their meanings.
  • Seam - Seams are used to lengths of fabric together. The different types of seams are - Flat seam, and French seam.
  • Acorn - This is as decorative wood or brass end that is used at the end of the cords of blinds to hide the knotted ends.
  • Arched Valance - In this valance, the sides are longer than the center and the lower edge is shaped.
  • Austrian Blind - This is a gathered blind that is longer than required. The extra fabric forms ruching at the bottom of the curtain. Ruching is a ruffle or pleat at the end of the curtain.
  • Bed Valance - This is a skirt that covers the divan part of a bed from the sides to the floor.
  • Bishop's Sleeve Curtains - Curtains are made longer than required and tied securely, pulled up and flounced over the tied part.
  • Blind - This type of curtain is fixed at the top and can be pulled up from the bottom.
  • Bound Edge - This is a means of tidying up a raw edge by using bias binding.
  • Box Pleats - This is a row of fold whose direction alternates. The fabric in the folds can be gathered either in the front or the back depending on the effect to be created.
  • Braid - This is a decorative trim that can be added to curtains, sheets and valances to embellish them.
  • Bullion - This is a thick twisted trimming used as ornamentation.

  • Cafe Curtains - This curtain fits only the lower half of the window, thus giving the room privacy and light at the same time.
  • Chain Weights -This is a chain of small heavy beads encased in cotton casing used for light fabrics.
  • Combination Rods - A set of brackets with two or three curtain lengths. This is used to give a layered appearance for curtain and top treatments.
  • Envelope Curtains -Curtains that cannot be pulled back. The lower inside corners are hooked back to allow light into the room.
  • Festoon Blind -Though it looks a lot like the Austrian blinds, these blinds are ruched or pleated from top to bottom.
  • Finial - These are ornamental ends of a curtain pole.
  • Header - This is the extra fabric above a cased heading that forms a frill.
  • Lambrequin - This is a pelmet that extends down the side of the window.
  • Pelform -This is a double-sided sticky card especially made from a sticky card made especially for pelmets or tiebacks, printed with various edge patterns.
  • Pelmet - This is used to conceal the top of curtains and curtain tracks. Normally a flat panel that can be painted or covered with fabric to enhance it.
  • Pillow Sham - An ornamental pillow cover that is used in the day.
  • Puddled Curtains -These curtains are made longer than required and are allowed to gather or puddle on the floor.
  • Scarf - This is a length of fabric that is tidied and draped across the top of a window treatment.
  • Stack back - This is the amount of space occupied by the curtains when they are drawn open.
  • Tie Backs - Lengths of stiffened fabric that are fastened to the wall to hold the curtains back.
  • Valance - This is a pleated or shaped miniature curtain that is hung from the pelmet to cover the top of curtains or curtain tracks.



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