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          Color Scheme

          Home Decoration Ideas


  Color Scheme
When it comes to home decoration, one thing that is of prime importance is no doubt the home color scheme including the interior color scheme and exterior paint scheme. You might have the best of home furnishings but if they are not in proper harmony it will spoil the whole look. Color plays a vital role in making your small house look bigger and cozy. While choosing your color scheme, due consideration should be given to the space available, furnishings and your personal taste.

There are different elements of color, so it's crucial to acquire knowledge about them and then choose your decorative color. Neutral shades like beige, fawn and light gray are the best for creating balance and harmony. If you want to give a cool refreshing appearance, then you can choose one of the soft pastel shades. The contemporary pastel colors are enhancing the beauty of many bedrooms these days. The concept of harmony can be met in two distinct ways. You can either look out for neutral shades or else go in for contrasting bold colors. There is a wide range of beautiful rainbow colors hitting the market.

Color selection is also dependant on the place, which needs to be renovated. Shades of your bedroom cannot be applied to your office. There is a different color palette for office, shops, shopping malls, hotels and your own sweet home. For residential purpose there are different shades as distinct from the commercial ones.

Color also reflects moods. Red is a color indicative of excitement, anger and passion. While blue especially sky blue denotes patience and calm. Yellow is something that is often associated with sun, thus represents warmth. Green is more cozy and refreshing. Keeping all these factors in mind, choose the right color scheme.



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