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          Christmas Decoration

          Home Decoration Ideas


  Christmas Decoration
Decorating for the holiday season is always a pleasure. All it requires is your imagination, creativity and innovation to change simple things that you can find around the house into interesting decoration for the holiday season. Here are a few easy Christmas decorations to create sensational holiday decorations.
  • Cut fabric with Christmas prints and make bows out of them and pin them on to your curtain.
  • If you have a Christmas collection, like a collection of santas or Christmas stockings, or Christmas candles etc. display them on the mantel.
  • Take a white table cloth and use red, green and gold fabric paints to trace out Christmas patterns like stars, bells, stocking, trees etc.
  • Take a clear plastic shower curtain and stick unbreakable Christmas decoration outside the curtain using a hot glue gun. And display it in the house.
  • Hang Christmas decoration on indoor plants.
  • Take a tall drinking glass, tie a red ribbon around it and fill it with candy canes and display it on a small side table in the living room.
  • Buy plain green and red mats and stick Christmas ribbons, bows, little pinecones or small wooden ornaments on to them using a glue gun.
  • Take plain red, green and gold candles and decorate them by painting bells, stars, trees etc. using fabric paint.

  • For the centerpiece of your table make a cookie wreath. Place a pillar candle on a small plate and then place Christmas cookies in the shape of a wreath around the plate. Allow members of the family to eat them as and when they like.
  • Take colorful Christmas lights and wrap them around the railing or banister. Fix them by taping them at regular intervals.
  • Place red and white flowers in vases around the house. Take a large glass bowl and fill it with water and float red and white flowers in them.
  • Cover a table with white paper. Cut evergreen branches and arrange them so that they cover the tabletop. Place tall candles in red and green in candleholders on the tabletop. Just ensure that the green cover does not catch fire.
  • Hang fresh or false mistletoe all around the house.
  • Buy a large glass plate and colors the underside with gold craft paint. After it dries, place the plate on a table and fill it with several white or cream pillar candles of different sizes.
  • Make gingerbread cookies and before baking them make a hole on the top end of each cookie using a straw. Bake and cool them. Thread a ribbon through each cookie and drape them on the Christmas tree.



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