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          Designing Kitchen

          Home Decoration Ideas


  Kitchen Decor
Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Top-class modular kitchens, architectural elements that add lavishness to the kitchens such as crown moldings, latest appliances and stylish hardware and fixtures become the highlights of today's kitchen.
Kitchen d�cor has many aspects such as kitchen shapes and layout, storage space and color schemes that have to be paid attention to. Here are some practical tips for kitchen d�cor that you must follow:
  • Classical kitchen d�cor uses oak wood.
  • Fine-grained woods such as cherry and maple are used for contemporary kitchen d�cor.
    Mix and match wood finishes and different textures in countertops look interesting and add depth to the room.
  • Kitchens can be made traditionally as utilitarian workspaces or as open spaces that are a part of dining rooms or living room.
  • While most preferred, shape for a kitchen is U-shape to allow the person to make best use of the 'work-triangle' of the space; other popular shapes are L-shaped kitchens, Galley-shaped kitchens and island kitchens.

  • Stainless steel appliances with pewter finish are most commonly used in kitchens while silver or gold dinnerware is undoubtedly for grand and lavish dining.
  • Glass cabinets to show off your best china and wooden panels to hide the rest are quite popular.
  • Space should be reserved to accommodate cooking range, ovens, dishwashers and sinks.
  • Make sure that kitchen counters are durable, look beautiful and are easy to clean. Most common are granite, slate and marble slabs and tile mosaics are fast catching up to lend a unique look to the kitchen.
  • Kitchen needs the most storage space with lots of hidden storage areas too and you can mix and match rollout shelves, vertical tray dividers and pullouts and drawer inserts. You will also need recycling bins and appliance garages.
  • Floors
  • It's important to choose flooring material consistent with the rest of the home. Tile is distinctive, but it can be cold if not heated underneath and its hard surface may require an area rug in work areas where prolonged standing occurs.
  • Kitchen flooring in bold colors are vibrant and energetic but expensive too. Neutral colors are the traditional choices and more budget-friendly too.
  • Recessed adjustable lighting and decorative lighting fixtures spotlighting your kitchen island or dining area can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen decor.



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