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A Multi  Disciplinary  Approach To Vaastu Energy






Ancient Indian Science

The general approach to the ancient sources of knowledge has become fragmentary in this era of specialisation. Yogashastra, Astrology, Vaastushastra, Ayurved, and Sangeet are all sub-branches of Darshanshastra. But, over the years these sub-branches have evolved as separate disciplines and are studied as such. This is unfortunate, since the key to ancient Indian knowledge about science lies in the logistics of Darshanshastra, and partitioning of knowledge is depriving the present generation its rightful heritage and benefits thereof.

In the modern era, study of science has its own importance. Each and every discipline including Yoga is being subjected to scientific tests. There is nothing wrong in this exercise. But, the key issue here is, can the modern western science developed over last 300 years can be used as the only yardstick for assessing super sciences like Vaastushastra formulated over 5000 years ago?

A time has come when a broader perspective is needed to study the ancient Indian sciences including Vaastushastra.

Pythagorus theorem in geometry was perhaps rediscovered in western world. The principle was successfully applied some 5000 years ago in Indian Vaastushastra.

Though shrouded in words like cosmic energy, loading, slopes, cosmic harmony etc.,balance between matter and energy is the essential theme of Vaastushastra.Modern version of energy-matter equivalence is found in Einstein's famous theorem E=mc*2.

Traces of almost all the conservation and equivalence principles evident in modern quantum mechanics can be found in Vaastushastra. Advanced concepts of mathematics have been utilised in Vaastushastra, especially in temple architecture, to achieve desired shapes, forms, and spaces. Science and scientific logic has been an integral part of Vaastushastra.

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